B&B Contract Shuffle: Ashley Jones Bumped to Recurring, Kristolyn Lloyd Earns Contract

After spending most of the past year on the front burner with a “Who’s the daddy” storyline, it looks as if we may be seeing a bit less of Ashley Jones’ Bridget Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful. The actress is going on recurring, according to Soap Opera Digest.  In other B&B contract news, Soap Opera Digest also reveals Kristolyn Lloyd (Dayzee) moves up to contract status that same month.

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    If anything, this news and the show’s current state is showing some kind of vision Brad has for the show and that is comforting to think about.

    Kristolyn Lloyd is doing a solid job, despite some of the cringeworthy writing for the character. And my prayers have been kinda answer w/Ashley Jones now on recurring. To bad that Jennifer’s show got picked, sign of the awful Primetime season, up and that she would shoot her agent in the face if they were to mention ‘B&B’.

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    B&B has too many folks onscreen anyway who get very little screen time. They could easily bring half the cast to recurring or let go entirely. However, bring Kristolyn on is a good thing, since this show, while set in L.A., has never had much of a minority presence. And since it’s set in the fashion industry, the absence of gay people is also rather glaring as well. But one thing at a time.

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    Is Ashley going to recurring her choice? I know that she’s been doing some primetime TV guest shots. I’ve really enjoyed her work.

    Congratulations to Kristolyn Lloyd. I hope that she gets a decent storyline and is well integrated into the show.

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    I think B&B is on the right track. They have been making some wise choices. Kristolyn Lloyd seems to have a lot of talent and I am glad she was given a contract. I am not really a big fan of Bridgett and I find that the character can be rather boring, so I wish her luck.

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    Sad to hear Ashley Jones is going to recurring. Hope it was her choice and not the show’s. She is so talented. Glad to hear about Kristolyn Lloyd. The show definitely needs to be more diverse and she is a wonderful actress. I am so happy for her.

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    I am happy about this news. Ashley Jones has been a weak boring performer on this show from day one. This is a casting move that should’ve happened years ago. One of the few times that Brad Bell got it right. She is like watching paint dry and grass grow in the role of Bridget Forrester. The most recent pregnancy story kinda showed she isn’t meant to lead her own stories. I have never cared for her as an actress on Bold and Beautiful. She has this smug arrogant tone and vibe about her that bothers me in most scenes, when she is suppose to be playing a likeable sympathetic character. Brad kept coming up with these recycled baby dramas like every single year for Bridget, but now that she finally has a child there is really nothing left to write for her. I never understood why she kept getting stories in the first place, that airtime should’ve went to Lesli Kay or Winsor Harmon. Ashley Jones will never break into primetime, all she will get our minor roles. She won’t land any starring spots, in the same way Jennifer Finnigan has done two times now.

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    Darren Lomas

    Bridget has been boring for a long time in my opinion… she has lacked that pop and sizzle that a good soapy character needs. I really wish they’d brought back Deacon and tried him opposite her, but it would’ve probably been another damp squib in Bridget’s drippy history.

    I’m still surprised that she’s on recurring, having just popped out Owen’s love child  Oh, well, that story was pretty dull anyway…

    Dayzee looks promising!

    PS LOL Newmanwins

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