All My Children Blames The Dead Guy

If this All My Children promo is accurate–and we know how misleading ABC’s promos can be–it looks as if the writers at AMC have decided to blame David Hayward (Vincent Irizarry) for his own murder. Seriously?

Why is it that “Who Done It?” storylines on soaps are becoming more and more lame as writers refuse to pin the murder of a popular character on a remaining resident? Almost everyone in Pine Valley had a reason for killing David and instead of say Erica (Susan Lucci), Tad (Michael E. Knight), Ryan (Cameron Mathison), Madison (Stephanie Gatschet), Amanda (Chrishell Stause) or David’s own wife Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) being responsible for his death, they’re alluding it was David himself?

 I wouldn’t even have had a problem with finding out that Zach (Thorsten Kaye) secretly returned to town to murder David. That would be a better twist than David framing himself.  All My Children’s writing may have improved, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t lazy. Watch this week’s AMC promo after the jump.

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    The reason no one in PV murdered David but David is simple–if someone else had murdered him he’d really be dead! Only by “murdering” himself can David be found alive and well during Nov sweeps. I am counting down the days until AMC’s devilish Dr. David returns to PV!

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    You hit the nail RIGHT on the head!! Kreizman and Swajeski are LAZY!!

    I remember the good old days when writers knew how to write COMPELLING murder MYSTERIES—that were actually MYSTERIES!!! You know, the kind that kept you guessing, used history to provide motives, means and opportunities, actually included THREE OR MORE viable suspects who you could actually BELIEVE would commit the crime, and then surprised you at the end??!!

    Guess those days are gone!!!!!

    The only way the writers can redeem themselves is if they reveal what we ALL know to be true: David ain’t dead!! He’s on an island, sipping a drink with a colorful umbrella in it and laughing at all these idiots in Pine Valley who have underestimated him.

    Or better yet, he’s somewhere offscreen with his brother, LEO, who we ALSO know is NOT dead!!! Just some ideas for the writers to think about since they clearly can’t come up with any original or interesting ones on their own!!

    Sheesh!! :Sp :Sp

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    I must admit that I KINDA had high hopes for them b/c I enjoyed a lot of their writing on “Guiding Light” in it’s waning years. I know I am in the minority………

    But they have done absolutely NOTHING to impress me, except for putting Jesse and Angie back on the front burner (well, at least SOMEWHAT on the front burner) where they belong and creating the character of Caleb, who I am thoroughly enjoying.

    Aside from that??!! Bleeeccch!!!

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    TV Gord,

    Perfect idea. Vanessa is holding BOTH of her sons, Leo and David, hostage somewhere!!! Bring back Marj Dusay!!!!

    Someone needs to start a campaign/petition for that!!!

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    TV Gord

    Ha ha! I’m in!

    Done properly, it could be a nice, twisted reworking of David taking care of Greenlee. Maybe Vanessa has been lurking for the past couple of years and she observed how David nursed Greenlee back to the pinklee of health. And she’s using the drugs stashed in his cabin in the woods to keep him bed-bound. It could be a high-larious parody of Misery, in a way (except it would be less clear which one of them we’re rooting for)!

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    I don’t think David setting the whole thing up is what’s bad about this storyline, it’s actual a good twist, what sucks about the storyline is that it’s ALL about Ryan and Greenlee’s never ending twu wuv.

    For crying out loud AMC, no one except Frons gives a damn about this couple, the ratings dropped the exact minute they started promoting the Rylee crapfest. What the heck happened to capitalism? Money talks so end this sucky ass couple once and for all.

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