Check Out Lindsay Hartley as Smallville's Mad Harriet

E! Online has the first image of All My Children star Lindsay Hartley from her upcoming appearance on The CW’s Smallville. Unfortunately, it looks as if her character Mad Harriet won’t share a scene with hubby Justin Hartley’s Green Arrow.

The only downside to her guest spot is that longtime fans of Justin and Lindsay won't get that onscreen Passions reunion they're hoping for (we know you're out there!), since she'll only interact with Tom Welling and Cassidy Freeman.

The episode airs November 12.

Photo Credit: Jack Rowan/The CW


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Lookin' good! I was hoping she'd be playing Lashina, though. Never cared for "Tox-ick" (Theresa and Fox), so I'm glad they won't be interacting on Smallville.

Lindsay Hartley for Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, anyone??

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I am in LOVE with this woman. I would totally go straight for her.

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LOL RCLGuard!! That's funny cos she's totally my girl crush and i'd go gay for her! I am so freakkin bummed she's gone from DOOL...but best believe I stopped watching that after she left....gotta catch up on ALL MY CHILDREN now cos NBC screwed her over TWICE! Karma's a biatchh

Oh, and btw if you go
they have a bunch more pics of Lindsay on Smallville! Can't wait!!!

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Quite an understated look for Mad Harriet. Hopefully Lindsay's performance will make up for the less "mad" visuals.

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She loog amazing! I can wiat to see her playing a comic book baddie. It's too bad she won;t be working with Justin but she's super talented in her own right.