News Crew Follows Y&R’s Christian LeBlanc, Sharon Case and Michelle Stafford Around The Big Easy

Christian LeBlanc, who owns a home in New Orleans, showed his The Young and the Restless co-stars Michelle Stafford and Sharon Case around town, followed by the film crew from Channel 4 Eye Witness News. In the hilarious clip—which you can watch after the jump— the trio connect with Y&R fans and even though Stafford and LeBlanc were mum on storyline details, Case did reveal Sharon needed to get away and finds drama, passion and love in New Orleans. The New Orleans episodes begin airing the day before Thanksgiving, with the remaining episodes airing the week after the holiday.

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    Sharring Collins always has to “get away” to “find herself”! she did it once and picked up Cameron in a bar, then she ran way to the Abbott Cabin and had adulterous sex on the dirty floor with Nick, now I bet she goes to the town she is named for (the BIG EASY) and I bet she has sex and finds “love” with Adam! I can only hope neanderthal man see’s it and falls to pieces!

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    I can’t wait for this to air. I love New Orleans and my favorite soap is filming there which couldn’t be better. Yes Sharon you go down there and get you some passion. You deserve it girl. I only hope it’s with someone other than Nick and even if it’s someone new that’s okay you got some catching up to do to Phyllis. She’s been with Deacon and Jack since you been with anyone.

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