BREAKING NEWS: Y&R’s Eden Riegel and Hubby Andrew Miller Expecting First Child!

Join us in congratulating The Young and the Restless star Eden Riegel and her hubby, Imaginary Bitches creator Andrew Miller. In addition to celebrating Miller’s sweet gig penning the pilot for The CW’s Secret Circle, the pair has a new creative endeavor to be pumped about — they’re pregnant! Riegel and Miller were introduced by her former All My Children co-star Cameron Mathison, who also happens to be Miller’s best friend. The pair wed on Sept. 30, 2007. This will be their first child.

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    Eden Riegel is NOT a bad actress, folks. Anyone who saw her work on AMC can clearly attest to that fact. She just doesn’t appear to be very versatile as an actress. Some actresses can pull off ANYTHING, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE…..and others can’t!!

    I wish she were back on AMC as Bianca, but I wish her the best of luck with her growing family. I’m still a fan, but her version of Heather does NOTHING for me!!!

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    She’s AWFUL as Heather. Never watched AMC, never will, but from watching her on Y&R, she’s so, so, so bad. Cringeworthy! The absolute worst casting choice this show has made since Maria Bell took over, bar none.

    Looking forward to the maternity leave! ;)

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    I can’t agree because Daisy isn’t a major character nor did Zima replace someone who was really good in the role, so her mediocrity is acceptable and can be tolerated. Eden is just not up to snuff as Heather.

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    I like Eden as Heather. The writing is awful for her, and most of the other characters, but at least this Heather was emotions. I always hated how cold Heather was before, it was ice princess cold, it was detached sociopath cold. God, how I hated her!

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    It’s not the writing, babyc, it’s Eden. She’s like a little girl playing dress-up. It’s sickening. Vail Bloom OWNED this role and that’s why Eden is failing so badly. Bring back Vail Bloom!!!

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    Congratulations Eden and Andrew! You will make wonderful parents and I’m so happy for you!

    Ignore most of the comments here. For some, everything has to be turned into a bitch session. God forbid this can’t e just about the wonderful news.

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    Seriously? Seriously, AlistairCrane? VB didn’t own that role, at all. I had more trouble buying her as ADA than I have buying ER as ADA. She was getting better at the end of her run and that was mostly because she bitched at Adam and Rafe and it was awesome! But beyond that… No, at all. And yes, the writing is pretty bad for this, and most of the characters. There is little consistency with their actions and what they say.

    My God, sometimes I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! I remember how nobody liked Heather or VB as Heather, she get’s recasted and suddenly she’s God’s gift to soaps?

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    congrats! I agree she isn’t clicking as Heather but she should have been the Mac recast. I would suspend disbelief if Eden went off on materity and came back as Mac instead of Heather

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    I’m looking forward to the maternity leave too—hopefully it’s longer than Amelia Heinous’ two-second maternity leave earlier this year!

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    My God, sometimes I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! I remember how nobody liked Heather or VB as Heather, she get’s recasted and suddenly she’s God’s gift to soaps?[/quote]
    Exactly , whoever said anything nice about her before she left. The only thing that she OWNED was a can of hair spray.

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    Have you ever considered starting a fan club for Vail Bloom, since you appear to be the BIGGEST Vail Bloom fan that I have EVER seen in my life???

    Seriously, I have NEVER heard anyone sing that girl’s praises as much as you do.

    And ditto for Thom Bierdz……

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    I loved her and was cheering for Vail all along. I’m just happy that people who supposedly didn’t like her while she was in the role started appreciating her when Eden took over. Vail OWNED that role. She WAS Heather, mind, body, and soul. Eden is a walking caricature, Minnie Mouse playing DA.

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    I like Eden as Heather. I admit at first she didn’t work for me, but I think now as I have said for months that she has made the role of Heather hers. She’s a great actress and I enjoy her…loving have her run for DA and having to use Victor’s money. Keep up the good work Eden!

