Y&R’s Bryton James Takes a Bite Out of Vampire Diaries

The Futon Critic is reporting The Young and the Restless’ woefully-underused Bryton James  will guest on The Vampire Diaries. James will play Luka, who has a shocking family connection and will cross paths with Bonnie (Katerina Graham). The actor’s episode will air on Nov. 11. Shoutout to Sabrina2322  for the tip!

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    This is good news Jillian. I love The Vampire Diaries and congratulations to Bryton, cannot wait to see it. About time since all of these other soap actors are getting guest spots in primetime. Obviously Bryton has the time since Y&R refuses to give him a storyline. Sigh!

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    Good for Bryton. As others have noted, Y&R couldn’t care less about giving him a storyline. I hope that he finds further success in prime time and film.

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    The last time he got a little bit more airtime was when Devon was sleeping with his aunt. He really is underused.

    Why don’t show more of his music career. I mean Y&R used to be so good at this with Lauren and Danny in the 80s. Since Maria is after everything the late William Bell did, why not sign Luke Kleintank finally under contract … and give him and Bryton something to do with a storyline in the music business. Hasn’t to be bad…!

    Anyway, glad for Bryton and his guest stint on Diaries.

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    Maria Bell doesn’t care about the black characters on Y&R. Compare how the show features them over the last two years with how they were featured under previous head writers. The Winters used to have front burner stories. Now they appear once or twice a month, usually as supporting characters for Cane and Lily.

    Y&R hired a new Malcolm and recently created Sofia. How well have these two characters been integrated into the show? What friends or enemies have they been involved with in that time?

    Think back to when Y&R hired Nia Peeples, another woman of color. Did they bother to give her character friends outside the Winters? Nope. What about the awful Tyra? She too was stuck in Winters-ville.

    As far as people of color go on Y&R, they just don’t matter much other than the character of Lily.

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    Bryton is a GREAT actor, who like all the other great black actors (and not so great black actors!) on Y&R aren’t going to get a storyline until certain individuals BEHIND the scenes…….(ahem, Paul Rauch!) get booted.

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    I say good for him. It will be nice to see him on something different than what we’re used to (Family Matters aside). It should be a good career opportunity. The Vampire Diaries has become perhaps my favorite show on tv. I am not someone who is a big vampire, CW, or teen drama fan, but everything about this show is done so well, I look forward to it more and more every week.

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    The Vampire Diaries is one of my G rated guilty pleasure too.

    It will be fun to see another Y&R alumni take a trip across to the dark side in prime time.

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    RebeccaJ … that certainly hits the nail right on the head!

    Neil is really one Y&R person I can’t stand for just that reason. Maybe one of them should just marry Olivia; then they’d find out what they are like for themselves.

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    Glad he’s getting something else he’s a good actor, young with a future before him…They aren’t using him as he should be used and its a pity.

    IA with how African Americans are used on soaps “wallpaper” bit day players for the most part…not in top tier A storylines…I think that pretty much says it all. He and Tatyana Ali should have been written for. Crazy chemistry they could have been a great couple since this is what this young demo they cater to is into.

    It is no excuse for it…they didn’t use her either….Again soaps are a good ole’boys caucasian network they do not write for the audience of today..

    One reason that “adds” greatly to their demise is their steadfast refusal to write for people of color (for the most part) African Americans were huge soap watchers and their ratings

    (that they don’t care about but are still trying to increase)

    reflect that they gave us the thumbs down with Fyou…said go to BET and we did.

    its time for him to expand his horizens …I watch Vampire Diaries from time to time and if he came on board beyond a guest stint I’d be inclined to watch more.

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    I don’t see why he doesn’t leave altogether. He can do so much better and actually get to act full time instead of being on recurring while he actually has a contract. Why keep him? It would be good for both sides. They would save money (although they would probably just sign someone else on, so what’s the point?) and he would actually get to act in primetime. Win-win.

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