OUSTED Mac, Clementine Ford on Young and Restless Gig: “It Was So Much Harder Than I Ever Could Have Imagined”

One of the most boring pairings in The Young and the Restless history, Mac (Clementine Ford) and JT (Thad Luckinbill) will be trucking it out of Genoa City on Nov. 5. While I’m sad to see Luckinbill go, since JT was once GC’s hottest younger lead, I can’t say I’ll much miss Ford’s monotone deliveries as Mac.  In this week’s CBS Soaps in Depth, the actress confirms what most viewers suspected all along from watching her on our screens— the role of Kay Chancellor’s (Jeanne Cooper) granddaughter proved difficult for Ford.

"I feel so lucky that I got to work with Billy [Miller, Billy], Thad and Amelia. Working with [them] stepped up my game." Still, Ford says that her year and a half in soaps was challenging. "It was so much harder than I ever could have imagined."

I feel bad for Ford. I never watched her on Showtime’s The L-Word, but I hear she was very good on the sapphic sudser, however it’s a lot easier to turn out decent performances with ample rehearsal time and only a few pages of dialogue to memorize on a primetime series. Daytime is not for the slight of heart, and while she slightly improved over time as Mac, she never quite gelled.

 Hopefully Y&R’s brass will finally stop using casting calls as an opportunity to garner a mention in Entertainment Weekly. Surecasting a primetime "name" as opposed to going with a proven soaper might get a write-up in a magazine that absolutely no one reads for soap news, but if the character and the story suffers from the stunt casting, is it really worth it?  For more from Ford and Luckinbill, pick up this week’s CBS Soaps In Depth.

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    She started to grow on me towards the end, but I’ve never really liked any Mac other than Ashley Bashioum. If they ever feel the need to bring Mac back, hopefully they can get her to return.

    Nice to see Mac, JT, and Reed get their happy ending, though!

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    I wish Ms. Ford the best in her career. I think that many fans were unfair to her when she first started. If one goes back and watches Ashley Bashioum’s original performances of Mac, one would see that Mac always was a low key character who could be fiesty at times. The current incarnation of Mac was never given the same challenges.

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    Ashley Bashioum is Mac. I still think she’d look good with Billy to this day.

    As for Ms. Ford, I never even considered her a primetime name. She was Cybill Shephard’s daughter and that was it. She looked older than Billy Miller and had a an awful hairdo to boot(which I guess the show tried to repair with Kate Gosselin like extensions).

    I know I sound mean here. I do wish her luck, but in the meantime, time has been squandered trying to make an actress fit into a show, that CLEARLY did not fit from the get go. And it doesn’t seem as if ‘time’, is something these remaining soaps have a lot of these days.

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    CF Defintley Grew In The Role but You Could Tell On Screen That It Was Difficult for Her. At Least She Doesn’t Slam Y&R.

    Daytime Is Hard, Matthew Morrison (Glee) said thats why he quit ATWT as Adam after a month in 2006 That while he respected the actors and their passion for the work that being on ATWT gave him no life cause he had to memorize so much dialouge and he couldn’t do it any longer

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    Trust me, honey!! I felt your pain EVERY awkwardly robotic step of the way!!! Better luck elsewhere!!!! I hope she doesn’t resurface on ANY other soaps until she brushes up on her acting skills (which in her case, will involve a LOT of extra training!)….. or better yet, finds an occupation that is better suited to her talents.

    Just b/c your mother is an actress, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to follow suit.

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    I’m really gonna miss Luckinbill; not only was he VERY nice to look at, but he actually has talent. As for Ford, I never thought she was the stain on this show everybody else seemed to think; granted, she wasn’t the greatest actress on the canvas, but I can think of several others on daytime that are far worse–uh, Denise Vasi anyone?

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    I did not like Clementine Ford in the beginning, as Mac. However, it didn’t take me long before I liked her very much as Mac. I liked her take on Mac as a kind, good, gentle soul. I will miss her and I wish her well.

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    All I have to say is, “There Is A GOD” and thank you very much for getting rid of this non talented hack. She reminded me of watching fence posts when I was bored back on the farm in 02.

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    I caught a couple of episodes of the L-word and she was fairly decent as Molly on that show, but, as has been said before, episodic TV is a cake-walk compared to the daytime soaps.

    I hate that people are so nasty about Clementine’s portrayal of Mac. Granted, it wasn’t must-see TV, but she was nowhere near as bad as the guy playing Phillip Chancellor.

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    Honestly, I think its hard for her to play straight..

    That was her challenge… It was harder than anything she could have imagined having to kiss up on a man lol

    IMO.. because clementine was playing mac it would have been interesting and fabulous if she came back with a more open spirit… but they didnt go that route and thats why it didnt work…

    However, it wasnt like watching Jenny bransford play Carly Corinthos on General Hospital NOW THAT WAS PAINFUL…

    OH WELL…Clementine will be fine…

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    They COULD keep her around…she could be a new bedpost in Kay Chancellor’s Master Bedroom, or a Beam in the barn on Newman Ranch.

