ABC Daytime Studs Get Sexy in The Snow For Entertainment Tonight!

Some of ABC Daytime’s most popular soap hunks took to a hot tub for a photo shoot and Entertainment Tonight was there to film it all! One Life to Live‘s David Fumero (Christian), John-Paul Lavoisier (Rex),  David Gregory (Ford) and Nick Robuck (James); General Hospital’s Brandon Barash (Johnny) and Chad Duell (Michael) and All My Children‘s Trent Garrett (Asher) and Jordi Vilasuso (Griffin) were all on hand to dish about soap love scenes and memorable fan encounters. Watch a clip from the show after the jump!

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    Congratulations to ABC Daytime’s publicity department for scoring some mainstream press!!

    ABC is the only network that seems truly dedicated to its soaps. It’s time for its PR department to get fully engaged with the public and drive awareness of ABC’s soaps. With ATWT’s demise, ABC should be doing every thing it can to grab a chunk of those 2 million ATWT viewers who have no other soap to watch.

    It’s a shame that ABC Daytime has no black or Asian men involved in this publicity venture. Jason Tam was ABC’s only Asian male actor on Daytime and I think there are two African-American men on contract at ABC Daytime, Cornelius Smith and Darnell Williams of All My Children.

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    [quote=Courtney fan4life]They use some new guy from AMC but not my hunky Jacob Young. Oh no they didnt![/quote]

    yeah, that upset me as well for a minute but JY is one of the big boys and this shoot was all about the second string characters ( or in AMC’s case, the new guys)

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    I saw this on ET earlier tonight and it made my night. ;) ;)

    Can’t wait for Jordi to start on AMC, you guys were he is as gorgeous as you’ve said.

    I agree with you, Troy, this shoot was about promoting the second-stringers and in some cases the new guys.

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    Brandon was the hottest by far ! Loved his short :)

    I’ll take this “second stringer” over any man of AMC at any time (except TK if he ever comes back for real which will be when I will perhaps come back to watching AMC ;) )

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