The Curious Case of Kyle Abbott on The Young and the Restless

Sound the alarm and blow the trumpets. After years of begging and pleading with the regime over at The Young and the Restless to bring back Jack Abbott’s (Peter Bergman) sons, one of them finally appears—sort of.

Most Y&R fans know the story of how old Smilin’ Jack’s youngest son came to life. Diane Jenkins (then Alex Donnelley) decided she wanted to have a child by her ex, The Great Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), by hook or crook, even if it meant doing so without his knowledge or consent!

When Diane got her hands on a notice from the sperm bank where Victor had made a deposit, she pretended to still be Victor’s wife. Victor and Diane had divorced so he could remarry his "dying" love Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott). Joke was on her, because my Nikki Newman survived! After Vic’s divorce from Diane was declared illegal, they had to get divorced again and she ended up living in his old penthouse, with access to his mail, since the billionaire mogul didn’t have the good sense to do a Change of Address.

When Nikki got wind of Diane’s stunt, she stole the sperm back from Diane and had it sent back to the lab (switched with Jack’s), but not before Victor’s other ex, Ashley (Eileen Davidson) could swipe some for herself. The Great Sperm Caper was born!

Fans were left wondering who actually ended up with Victor’s "essence" (Ewww!) or even if Ashley herself had an Abbott in the oven! (Double Ewww!) In the end Diane wound up with Jack’s son Kyle, creating a permanent tie to The Abbott heir, while Ashley bore Victor’s biological daughter Abby (currently played by 30-something Marcy Rylan).

Since Diane (now played by 30-something Maura West) returned, Y&R has all but beat fans over the head in reminding us of how Kyle was conceived, all the while neglecting to explain why Abby—who was conceived at the very same time as her cousin—is now decades older than him. What gives?

I know West isn’t in the age range to have an adult son, but then neither is Sharon Case (Sharon) and we’ve seen Noah go from adorable tyke-to-angsty teen-to-young adult in just a few short years. Besides, wasn’t West’s As The World Turns character the mother of a grown son, who had been married and divorced already before he left his teens? I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if Kyle was older.

De-SORASing the long-anticipated character of Kyle Abbott is a huge no-no and gigantic re-write of history. Good, bad or sticky, Y&R fans will always remember that two babies came from Kay Alden’s wacky, sperm caper. My vote is Y&R needs to age Kyle appropriately before fans decide to flush this story (if not Jack and Victor’s swimmers) down the drain.

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    I just don’t think soaps should do SORAS-ing at all. This is one of the more extreme disparities that can result. In this case, if Abby had not been recast with an almost middle-aged woman (I know this is is a slight exaggeration but not by much!!!) everything would not have been so uneven.

    The problem here is not with Kyle’s being 11; it is with Abby’s being 21 and played by a 31-year-old actress.

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    My mom has been watching Y&R for years and she would talk about the stories and I’d sometimes watch when I was home from school. I remember the sperm storyline happening. The other day I was watching with my mom and Kyle came on. My first reaction was to turn to my mom and ask “wait, aren’t Kyle and Abby supposed to be the same age?” My mom couldnt remember but I swore Kyle and Abby were the children born from the sperm story. So I got on the computer and researched and sure enough found that these two were born around the same time. I can’t believe the writers have forgotten a story that was just around 10 years ago. I didn’t look it up but weren’t these two born before Noah as well? I can’t remember.

    This reminds me of GUIDING LIGHT when in 99/2000 when they brought in Susan and she would babysit Lizzy. Then years later Lizzy continued to grow up but apparently Susan/Daisy stayed the same age and was still in high school when Lizzie was older, having a baby and getting married.

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    We Dont need yet another person to join this Show Maria dont even use the Ouststanding Cast she has now if you dont have ties to Victor you just Dont Matter to her Sorry Maria the 80’&90’s are over with Been there dnne that with Victor injoy your lows 3’s

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    Kyle and Abby should always be around the same age given the history of the characters. You said it all in your post Jillian. Couldn’t agree more!

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    I don’t mind that Maura West is a little young for the role, and I have come to accept sorasing and desorasing for story purposes(although the latter is a bit more annoying); but, what I think is wrong here is that the birth/conception of Kyle and Abby was a big story in and of itself. Thats what is bothering anyone who knows anything about these characters’ histories.

    I also think there is a real creative missed opportunity. I think Jillian said it on the last podcast that Kyle should be a teen or young adult with a chip on his shoulder. That would make more sense and be more interesting to watch than some boring little kid playing video games and being cutesy. I love everything Dianne is doing, but this part of the story is a major distraction.

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    Give it a few years and people will forgive and forget. Does anyone still care that Amber was introduced to the Forrestor’s as pre teen Rick’s babysitter on B&B? Suddenly he aged 10 years and was having sex and a baby storyline with her! The fact Y&R got away with the whole stolen mixed up sperm storyline should help you keep your suspension of belief (disbelief?) in check.

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    Y&R has done this time and time again…The thing is this is our generation screw up. i can remember my mother being angry with the show for making victoria and Nick hate Jack so much. HE RASISED them, when Victor could have cared less for them. Now here we are agin.

