John Wesley Shipp on One Life to Live Role: “This is The Anti-Mitch Leery”

As The World Turns and Guiding Light grad John Wesley Shipp wants soap lovers to know his new gig playing Eddie Ford on One Life to Live won’t be anything like his primetime stint as James Van Der Beek‘s cuckholded daddy on Dawson’s Creek.  Here’s what he says in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest:

"You will be horrified by what Mitch Leery has become! This is the anti-Mitch Leery if ever there was a part," laughs Shipp of Eddie."

I just hope they keep him FAR away from my Blair (Kassie DePaiva)! Bless her heart, she’s had enough sorry excuses for sociopathic lovers to fill a songbook for a one-woman torch song revue at Ultraviolet! (Shout out to @crackmyribsopen for helping me remember the name of Rex’s blasted club on Twitter!)  


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    ^Yes he was. But that was a long time ago, in my opinion. He didn’t age as gracefully as some soap studs from yesteryear. Remember him in those speedos on Guiding Light back in the early 80s or before. He was hot. Now, doesn’t seem so much.

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    JWS was always underused on DC. Originally, I disliked Ford, his brothers, and his mom, Inez, but over time I have warmed up to the characters. John is a very capable actor and I look forward to see where this story leads. I want a new romance for Blair, but I agree, she doesn’t need another Eli-type in her life.

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    Nelson Branco Used a comment from Carolyn Hinsey in his latest column which wasnt a good comment and nelson commented on that. Well John Wesley saw it and commented about it on his facebook fanpage. Their comments and his response follows

    TVGUIDE.CA, The Suds Report by Nelson Branco/My Take
    by John Wesley Shipp on Friday, October 29, 2010 at 10:55pm


    1. ‘I may never get a date after this.’—Original soap hunk John Wesley Shipp to Soap Opera Digest on his new gig as Eddie on One Life

    Translation: But I’ll get majorly laid.”

    [My Take:

    LMAO!!!! HOPE SO! –jws]

    “2. ‘… here comes John Wesley Shipp as Ford Senior. I suppose it’s fitting that [One Life] hired the original torso to play the man who sired The Hunks That Ate Llanview, but my jury is still out on those walking underwear models. ‘Soap Opera Digest’s Carolyn Hinsey

    Translation: Underwear models are the new hair models, Nelson!”

    [My Take: Yeah, I remember when I went on Guiding Light as Kelly Nelson, they had me run around in a speedo, then sing “You Needed Me,” then sing “You Needed Me” in my speedo!!! I thought, “Well, now I’ll be fired.” ha! But I wasn’t. And I continued to work on my craft; and 2 Emmys, a Tony Award Winning Broadway play, several primetime series and films, etc, Tonight Show appearances, TV Guide Covers, AND A JEAPARDY QUESTION (yes I was!) later, I’d say the jury is still out, Carolyn….In fact, the jury is always out so long as you are out there doing it.

    And so far as these “underwear models?” Forget the fact that YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT MY SONS! LOL, they got the chops and the conscientiousness…it is up to their drive and determination to make them into the actors that they are and are becoming. THEY WILL WIN YOU OVER, as they are given the material. I could name at least one moment in the last couple of weeks for each of these boys that is heartbreaking and poignant, sincere, sexy, and funny by turns, each in his own way. I have nothing but character pride and professional respect for the three of them, regardless of how I treat them onscreen (OUCH!)

    –sincerely, “the original torso” roflmao!!! thanks!]

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    I kind of hope he is for Blair. I know he will initially be a bad guy, but let us not forget that as recently as a year ago, she was no angel. Maybe she can tame the beast. Hopefully she will go into it with her eyes open to who he really is, and instead of being made to look like a fool because he turns out to be a psycho, maybe he can be a reformed bad guy.

    Also, his response has made me a fan before he even steps foot on screen.

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    I can’t wait for Eddie!!! I love the Fords and their bonding is realistic in my books. This new family is being well intergrated in the Llanview Landscape, I say……………… BRING IT ON!

    Can’t stop loving OLTL, let’s bring in the GOLD! It has everything it needs, writing, acting, staging, lighting, props, sound-effect… and all that within the Budget!

    Simply, gooooood soap!

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