Matt Walton on One Life to Live Exit: “I Was Just Waiting For That Joey Tribbiani-Falls-Down-The-Elevator Script”

SPOILER ALERT: Blair Cramer’s (Kassie DePaiva) latest lover-turned-moustache twirling villain, Eli (Matt Walton) bites it next week on One Life to Live when Cole (Brandon Buddy) pops him like a zit, and his portrayer tells Soap Opera Digest he knew the writing was on the wall.

"Not knowing where it was going was a little hard," he tells Digest. "But I knew it couldn’t go on forever and there was no redeeming him after a certain point, so I was just waiting for that Joey-Tribbiani-falls-down-the-elevator script to come my way, and it did the Friday before my last week, so I was just like, ‘Okay, I guess that’s it!"

Sigh. I loved Walton as Blair’s sexy lover, who broke her back all over one of Madam Renee Buchanan’s hotel suites, but the moment he turned kooky villain, I raced for my fast forward button. So glad this story is over! Check out more of Walton’s exit interview, where he dishes his new gig on Comedy Central’s The Onion Sports Network, in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, on newstands now.

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    I cannot believe how they ruined and destroyed Eli. He was such a great character and I loved him with Blair. Such a nice alternative to the Todds and the Johns that eat up this show. I stopped watching in June when they threw Eli under the bus and tore the character apart. Matt Walton deserves better.

    Maybe I’ll stop watching now that this nonsense is over, but OLTL has done a lot of damage and it’ll take a lot for them to make it up to me.

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    I am going to miss old Eli. Insane killer Eli was a bit of a cop out IMHO, but Matt Walton made it work. He managed to creep me out and made me want to smack him upside the head. Sometimes really good guys are just wolves in sheep’s clothing and Eli was one of those. Good luck in all you do Matt!

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    I really liked Matt Walton as Eli. He was a good as a love interest with Blair, but I am just not broken up over the fact that they made him a bad guy. Eli was sketchy when he first came on, so him being bad was just not the end of the world to me. Also, I think his acting as the villain was really good. Blair having a nice love interest that isn’t Todd is nice, but there are more men out there. A nice triangle with her Kelly and Joey or Kevin(I really liked her with DG’s Kevin a few years ago) would be nice. I wish Matt Walton good luck, and I would give any project he was working on extra attention because of him, but I am okay that his time at OLTL has come to an end.

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    I loved Matt Walton when they first paired up Eli with Blair; again, as mentioned prior, a very nice alternative to the tired Blair/Todd pairing. Once OLTL pulled one of their starting-to-be-signature character assassinations a la Schuyler Joplin it went off the rails for me–and frankly I think once Eli turned psycho some of Walton’s performances kinda turned into bad scenery-chewing. Still, if nothing else comes out of this trainwreck of a story, I hope at least they continue to develop the Blair/Tea dynamic and not fall into the lazy pattern of “Blair and Tea, Mortal Enemies–Part 50″.

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    I agree with everyone’s sentiments regarding Matt Walton. Eli was a great foil to Blair’s other leading men. I am getting tired of OLTL turning these professional men into psychos.

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    mr.sam mccall1

    Another person tossed under the bus and deemed as “crazy” by the OLTL writting crew. I liked Eli and liked him with Blair and they never get tried of doing this to ppl to prop somebody eles. And hell they are doing it with Hannah also. Both Matt Walton and Meghann Fahy were great actors OLTL just loves tossing amazing actors away. Stupid Show

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    I’m glad you brought up Hannah mr.sam; Meghann Fahy is indeed a fantastic actress–in fact, maybe the strongest among females or males in her age range on this show right now–so I was disheartened when they backtracked to Psycho Hannah. While not quite as jarring as having Eli go ape$&#@ considering she was already slightly certifiable, it looked as though the writers were gonna try to redeem her a little; ultimately, I actually thought they would pair her up with Cole and they’d be written off the show together. As it stands, looks to me like she’ll either end up going the way of Eli or possibly be the cause of Cole going the way of Eli. OLTL can’t seem to break the cycle of wasting the talents of their better actors then shipping them off to soap oblivion.

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    I’m going to miss Eli too. OLTL desperately needs a male lead and Matt Walton could have filled the role very nicely. I wish him luck in the future.

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    mr.sam mccall1

    ChrisGA you are damn right Meghann Fahy is imo the best young actor in her age group Oltl is dumb for letting her get away. She’s big on broadway right now in her play she’s feature on some other shows also. But OLTL went the stupid way and did this. Like why not kee her or leave her as normal so it would be nice to have her come back. Now if they don’t kill her off it will always be oh it “crazy” Hannah. She was such a interesting character and a amazing young actress played her. Stupid move OLTL.

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