Mighty O No! Nate Berkus Show “Sputtering” in the Ratings

Not all protégés are created equal it would seem. The New York Post is reporting Oprah’s Midas Touch isn’t quite working on The Nate Berkus Show. The chatfest appears to be fading fast, with ratings falling well behind Nancy Grace’s new show Swift Justice.

"Berkus is likeable, but he pings from decorating to mommy bloggers to saving money to auction tips with the occasional celebrity appearance, making it difficult to discern the show’s true identity,"

I can’t say this news surprises me. While Berkus has been one of my favorite Oprah “regulars" over the years, when I tried watching his solo show I found myself wanting to change the channel faster than a teen boy who was caught watching Skinemax by his parents, not that I would know anything about that, of course.  

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    Nate is beautiful inside and out and I like him alot but I couldn’t get though the first episode of his show, I feel the same way about Dr. Oz, it figures the one I don’t like at all, Dr. Phil is the most successful.

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    I hope this proves what I have been saying for years………..

    Just because you are likable, fun or have a great personality, that does NOT mean that you have what it takes to be the next Oprah Winfrey, Paula Deen or Rachael Ray.

    That’s why 90% of talk shows fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I never heard of Nate Berkus either, as I’m not a faithful follower of Ms. O. In my market this show replaced Bonnie Hunt. I liked Bonnie better. Of course, in my market Nate Berkus airs at 2 p.m. on Fox, opposite Rachel Ray on NBC, The Talk on CBS and OLTL on ABC. I’m sure Rachel Ray beats out OLTL here, but I’m hoping OLTL kicks butt over The Talk.

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    I watched this show a couple of times. I dumped “O” a few years back when she started preaching all of her mediphysics crap, so I did not know him from there. I think I just kind of stumbled on to his show one day.

    He, like everyone has said, is a very likeable person, but his show format needs some tweaking, too many topics in the time slot to give them any justice. For me sticking with the decorating tips and maybe then throw in some flea market decorating ideas now and again would make me watch the show more. I love to watch shows on how to decorate on a budget… a realy tight budget. LOL

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