Tyler Perry to Discuss His Childhood Rape on Wed.'s Oprah

Megastar Tyler Perry is set to go into detail for the first time about his childhood molestation at the hands of several men and a woman on Oprah this Wednesday. The multi-hyphenate entertainer, who famously turned his tragedy into triumph by penning the stage play I Know I've Been Changed in response to the abuses he suffered as a child, has never discussed at length what happened to him as a boy until now.

While I have a love/hate relationship with Perry's plays and films, I admire anyone who can flip an unspeakable evil and build a platform of forgiveness and success. Perry's new movie For Colored Girls comes out Nov. 5. I know I'll be tuning in to The Mighty O's show tomorrow, will you?


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4 May 2009
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I have always had the biggest crush on this guy. I will be watching. Little sweetie pie.

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23 June 2010
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Oh, how I loathe his product. Loatheeeeee. But God bless him for getting so far with such a heavy weight to carry. It'd be great if he would start telling the complex stories his audience deserves, though.

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I will be watching.

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Wow, I didn't know he had so much trouble in his childhood. I should have watched his Oprah episode.