Billy Magnussen at Back to The Future 25th Anniversary Trilogy Party

Former As the World Turns star Billy Magnussen and girlfriend Cody Horn (pictured above) pose with the Back to the Future DeLorean at the Back to the Future 25th Anniversary Trilogy Blu-Ray party on October 25. Check out Magnussen in the driver’s seat after the jump and visit Pop Confidential for more photos of Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson and Christopher Lloyd at the party.

Billy Magnussen


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12 February 2010
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Cody??? Hmmmm.....interesting name for a FEMALE!!!

But I digress.........

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Just love BF, god I sure miss the '80's, those were great times. They better never remake these or make another one, they would ruin with the CGI crap. There is no magic in movies anymore, I use love seeing how movies were made like the Star Trek and the Original Star Wars movies. But now it's just computer crap. Looks faker then the way they use to make movies, Like in the Indiana Jones movie. And the recent Star Trek movie, but I kind of like that. They just don't understand those were very different times, they can't recreate the magic. I went out today bought it at Target, only had one left. Glad to see BF movies still popular. They would still hold up today's garbage.

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Me too I would love to go back to the '80's, when I was growing up we were spouse to have flying cars, lasers, talking robot maids, and gone to Mars by now. I too am not a fan of CGI. I'm old school. Do they have them on DVD?