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    It’s a happy time for me too because it means MATERNITY LEAVE which means it gets Eden OFF my screen! Sorry, but not all of us saw her on AMC. We’ve only seen her horrible attempts at acting here on Y&R.

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    There’s not much to say about her work. It’s simply awful. There are only so many different synonyms for “horrible”!

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    I will say this: Her “blah” acting style would have made her a much better Mac recast, and they still could have played her off Chloe.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Okay, Alistair Crane, that’s enough dissing actors looks. We have never permitted that on DC, and we are not about to start now. I am sure people will accuse me of bias and blah, blah, blah, but DC has never allowed comments about peoples looks other than discussing whether or not someone combed their hair.

    You have every right to criticize an actors ability to act (though your ready defense and praise of Thom Bierdz’s "acting" amid all your rampant bashing of Eden and Laura Stone takes care of that), but if you continue making personal attacks about peoples looks, your posts will be zapped.

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    TV Gord

    And thanks for zapping that post! THAT’S why I wrote I hope she’s not reading this, NOT because of people’s opinions of her acting ability. I’m sure that would roll right off her back. Going after someone’s looks is just low.

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    Laura Stone is not talented and I’m not sure why people think she is. She couldn’t pull off the awful dialogue given to her when Skye and Adam were in South America, and she is not convincing as an HBIC in Genoa City.

    Thom Bierdz, meanwhile, is perfectly fine in a role that doesn’t require the talents of Ian McKellan or Sean Penn. He’s certainly better than the vapid Christel Khalil or Amelia Heinous, or the twitchy, mugging Billy Miller and Michelle Stafford.

    As for Eden, I’ve discussed her “abilities” to death. I’ve made it clear why she is no good as Heather and never will be. Please go back to AMC, Eden….you are not welcome here!

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    Time to bring this discussion back to what it should be about: Eden and her hubby. They look so happy together, I’m glad for them. I just hope she doesn’t give up acting!

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    Oh AlistairCrane, I know what you mean, she is so talented it makes me want to cry too. We are lucky to be able to watch her on our screen.

    I knew some day you and I would see eye for eye, and here it is, our love for ER has brought us closer. :D

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    I have never found it necessary to throw insults about how an actor or actress looks.
    There are two actors (one on CBS and one on ABC) who have such serious baggage under their eyes I am shocked they are allowed to go on air like that. Seriously.

    But do I mention them on here and how bad that looks? No. That’s just low-class and tacky and so childish hiding behind a computer to do so.

    And these two gents’ names? I’ll never tell…

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    I have noticed something funny about daytime soap viewers and actresses that have played lesbians. They become godesses! CC from GL couldn’t get arrested by a fan until she fell for a woman. Eden is the patron saint of AMC. Yet obviously her “talent” didn’t follow her to Y&R. Maybe it is some sort of lesbian hypnosis that makes everyone fall for these actresses. Because honestly, I have watched CC “act” for a couple of decades now and NEVER did I think much of her abilities. I never liked Carly and only thought she was maybe competent as Olivia because the character was Supposed to be unlikable and I didn’t like her. Suddenly and VERY suddenly, she is like the best actress EVER! As far as Eden playing a lesbian, the times I watched her, I was not convinced. It was like watching that old tired “ism” that she thought she was a lesbian to stick it to her mother that I used to get accused of when I was younger about my father. Only in her case, it seemed to actually fit. Because I was not buying that she was gay.

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    [quote=babyc]Oh AlistairCrane, I know what you mean, she is so talented it makes me want to cry too. We are lucky to be able to watch her on our screen.

    You misinterpreted what I said. I weep because she’s so awful. I weep because I miss Vail Bloom as Heather so much!

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    Tsk, tsk, AlistairCrane, taking back your words. I guess I understand, it’s just too much for you, but it’s okay, I know you love ER, maybe a little too much. It doesn’t matter, you and I know the truth. ;D

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