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    I have never liked soRassing it changes the ages of the parents and the history of the characters and the whole deal is out of sync…maybe some viewers do but I never forget when they change the ages of characters.

    I remember Jacks kids and this thing with Kyle sticks out like a sore thumb for those of us who have watched the show a long time and doesn’t make sense.

    I can go a few years but in Abby’s case its way way too much and it creeps me out for my fav Ashley to not only have a grown daughter but the fact I’m not fond of this Abby doesn’t help either…

    Personally I’ve never liked it.

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    I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, but I can’t stand the way this young actor is playing Kyle.

    He’s perpetually cheerful and so gosh darn full of glee that it’s making me NUTS. Where’s the sullenness? The pissosity and disappointment at having to leave all your friends, your hockey team and home behind? It’s just downright annoying. Plus, Jack is suddenly Super Dad being super cool playing super games, despite the fact that he rarely MENTIONED this kid, so what kind of a relationship can they REALLY have at this point?!

    It’s not normal, I tells ya!

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    I agree, RebeccaJ! Sorry, but the kid is too goody-two-shoes for my taste.

    I can’t believe they brought back Noah but didn’t age Kyle to be his friend, enemy, or lover. Makes. No. Sense! Now Noah has no contemporaries!

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    [quote=apollo]Give it a few years and people will forgive and forget. Does anyone still care that Amber was introduced to the Forrestor’s as pre teen Rick’s babysitter on B&B? Suddenly he aged 10 years and was having sex and a baby storyline with her! The fact Y&R got away with the whole stolen mixed up sperm storyline should help you keep your suspension of belief (disbelief?) in check.[/quote]

    Most people don’t care about Amber at all.

    Unfortunately, since most of my reaction to Abby is wondering why she looks so old and wondering why she was given all of Amber’s old storylines, I don’t care about her either. Or anyone in the Newman family.

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    I read in DIGEST last week that they’re letting actors go (JT/Mac and maybe a few more to come) due to too many characters on the canvas. Maybe keeping Kyle young (“in school/at a friends sleep-over” most of the time) is a way to have an actor on canvas, yet not have to write his/her own storyline? And a pre-teen has GOT to be cheaper…Just a thought? Yet aging him could connect him to the single Jana’s/Chloe’s/Heather’s of the show.

    The upside of keeping Kyle young at this point is seeing Peter Bergman interact with him. I adore Peter B….I bet he’s such a great dad in real life :)

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    My belief is that Kyle is only onscreen because Diane has just come back to town and it’s a way for her to insert herself into Jack’s life. As soon as that storyline has played out, the boy will simply disappear and come back as an adult.. This is what usually happens with characters of that age on Y&R. The writers have never known what to do with them for long.

    We’ve seen that time and time again. Nick, Victoria, Daniel, Scotty, Abby, and Noah all experienced miraculous growth spurts offscreen.

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    Since Jack and Diane are discussing a private school with Kyle, he won’t be on screen much longer. When he comes home for Christmas break, he will be the right age. LOLOL

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    Glowery, Walnut Grove Academy (can you BELIEVE that name?)that Jack and Diane talked about yesterday is the private school that Billy, Mac, Raul, Brittany all went too (and we are to assume Jack also)….I think it’s a school in Genoa City (or down the street from Laura Ingalls house)so they won’t be shipping him away like Scotty was. ‘

    Brittany. Damn. She should come back….

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    The worse part about the Kyle kid is that we have to put up with that awful person playing Diane. She looks plenty old enough to have a teen aged child. I am disgusted that out of the last 9 days that she has had screen time on 8 of them. Someone most be sleeping with her to get that much time on this show. I just can not stand her and her wig, at least I hope it is a wig is awful looking and we have enough bleached blonde bimbos on the show already. I say give our regulars that have been around for years some more show time and send Diane and Kyle off to school in never never land.

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    The problem for me, is that this mistake, if it was indeed one, was relatively simple not to make. And yet this certainly isn’t the first soap to be ignorant when it comes to casting soap children.

    Though I doubt we will ever see this, I still would love to see just how old Nate Hastings would be, if Y&R was ever so inclined to cast him. His age would have to be on par with Lily’s. Billy and Victoria make me ill. Victoria was a 15 year old teenager, who was having sex at a young age when Billy was CONCEIVED!

    Over on DAYS, Sami was chasing after Austin when EJ was a baby. Yet the show would have you believe they are about the same age.

    I remember when Billie Reed(Krista Allen’s Billie) and Kate were sleeping with Nicholas Alamain, who a few years before, had been ten or eleven. Overnight he became 25.

    And isn’t Deacon Hope’s father on B&B? I’ve seen that actress. She could be Deacon’s younger sister.

    I think people will forget about it as the relevant stories progress. In another year, Chloe’s baby Delia will be ready for high school.

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    While I don’t mind that Maura West is in the role of Diane, I do believe that Kim Johnson-Ulrich (ex-Ivy, Passions) would have been a much better fit, age-wise and demeanor-wise.

    Both Kyle/Abby should be the same age and it just makes no sense, considering how monumentally game changing that story actually was.

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