RUMOR REPORT: Laura Stone on Her Way OUT at The Young and the Restless?

Rumblings persist that Meggie (Sean Young) isn’t the only Genoa City villainess on her way out at The Young and the Restless. We’re hearing Laura Stone, who plays the sexy Skye Lockhart Newman, is also a goner. If this proves true, well then it sucks donkey dong. I love me some Skye and her fabulous hair! 

Additional reporting: Jillian Bowe

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    It figures…..

    Maria Bell finds a HALFWAY decent actor who is actually ENTERTAINING and the audience enjoys watching, she keeps them on until the audience starts to REALLY enjoy them and then gets rid of them…..

    Same thing happened with Wilson Bethel…..

    Maria Bell is the QUEEN of “two steps forward, ten steps back……..”

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    ok, so they are cleaning house! Maybe I will start watching at least once a week again. Something tells me that I will be disappointed again. Because isn’t Yvonne Zima (Daisy) back?

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    Buh bye Skye! Didn’t like you in 2008, don’t like you in 2010. Laura Stone is flat and emotionless. See ya!

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    Isn’t it GREAT? We get DAISY back and Sky is a goner. (rolling my eyes; shaking my head)

    I love my show, but I seriously question many, many, maaannnny moves MAB makes….

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    This makes mes ad. I love Skye, and Laura Stone has been really good in this part. I thought she was just okay in 08, although I did like her wit Engen’s Adam too, but I was not too upset when she left the first time. I see a lot of possibilities for this character. I think she could possibly do what Phyllis was never able to do despite Michelle Stafford’s best efforts, and make Nick interesting if they were paired together. Also her having Adam’s baby would be interesting too. Although wtd with Jack would not be! I don’t understand why she has to leave while Daisy/Yvonne Zima is on my screen!

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    [quote=Smitty]I will miss Skye if she leaves. I was hoping they would have her get pregnant with Satan’s spawn!(Adam’s spawn for the slow)[/quote]

    I agree. The Unholy union of Satan and Skye should have produced a baby sociopath named Chucky Newman.

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    I’m with Jamey; Laura Stone is a great actress and definitely has a way with a line. That said, while I found Skye to be highly entertaining in the early goings, the character’s kinda wore on me in the last few weeks to the point where she’s become somewhat of a screeching harpy. I would’ve loved to have seen her paired with a different leading man as I think the Adam/Skye business has run its’ course.

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    I will miss her so hope this is not true. I prefer her over Adam any day. I really wish they would team her up with Sharon and Ashley to teach Adam a lesson and put him away forever.

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    Figures they’d get rid of the one “newbie” female they’ve hired who can act, but they leave Sister Mary Monotone on. Guh! That girl couldn’t show emotion if her butt was on fire.

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