The Talk’s Ratings Improve Among Women 18-34

Color me confounded as to why anyone would want to tune back into The Talk after giving it a try, but it looks like some are. The ratings race between ABC’s One Life to Live and CBS’s The Talk is getting more competitive. TV By The Numbers is reporting The Talk climbed 20 percent among women 18-34 over its premiere week and matched One Life to Live in the demo for the second week.

THE TALK, CBS’s new daytime talk show, increased by +20% among women 18-34 over premiere week and the year ago time period, according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings for the week ending Oct. 29.
Compared to “As the World Turns” during the same week last year, THE TALK was up +20% in women 18-34 (from 0.5/03). THE TALK also tied the veteran time period winner “One Life to Live” in women 18-3 for the second consecutive week.

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    I watched today’s episode and it wasn’t so bad. I think it’s getting better. They interviewed Joan Collins and Eddie Cibrian’s ex wife today and it wasn’t horrible. I think that as much as pains me to say I think this show will last at least two years, expecially if they are going to be competitive in the demos.

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    Nothing against these women, but I find this show to be an absolute atrocity!!! They ALL can (and SHOULD!) do better elsewhere. As individuals, they are all charming and talented, but they just don’t mesh well together!!!

    Plus, I am still mourning the loss of my ATWT!!!!

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    Sadly enough we all knew this was going to happen. Most TV viewers aren’t loyal, hence when shows get old and their ratings gets lower and lower we have know that networks aren’t going to pump money into a loss revenue project. For instance when American Idol’s ratings eventually gets lower and lower because viewers taste change. Fox will not continue to produce and promote the show because revenues aren’t catching up with expenses. And the same can be said for the other shows as well. Most of us viewers are not loyal and the coveted demographic that advertisers appeal to is also the most fickle.

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    It’s because that dang Sharon Osborn called some journalist a bitch I just know it! ;)

    I still don’t think they can be that happy with these numbers considering how much press it got.

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    R.I.P. Daytime Soaps. They are living on borrowed time. The beginning of the end of daytime soaps. I tired to watch OLTL, just to damn crazy, has it always been this way? When I started watching it after ATWT ended, didn’t have this crazy crap.

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    It’s because viewers now days are addicted to “real life” drama. I still think that a reality show following the behind the scenes drama of a soap opera would be entertaining. I would of loved to of been in on the conversations of Kim Zimmer, Gina Tognoni, Crystal Chappell and so on while they were filming the last years of GL. That would of been much more interesting than anything The Talk could come up with.

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    The Talk is like everything else daytime, numbers go up, numbers go down, they fluctuate week to week

    one thing though, with the talk shows, production cost is a lot less than soap production.

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    I watched this show the first day or two out of pure curiosity. Nothing about the show grabs me and makes me want to watch it again. As soon as B&B goes off I immediately change the channel. I don’t even want to hear one second of the intro. :(

    What really offends me about shows such as this is that they (the powers that be) think I care one itota about the opinons of celebrities on any subject. Celebs are certainly no smarter than the general public, they just get more attention. I couldn’t care less what they think about anything.

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