What About My Blair on One Live to Live?!

My podcast cohorts rejoiced last week as Todd Manning (Trevor St. John) reunited with Tea Delgado (Florencia Lozano) on One Life to Live (May God be with his eardrums), but what I wanna know is, who is gonna keep my Blair (Kassie DePaiva) warm on lonely, Llanview nights? While I firmly believe Blair and TAWD are soulmates, I will grin and bear the TNT reunion—for now— just so long as Blair gets some good, hot lovin’ from someone who doesn’t turn out to be a mustache-twirling sociopath. RIP, Eli (Matt Walton). So help me and my favorite Llanview girl out.

Who should One Life to Live pair Blair with?

What About My Blair on One Live to Live?!

  • Blair belongs with Todd — PERIOD! (17%, 139 Votes)
  • Bring back Kevin! (10%, 85 Votes)
  • Bring back Max! (54%, 447 Votes)
  • John! (10%, 84 Votes)
  • Cristian! (9%, 66 Votes)

Total Voters: 821


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16 Responses

  1. Profile photo of cokeyloveshersoaps

    As long as she stays away from my TNT it doesnt matter who she winds up with just as long as it is not another sociopath i think she desrves some happiness.Blair and Trevor’s Todd doesnt have chemistry to me they are like Sonny and Carly on GH i like their banter as friends but as a couple it just not there.

  2. Profile photo of Scooter Smith
    Scooter Smith

    What about Shawn. I know they have been employee/employer/friends for some time, but:

    a. He just got on contract.
    b. They could get stuck somewhere together, while he is “protecting” her from something.
    c. I would like to see OLTL do an interacial love story where the woman is the white one, since that is usually for some reason more taboo than a white man with a black woman. (personally I don’t care, but there is obvious storyline options that can come from it.)
    d. His OB/GYN girlfriend is a wet blanket.
    e. He is sane.

  3. Profile photo of paintedwhispers

    Sorry Jamey, I’m beating a path over to jump up and down and raise a toast with your cohorts in celebrating the most ultimate and perfect reunion ever—Todd and Téa’s emotional return to each other was long awaited, long anticipated, the moment of the year on daytime television, and hopefully, just the beginning for this incredible twosome! The Blair and Todd ship has sailed as a romance; they’re finally settling into a relationship where I think they can be parents together and support each other as friends, but if you watch how their story has played out recently, Todd has himself a new ‘love of life’ and soulmate who he would move heaven and earth for, literally, and Blair seems to have come to a new acceptance of that where I think she is more than ready to move on.

    Where to move on to? I think you have some great options for Blair’s ‘move forward’ in this list. I think that she and DF’s Cristian have always had a red hot chemistry and a great connection. I would always hold the door wide open for the return of James DePaiva’s Max Holden. I like the mutual respect that remains between John McBain and Blair and I hope that will continue to be a part of their hallmark, but I think their bout with romance fizzled when it became official the last time around, and besides, lets give John/Natalie some room to breathe easy without another interloper. I’m all for Blair moving forward and finding love free from psychosis, but it would be nice if they didn’t throw her in the middle of something that deserves its own era. Todd and Blair and John and Blair? The stuff of yesteryear. It’s a new day. Let’s move -on- with Blair and let her experience something new that shows some development for her as a character while respecting the fact that other characters have moved on, too.

    PS: Apparently Todd’s eardrums LOVE the sound of Téa’s voice, and so do I! “It feels good to use my voice…” Preach it, Téa!

  4. Profile photo of Snugglebug

    Todd belongs with his wifey, Tea “Fierce” Delgado. He is right where he should be, by the side of his wife and daughter. Thankfully for me, the writers came to their senses about Todd and Blair as a romantic pairing as they died years ago. Furthermore, I happen to love Tea’s “lil'” voice. But no matter how earth shattering her scream may be, it will never grate on my nerves the way “Taaaaaaaaaaaaaawd” does when Blair says it. If I never have to hear her whine his name one more time in my life, it will be too soon.

    I don’t care with whom Blair is paired as long as she stays away from TnT. Max is a great choice as far as I am concerned. KDP seems to love the idea of Max and Blair getting back together. I say, let it be. Cuz she sure as hell can’t be with Todd.

  5. Profile photo of elbugten

    Jamey, I was a former Todd and Blair fan until I saw what great chemistry TSJ and FL have together. Last week when they finally laid eyes on each other again I truly melted! Tea is Todd’s future, Blair and Todd will always be great friends and bed buddies, but they are lousy in a romantic relationship together. I think they’ve finally grown up and moved on.

    I like the idea of bringing back Max Holden for Blair. I wasn’t watching when they were together the first time around, but I know it was enough to threaten Todd into selling what he thought was Max’s baby (Jack) on the black market. I know Roxy was married to Max for a brief moment in time, so bringing him back would also give us more Roxy and that’s always a plus. Roxy, Max and Blair in a truangle would be fun!

    Or, there’s always Patrick. Mary’s going to need something to do once she finishes covering up Cole’s crimes. What if his Daddy came back from the dead? Or TK could play Patrick’s brother Dr. Ian Thornhart from Port Charles. Llanview Hospital needs another doctor, and it would be fun to see Blair and Marty fighting over the same man. Anything to keep the amazing Susan Haskell on the canvas.

  6. Profile photo of njpai

    I gotta join the chorus of TnT fans. I don’t think Todd and Blair should be together at all. As a couple, they’re dysfunctional. I like the relationship as it is now. I think TSJ and FloLo are amazing together. Very fun and sexy and they’ve just knocked it out of the park in this story. It was great to see them reunited last week and I look forward to more, more, more.

    Definitely bring Max back for Blair! There seems to be some chemistry there. ;)

  7. Profile photo of Miry

    I was just thinking the other day that James needs to be back on this show & that he & Cassie are like the only married/together in real life couple that I can think of that really do have fire/chemistry onscreen. (Eva La Rue & John Callahan, AMC’s Maria & Edmund Grey are the only other one I could think of from the past).

  8. Profile photo of Miry

    Oh, & I want his returning story to be him helping her FIND HER DADDY!! It’s a darn shame that after all this time we still don’t know who Blair’s dad is! I want Blair to have a story of her own that is all about her & has nothing to do with Todd OR Tea… enough with the supporting/propping, time for Blair to do the damn thing in her OWN storyline!

  9. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I voted for Kevin because I want him back on screen but also because my choice isnt on the list. I will never give up hope that RH will return to OLTL as the REAL todd and that tsj will be a brainwashed Walker Lawrence (that way he doesnt know he isnt the real todd and is a victim in this too) I think that would be great story for all concerned. Both women would be jealous and confused but ultimately Teas store with TSJ’s character would be together finding out who Walker is now that he isnt like his old self and his current attitudes arent shaped by todds history or his money and blairs story would be with Rogers character reclaiming the love they once shared. And then theres the kids. TSJ would be jealous of the fact that Daniella isnt his bio kid, but RH would be jealous of the bond that developed between Starr and TSJ as well as Jack and TSJ. It might also be interesting story for vicki and dorian.

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