From Wisteria Lane to a Moroccan Dungeon: Tuc Watkins Back Taping at One Life to Live!

One Life to Live fan favorite and Desperate Housewives star Tuc Watkins has resumed taping scenes as David Vickers, according to ABC Soaps in Depth.

When we last saw David Vickers (Editor’s Note: As David would tell you himself, Luke. It’s David Vickers BUCHANAN!) he’d been thrown into a Moroccan prison by Clint (Jerry verDorn). If you’ve listened to the Daytime Confidential podcast, you know I was more than a little upset that my Dorian (Robin Strasser) and David had been torn apart again. I realize it’s probably too much to hope, but I want Dorian and David back together ASAP.

No airdate has been announced.

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    Hooray!! I can’t wait for David to make his way home to Dorian and for two of them to seek revenge against Clint!! Chaos and fun (plus snark) will ensue!

    Oh, and can we please have some Destiny and David scenes?

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    Seconds on the David and Destiny scenes! But really, I really don’t want David back if he’s only going to be there for a little while; it ruins Dorian’s story to have him there for only short periods.

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    Good for Tuc that he can come and go as he pleases and for his fans as well. But I am angry that Robin Strasser’s Dorian is being held hostage to these comings and goings. I hope that his return ends the Dorian and David relationship and fans such as myself will be able to watch Dorian in fresh storyline. I am so tired of this constant replay of David comes and then David goes. I feel that I deserve better as a viewer. I can deal with David in tangential story but free Dorian and let me see her with someone else. Bring back Ray or Mel!

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    Tuc Watkins is a comical genius. Yes, the continual comings and goings are a bit frustrating, but it is better than never having him on the show at all. I understand that Dorian needs a steady, but no one is better with Dorian than David. They have such great chemistry.

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    Sorry, I am more interested in seeing Robin Strasser on my screen and Dorian has had great chemistry with every man that she has been paired with. End David and Dorian and give fans fresh material to watch! Tuc Watkins has another gig! Let him come and go. So be it, but let Dorian move on with another story and with another male co-star.

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    Mel, Herb, and Ray are my three top choices for Dorian. Hell, bring them ALL back and have them fight for her!!

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    Cool i love Tuc on OLTL And on DC! But i really don’t think him and Dorian should be back together as a couple. But i think they should pair up to take Clint down a few pegs!

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    I know I’m the only one who thinks this, but I just don’t get what the fuss is with Tuc Watkins. Yes, the man is gorgeous, and I actually like him when he’s on DH(which apparently is about every 6 or 7 eps from the way things seem to be going) but I don’t get the whole “comedic genius” tag that EVERYBODY places on him–yes, he knows how to deliver the occasional one-liners, but alot of his “acting” on OLTL just falls flat for me. And FYI, he has more chemistry with John Paul Lavoisier and Eddie Alderson than any woman on that show and that includes Robin Strasser. Once and future super-couple? Can you say David and Rex?

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    DAVID AND REX ? ICK? Why is Rex still on the show?



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    I’m so gald Tuc will be ba back! :) Even though he’s a regurlar in Deseperate Housewives, he’s only been in two scenes in two episode so far and only to interact with his ex.
    And for all thos worried that David and Dorian will get back together, they may, but I don’t think it’ll last too long. They’ve pretty much got to break David and Dorian up in time for Tuc to leave again.

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    I agree Dorian needs someone else. I am not sure how I feel about him coming back. They keep writing the same thing for David and Dorian. It is boring.

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