From State Farm to Pine Valley: All My Children Signs Eddie Matos

Eddie Matos is returning to daytime. The Port Charles and General Hospital alum, who went on to appear in the short-lived CBS drama Cane and can currently be seen as the official pitchman for State Farm, is joining All My Children, according to Soap Opera Digest. His first airdate is December 6.

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    I like him but every time I hear about another guy getting hired on ABCD I cant help but feel sad that its ANOTHER role that didnt go to the wonderful (and seriously yummy) greg Vaughan.

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    [quote=angrierblackerman]Now THIS is who they should have hired to play Griffin. Jordi Vilasuso is going to bomb so bad on the show :-([/quote]
    Jumping the gun a bit? Jordi hasn’t even been onscreen yet. Plus Jordi is a really good actor.

    Anyways, on topic….at first I was all for getting some fresh faces in PV, however this is starting to get ridiculous.

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