As The World Turns’ Sarah Glendening IN as NuMarissa on All My Children

Soap Opera Digest is reporting As The World Turns actress Sarah Glendening (ex-Lucy) has been picked to take over the role of Marissa on All My Children. Glendening will make her Pine Valley debut on Dec. 20.

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    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was this the actress they have been working with to take over this role from way back when?? Or did talks fail with someone else since then??????????? I recall reading they were casting the role with “a named soap actress” — was she a leading lady on ATWT or a at leasta solid supporting actress with a fan following??????

    I am however shocked that they cast someone who is so young (24)- considering Alexa H, Marissa’s twin sister is 30 and the new/old Scott is 40.

    I dont know her work- so I can not comment on that. She does have the same look as BA- which is good… I guess. I had hoped that they would recast with someone who looked more like Babe. I had my fingers crossed for Erin Hershey, Lauren Woodland or Erin Torepy

    BUT I DO WISH THIS ACTRESS GOOD LUCK IN THE ROLE. I hope she has a long run as Marissa.

    Any ATWT fans out there who can comment on her acting skills??? She’ll be sharing lots of screen time with some talented people– Jacob Young, Melissa Egan, Bobbie Eakes, Vincent I (cause I’m sure David is not dead). I hope she holds her own among these talented actors

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    Daniel St. John

    Sarah is an OK actress and despite her age she made Lucy seem more mature when she played her. Hopefully she can make Marissa a bit more likable especially in her current mode of 24/7 righteous indignation while keeping a child from his father because the current actress has taken me from bored indifference to outright hate of the character.
    Here are a few scenes from Sarah’s last day on ATWT:


    Watching that video makes me miss Liz Hubbard so much.

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    I am sure she will be a step up from BA, but honestly I am kind of disappointed – I had been hoping for Greg Vaughan and Alexa Havins as Scott and Marissa and instead got DC and SG. :0(

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    I am confused. LOL . . . BA, IMO, didn’t lack talent, she lacked spark. I hope this girl has a vivaciousness to her because this seems like an even exchange recast. I thought they were going to try to enliven the role, or hire someone with an endearing quality that’d make JR and Scott melt (as opposed to the femme fatale attraction MCE has).

    Now, were ALEXA HAVINS or AMANDA BAKER asked back?!? Because they’re, IMHO, the only two actresses who should be playing Babe’s twin sister! Loved her or hated her (and I went back and forth between both, lol), few characters have had as much impact as Babe and, A.) she never should’ve been killed, but B.) the only reason you do these long-lost twins things is to bring back the actor (Elizabeth Hendrickson, Ty Treadway, etc.).

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    It would be fair to say she’s absolutely a step up from BA. HOWEVER I think she’s still a little green as far as stepping into the daytime world, so it’s hard to say how good she could be. She might be really great or she could stay just moderately better than BA. I did enjoy her on ATWT despite the lack of focus on Lucy character during her stints.

    I confess I was hoping there was a realistic shot at Amanda Baker or wishful thinking Alexa Havins. So I’m just okay with this choice atm.

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    She does seem to have more stage presence and fire running through her veins than Brittany Allen ever did, but time will tell if she’ll be a TRUE asset to AMC or not. I had high expectations when Jamie Luner came on, and……well, we all know how that turned out.

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    I was hoping they would write Marissa, but I agree with you Alstonboy, at first glance, she does seem to have more spark and fire and stage presence, than BA does.

    We’ll see if she does become an asset, in the meantime, welcome Sarah.

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    She seems a little bit better than BA, but not the powerhouse actress I was expecting them to recast with. I doubt very much that she’ll bring anything different to the role. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt for the moment though.

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    Reese was such a HORRIBLY WRITTEN character that I am thrilled that she’s still offscreen, even though I love Tamara Braun and want her back on my screen ASAP. Maybe Guza and Phelps can lure her over to GH???!!!

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    I think Marissa has been poorly written from the get go and then with sort of a boring actress playing her it didn’t help. Why didn’t they hire Alicia Leigh Willis (Courtney from GH). I think she looks more like AH and is closer in age and also a fabulous actress.

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