Lindsay Hartley “Digs” Her All My Children Entry Storyline

All My Children
star Lindsay Hartley opened up to TV Guide’s Michael Logan on what delivers her character Cara to Pine Valley.

TV Guide Magazine: What brings her to Pine Valley?

Hartley: She shows up to try to convince Jake to return to Doctors Without Borders and the problems start. I can’t say what’s really going on in her life but I think it’s incredibly creative and well thought out. I really dig it! And Griffin [the new character played by Jordi Vilasuso] is heavily involved as well.

To find out about  Hartley departure from Days of Our Lives click here

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    Very interesting comments in the TV Guide interview, i.e., that she will give Cara a lesbian vibe and that Jake thinks Cara ran off with another guy, but that there is more to the story. I forget what mag had Kreizman note that they can’t just bring in a lesbian for Bianca because it’s too predictable. I’m paraphrasing.

    Could Cara be a Bianca love interest? I may have to tune in. I only watched a bit of Bianca, but the actress seems like a poor man’s Jayma Mays from Glee. She doesn’t have any fire. She just seems like wallpaper and that does not do for La Kane’s daughter.

  2. Profile photo of troymcclure

    soapybitch, I think you are reading waaay to much into the lesbian comment. It was clearly Michael and LH kidding and nothing to do with the actual storyline.
    Cara Finn is brought on as a spoiler for Jamanda.

    I can’t wait to see Lindsey Hartley on AMC.

  3. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Lindsay is so humble and nice, it’s impossible not to like her. She truly deserves nothing but the best, and I just hope that AMC doesn’t mishandle her the way that DAYS did.

  4. Profile photo of rozzberry

    DOOL absolutely wasted her, then again they do that with almost anyone. None the less, I really would’ve liked to have seen things progress between Ari & EJ.

    Who knows what will happen with AMC, but I’d say she’s got far better chance there,especially if she doesn’t get sucked into Ryan’s orbit like my poor Greens & 1/2 the female residents of PV.

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    I miss Theresa! I thought it was Lindsay I loved, but I guess it’s just Theresa. Couldn’t stand Arianna, and this Cara character doesn’t sound interesting enough to get me to watch AMC (although a Cara/Erica [Liza Huber/Gwen’s mother!!] showdown could be epic).

  6. Profile photo of VivalaDaytime

    Love this interview…she’s so modest and professional and has handled her “exit” from DOOL with such grace. It’s funny because since her “firing” she’s been gaining more momentum in the media…she’s about to blow up!! : )

  7. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    You just can’t put a good actress in a throw away role and expect it to work out. The writers didn’t have a well drawn character to play with. Was she good was she bad? What personality traits did she have? She loved this one she loved that one. It just didn’t work. And it wasn’t her fault because she did some good stuff. I think maybe the show missed the boat because she and EJ were picking up some steam but they insisted on continuing with the EJ Sami story even though that story has crashed and burned. This show is in a corner with this story. Either EJ or Sami is gonna lose big. And there is no way they should be able to repair their situation any time soon. I say work your way out of this corner somehow and send each of them off to different stories. A nice Dimera gothic romance could be in store for EJ. Maybe find a youngish innocent woman who he falls for then takes her home to the nightmare that is the Dimeras. Sounds like fun.

  8. Profile photo of PassionsET08

    I am ready to see her on AMC, but worried that the show will not make the character interesting, fun, or exciting enough. What if she is just a boring, serious doctor? I might cry!

  9. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I *really* hope she’s not just being brought in as a spoiler for Jamanda. I *love* her as an actress and want her to stick around for a long time. Maybe she’ll be in a triangle with Kendall over this new doctor? I’d love to see her in a storyline with Bianca, but I don’t really think that’s where the show is going, lol.

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