Do Nikki and Deacon Have Drunk Sex in The City on The Young and the Restless?!

The Young and the Restless is vastly improved these days (thank you, Soap Jesus) and from a peek at this week’s CBS Soaps In Depth its going to get even better, as TGVN (Eric Braeden) finds Nikki’s (Melody Thomas Scott) drunk behind in the bed with Deacon (Sean Kanan)!  The mag also has extensive previews for November Sweeps. Go pick up your copy on newsstands now, but only after you read a teaser blurb below!

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Nikki is horrified when she wakes up in bed next to Deacon… with absolutely no recollection of how she got there! Will Victor help his wife-to-be sober up, or will Nikki’s new “friends” plot the ultimate scheme to break up the couple once and for all?

Only Soaps In Depth has all the details of Nikki’s trip to rehab, and Meggie and Deacon’s dirty deeds! Plus, Jess Walton shares her thoughts on the latest twists and turns in Jill’s life, and we offer up some last-minute Halloween costumes inspired by THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL! Also, Jon Hensley (Holden, AS THE WORLD TURNS) explains why he moved his family to Hollywood, and in a bonus DAYS OF OUR LIVES section, we chat with Kristian Alfonso (Hope) and Lisa Rinna (ex-Billie)! The jam-packed November Sweeps issue is on sale now, so pick up your copy of CBS Soaps In Depth today!

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    They don’t have sex.

    Meggie undresses Nikki, and Deacon strips down and hops into bed with her. Then Victor walks in.

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    Are they going to do a whole thing with Nikki waking up and being not sure if she had sex with Deacon or not? Because I hate that sort of storyline. People, you know, know, 99% of the time, unless they’re roofied. Though nothing could top Ashley not knowing that she lost her baby and walking around talking to her hysterical bump. And Ashley not knowing if she’s asleep or awake, also around that time. SMH.

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    ^^ That’s exactly what they’re doing.

    If Nikki blacked out, then she wouldn’t remember whether or not she had sex with Deacon. In my younger years, I blacked out from drinking and still cannot remember what happened during a certain period of time even though my friends filled me in (I was a baddie!).

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    I thought Nikki looked pregnant in this photo. I think it is because she is holding her stomach.

    I agree that Lauren needs a storyline not involving Daisy or Shelia. Talk about pumping a dry well.

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    good god, why can’t the writers write like Marc Cherry or Shonda Rhimes? Jeez watching these shows is like watching effing paint dry. How are they suppose to keep my interest with these god-forsaking recycled shit? Oh lawd, I can take a two-year vacation from this crap and when I get back it will be the same story but with another town resident.

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    Sharon should leave Nick for good — and I hate the Daisy thing (Maria must see her as her Sheila); hopefully they found a better actress to play the part this time.

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    We are definitely in need of new writers. The old recycled crap is really getting bad and now they say they are bringing back that no talented Daisy?
    Give us a break here and hire someone to give us something new. No wonder the ratings are down on this sudser. It is just almost unbearable to watch anymore and I am a 30 year spectator and have never seen it so bad as the last year or so and it just keeps getting worse.

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    Let me get this straight…….They get rid of the latest incarnation of Mac, who I would say was not terrible, just mind-numbingly boring, and they decide to bring back Yvonne Zima, one of the worst actresses I’ve ever had the misfortune to see on TV (And I watch a LOT of TV!).

    I suppose it sort of balances out. But I’m not very happy about this.

    p.s. Would it be too much to hope that the Zima took advantage of her time away from the show to take some acting classes?

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    More Yvonne Zima???????

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (screams at the top of my lungs until I get dizzy!!!!) :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp

    (20 seconds later………………)

    Get rid of one TRAIN WRECK of an actress only to invite another one back??????

    Jesus, be a fence!!! I thought that Maria Bell was moving in the right direction. It’s truly two steps forward, 10 steps back with her.

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    Is anyone else starting to find Phyllis increasingly annoying by the minute? Her supercilious and sarcastic way of talking these days is getting to be a bit too much. Instead of her being on the attack so much these days I sure hope she finds herself majorly on the defensive very soon.

    How about Nick … I hope they program some new lines into his chatty Ken pull cord at the back of his neck soon. His stock statements and replies were old months ago.

    Nikki does tend to forget her own sordid pasts so treating Jill like a dirty old floor mat is not deserved. I do hope though that her downfall does not last too long but maybe it will clear her vision enough to run screaming from Victor as quickly as she can. Of course if Victor is key and nurturing to her recovery then maybe, just maybe, she could stay around.

    It would be nice if Jill could lose her insecurities and allow Lauren into her life. I think Lauren actually is making the effort. As I said before, it would be nice to see the two of them band together and become a dynamic duo.

    Hopefully the recycling program around here will stop soon and move on to some exciting new and interesting product!

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    I just posted about this on another forum. At first, Phyllis’ comments are funny and dry witted, like the one about Diane being good with fire, but continued they make her seem bitter and hateful.

    She did this with Nick and Sharon and she seemed to have pulled back, after she was almost shrew like with Nick, only to be pointing her rage at Diane now. I wish they’d STOP with this. She was strong enough to leave Nick, now she needs to continue to project strength, not bitterness.

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    Diane is disgusting, so I’m glad to see Phyllis tear into her. Michelle Stafford, however, is quite annoying in her portrayal of Phyllis.

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    I don’t find Diane disgusting … yet (even though the quick leap into bed with a stranger was odd even by Y&R standards). Time will tell I suppose.

    Obviously I concur with the opinion on Ms Stafford’s annoying current portrayal of an increasingly annoying character. Time will tell on that front too.

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    Not yet? Um, the slut has already hopped into bed with Ashley’s man. That’s strike 30450, counting everything that’s happened with the two previous Dianes.

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    Yes AlistairCrane … that was rather slutty behaviour. Maybe Abby’s apology was not really all that heartfelt and trouble will follow for the (just this once) passionate duo.

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    I find this new Diane to be absolutely disgusting. But, MAB must think she walks on water, as she has had air time 10 times out of 11 days of show. I am still trying to figure out why, as I think she is worse Diane of all time. She is so haggard looking and to me appears older than other Diane actors even though she is supposed to be younger. Perhaps it is the awful bleached blonde terribel hairdo that helps with that impression.

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