    I agree, she was tough to watch. After a while, I just became numb to her; but I give her props where few rarely do. Soaps is NOT the easiest medium (from what I’ve heard…)

    Will Reed go with them?? hmmm…

    And I DO agree with “6-Soaps”. Dear LORD, Phil Chancellor – YIKES!!

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    JT has sole custody of Reed, so I bet Reed will go with them. Victoria can simply hop on a plane every weekend and go see her son if she wants to/cares.

    In reality, Y&R should have recast Mac with Eden Riegel and then played up a Mac/Billy/Chloe triangle instead of that god-awful Chance nonsense. I bet that story would’ve worked better with Vail Bloom as Heather.

    Thom Bierdz is great as Phillip! I wouldn’t want to see any other actor in that part. It’s his. He owns it. Plus, Phillip’s not a main character so you don’t need a Shakespearian-trained actor to play that role. Thom is just fine.

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    AB was ok, but I’ve never liked this character at all. AB was so sullen at times and Mac just took on this goody two shoes air that there was no getting around. Then the character just became a snooze fest and every time I hear “Mac is coming back” I just want to retch.

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    I say good riddance to Clementine Ford. I’ve hated her in this role since day 1. However, I think that Mac certainly has a place on the canvas of this show. The writers just need to come up with better material for this character. And the casting director CERTAINLY needs to hire a better actress. How about Natalia Livingston (ex-Emily, GH)?

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    Natalia Livingston would be a great choice for Mac. She’s got that good girl thing going on, but she can also be assertive and bitchy when the situation calls for it.

    The only actress who I have ever found to even be halfway tolerable as Mac was Rachel Kimsey. I agree with the above post—-Ashley Bashioum never seemed like she was passionate about playing the role of Mac, or even acting in general. And I think she’s changed careers, and is studying to be a doctor or something???!!

    Marnie Schulenberg from ATWT would also be a good Mac recast……don’t know what she’s up to now, though……….

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    I agree with Alistair with regard to what should happen with Reed. First of all, there are WAY too many kids on this show. It’s hard for me to keep up with all of them at this point. Also, with Reed living with JT, Victoria would have the time and freedom to get caught up in various love affairs and corporate intrigue storylines as opposed to tucking a kid into bed every night. But, then again, none of this really matters because Reed will be an adult a year from now, anyway :)

    As for Mac, I would love for the character to remain on the show. But since Billy is already married to Victoria, a triangle involving the two of them and Chloe would be the way to go.

    As for Phillip, I’d like to see him have an affair with a married, bisexual politician who comes from a powerful, politically connected family ala the Kennedys. And when the wife is found murdered, Phillip becomes the prime suspect. Talk about a scandal!

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    She was miscast from Day 1. She seems like a lovely person and her resemblance to her mother is pretty remarkable. The Mac role has always been maligned in one way or another. AB for some reason worked, but the pouty, sullen character was just so depressing. P3 should just go away. It’s just laughable to think that DG and TB were supposed to be same character.

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    [quote=syworld82]…its hard for her to play straight..That was her challenge… It was harder than anything she could have imagined having to kiss up on a man…..[/quote]

    Then she should try reality TV and leave acting to the pros if all she can play is a version of herself.

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    Ditto to all of the above pro and con comments regarding Clementine Ford.

    I still don’t get AlistairCrane’s passion for Thom Bierdz but maybe I’m just missing something. That being said it would be great to see him involved in an interesting and dynamic gay storyline. It is way overdue for Y&R and they need to commit to something there and do it now.

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    Well, again, I’ll give to anyone that Ford wasn’t the show’s strongest actress, but I thought AB was awful as Mac; she makes Ford look positively giddy by comparison.

    BTW tedew, I don’t think you, me or anybody else is missing anything about Thom Bierdz–bottom line, he’s not a very good actor. He wasn’t his first go round two decades ago and he’s still not. He seems like a great guy and he’s aged very well but that’s all I’m willing to concede to him.

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    Thom gets the job done. You don’t need to be a Shakespearean-trained actor to pull off Phillip. Plus, Thom’s got history with Tricia, Jeanne, and to some extent Jess that a recast would not. Considering Phillip hardly ever appears, I don’t see the need to criticise his acting. He’s certainly not awful like Eden Riegel or Marcy Rylan.

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    Clementine Ford is not a very good actress, and I think it is in the interest of the show to let her go. You could tell it was “hard” for her and it was hard for me to watch her scenes. She had trouble getting the dialogue to come out without sounding like she was reading from cue cards. I think Rachel Kimmsey was the best Mac. She added spunk to Mac. AB was okay, but I find her to be highly overrated.

    Thom is not very good either. Why don’t they recast him with Matt Walton (Eli) who just left OLTL.

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    Thom is not very good either. Why don’t they recast him with Matt Walton (Eli) who just left OLTL.[/quote]

    Because Matt isn’t the original and has no history with Tricia, Jeanne, and Jess. There is no reason EVER to recast a role when the original is available.

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