Should Pam Whip Up a “Special” Batch of Lemon Bars For B&B’s Stephanie?

In this week’s Deep Soap, Sara Bibel weighs in on Stephanie’s (Susan Flannery) stage four cancer storyline playing out on The Bold and the Beautiful, calling it “that rarest of daytime storylines: a celebration of female friendship” and applauding its emotional resonance. However, it’s her suggestion “I would like to see: Pam makes Stephanie a batch of her infamous Lemon Bars with Legal-in-California Medical Marijuana” that made me think “I’d love to watch that.”

B&B excels at incorporating the cheesiest of moments into the weightiest of storylines, so why not stir the pot, as it were, and bring one of California’s hottest topics into its storyline? I can just see Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) finding Stephanie after she’s had herself several “enhanced” lemon bars and in the midst of a munchie attack, can’t you?  

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    Truthfully, I think introducing marijuana into this story detracts from the human story they are trying to tell. I think it’s beyond that and deeper. Just my opinion. After Friday’s wonderful episode- I don’t know if I’m ready for them to go into a munchie storyline! lol!

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    I think this one of the best storylines on soaps (I watch) right now; Thursday/Friday was superior heart wrenching the acting off the chain when Anthony told the story of his foot I actually gasped it was a WTH moment didn’t even expect that “horrific” tale.

    K.K. Lang/S. Flannary is doing some great acting here. Even my fav is stepping up H. Tylo…

    I enjoyed it thus watching it twice my thing is at least they are “trying to tell women stories” which is not always the case. They even had Black people on integrating the super-wealth of Logans/Foresters in a believable way. The contrast being extremely dramatic coming face to face with extreme poverty. The way they had Stephanie holding the Baby walking with Brooke and Daisy tag scene was a powerful visual…

    I especially like how they re-visited the Ruth storyline w/Stephanie’s “I made a promise” and she realizes she didn’t keep it at this important stage of her life with lung cancer and Brooke is with her on this journey this time. I have never liked Brooke Logan (but a fan of the actress) until this storyline I like her in this she’s getting down for her dust.

    The symbolism of the scarf is a nice touch. Somebody actually thought this out using some unbelievable well placed flashbacks for those of us who remember that storyline.

    I can’t understand her meaning of the lemon bars scenario …but I like the interjection of humorous moments between Brooke/Stephanie in this particular storyline and the outside shots magnificent…its almost flawless for me story wise thus far and I’m waiting for them today…I hope they are on.

    Her other criticisms re: they didn’t know poor people live a stone’s throw from the garment district and all that obviously Stephanie did that’s for sure whether Brooke / other characters do or not is irrelevant to the way this story is being played out…I don’t deal with all that nonsense when watching a good story…All of America know there are poor people here no matter the district. The point is what do you do about it? The Forresters/Logans/Spencers/Maronis are arrogantly distant from poor people; I’m sure they read newspapers,see street beggars since they supposedly have them in L.A.

    In this story, they are “now” moved by what they saw no matter what they know and they are “now” touched for whatever the reason and that’s believable (to me). They have household/Forrester employees, who could be at or near the poverty line. Its about a “promise” made over a decade ago…this is the story as I interpret it.

    As for the stereotypical African American I saw all nationalities, men women of all ages on their visit to skid row so its Daisy and Anthony they highlight they did some great acting and got paid for it, Good!

    Its not the first nor will be the last time as an African American I’ll see a stereotype in media.


    Came back to read your post DaytimeFan0001

    that’s the descriptive I was searching for “human story” and just thought about it for the first time that is what this is and IA some munching on lemon bars wouldn’t work at this point for me just stick with what is working here don’t blow it.

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    Just when I was ready to give up on this soap for awhile, they introduce this story which before seeing, thought it would be the same old stuff. As much as I dislike Stephanie and her screeching, I am tuning in for her and her interaction with Brooke. There have been some pretty funny moments and heartfelt as well. Very well done. I wish they would leave the silly lemon bar crap out of it. I have a feeling this is short lived and I will be back again to fast forwarding through most of the show.

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    I have to ask: From the look of Susan Flannery, is she sick in real life? Or is she just that dedicated to the role/storyline that she has lost weight?

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