Check Out Bryton James of The Young and The Restless as Vampire Diaries’ Luka!

Bryton James isn’t waiting around to be played on the 1st and the 15th as Devon on The Young and the Restless. Instead, the Daytime Emmy winner is sinking his teeth into the bloody, new role of Luka on The CW’s hit supernatural soap opera The Vampire Diaries.

On the next Pop Confidential podcast, I gush about having been "turned" by this show, so I am even more "compelled" that James will be mixing it up with the bewitching Bonnie (Katerina Graham). Although, I have to admit, I want Bonnie to walk it like a shapeshifting dawg with Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) kid brother Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), however I can dig a Jeremy/Bonnie/Luka sandwich triangle. For a sneak peek at tonight’s Vampire Diaries head over to Zap2it!

Photo courtesy of The CW

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    Nat Guy

    Looking forward to Bryton coming on TVD. Bonnie and Luka look cute together. But Bonnie and Jeremy don’t work for me. It’s all about Jeremy and Tyler. They have more chemistry together then with any girl on the show lol.

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    You know how I hate to be nitpicky( ;) ;) ), but you refer to Bryton as a MULTIPLE Emmy winner in this article, and I thought he had only won ONE Emmy…in 2007??!! Maybe I’m missing something here??!

    If I’m wrong, I apologize in advance. Thanks.

  3. Profile photo of capwell

    multiple-nominated, I think…

    Ever since Victoria Rowell left, Y&R has failed to use this kid’s talents in a story worthy of them. That’s a crying shame.

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