Natalia Livingston Joins Days of Our Lives!

Former General Hospital star Natalia Livingston (ex-Emily/Rebecca) is joining the cast of Days of our Lives as Taylor Raines, Nicole’s (Arianne Zucker) sister, according to Soap Opera Digest.

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    Taylor’s history:

    Taylor was a med student at Salem University Hospital studying physiotherapy. To support herself, she worked part-time as a night janitor at Titan. Nicole was embarassed of Taylor’s working class status because she was trying to launch her modelling career and feared Taylor’s status would reflect badly on her.

    Taylor had a crush on Nicole’s boyfriend Eric Brady and was also part of a Bible group. Eric once attended a circle with her.

    Taylor left the show before Brandon and Fay joined the cast and never had any major role to speak of.

    Additional background on Taylor can be found here:

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    Another tidbit on Taylor:

    Taylor Raines was originally supposed to be a woman from Eric’s past in Colorado. She was to debut just a few weeks after Nicole in early 1998, and Taylor and Nicole would have been involved in a love triangle with Eric. An actress named Christine Wilson had even been cast in the role but was let go prior to airing. In fact, a mysterious person in black shoes was seen following Eric around Salem, and this person was supposed to be Taylor. But when the character was dropped, “mystery shoes” was rewritten as Jed, a former friend from Eric’s past in Colorado. Eric had been accused of a rape committed by Jed. The story only lasted a few episodes and was probably supposed to be the original Taylor’s main storyline.

    Roughly six months later, the character was retooled as Nicole’s sister Taylor, recast with Katherine Ellis and brought on board.

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    I enjoyed Natalia as Emily, but she never really clicked for me as Rebecca on GH. I have high hopes for Natalia and DOOL. I hope it works out well and Taylor becomes as interesting and entertaining as her sister, Nicole.

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    Remember, Arianne and now Natalia are both supposed to be playing half-Hispanic characters. I think they should have cast Lindsay Hartley in this role last year instead of Arianna and had Nicole and Taylor fight over Brady.

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    Now the Chad Brannon thing I could get excited about.:) But Natalia’s not that bad an actress, and at least it’s not a totally new character. I liked her saintly Emily enough, and Taylor from what I recall was a goody-goody too?

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    There were some AMC fans who suggested her as the New Marissa………….. guess that’s not going to happen :)

    I wish her good luck on DAYS. ABC’s loss is NBC’s gain!!

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    What strikes me as ironic is that Days just wrote off a major character’s (Rafe) Hispanic sister (Ari) and are now bringing in another major character’s (Nicole) Hispanic sister (Taylor).

    I’d kill to know the decision-making process over there!

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    My thoughts exactly 6-soaps. Natalia is a fine actress so I think she’ll be an asset to the show, but why was the Lindsay Hartley hiring such a huge failure?

    This is another of the 50 reasons soaps are in trouble. They shoot themselves in the foot by not having well-thought out storyline maps that fully integrate new characters into the fabric of the show.

    I hope they know exactly what they’re going to do with this new character, especially if they plan to keep her around.

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    Arianna failed because she wasn’t similar enough to Lindsay’s popular Passions character Theresa. I was the hugest Theresa fan but I felt bored by Arianna and couldn’t keep watching.

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    Rafe and his family are not really major characters. Rafe is just there to
    prop up Sami. In addition, as many have said, The character of Arianna became really annoying for many viewers, myself included. Since she wasn’t a Horton, a Brady, a Dimera, or a Kiriakis, we were not as tolerant as we would have been if she had been a member of a core family. Stephanie is just as much a pain in the ass as Ariana was in her last few months, but it’s easier to tolerate her because of the legacy that she represents.

    To me, this is why it was so easy for TPTB to decide to get rid of Lindsay Hartley.

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    Why am I not happy about this? That’s right, Dena is still writing the show! As long Dena is writing I can’t expect to be overjoyed about this. I mean look how they written Arianna for over a year then all of sudden they want to give her good material the last weeks of Lindsay being on the show. Days wasted so much time with trying to make Arianna/Brady/Nicole a good triangle it blowed any chance of me liking the Arianna character.

    Now I’m seeing what Lindsay has been doing on the screen the last several weeks and it throws me they give her meaty stuff when they could had been doing it the whole time. I just hope Days doesn’t waste this opportunity with Natalia like they have with many others before her.

    As for an early prediction who could be Taylor’s love interest, I’m crossing my fingers it is EJ. I like EJami, but after how the writers basically destroyed them to push Safe down my throat, I don’t think I can support them like I use too.

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    Regardless of her Emmy win, she is one of the worst actresses ever, although she is supposedly a really lovely person. Better on Days than ever back on GH.

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