Dikki Sex on The Young and the Restless! This Time For Real!

You can take the girl outta the strip joint, but you can’t take the strip joint outta the girl! Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) gives Deacon (Sean Kanan) more than a lap dance on The Young and the Restless, when she learns Victor (Eric Braeden) married Midred Pierce Meggie (Sean Young). CBS Soaps in Depth has all the dirt for next week’s CBS soap operas, so go pick up your copy on newstands now, but before you do, peep the teaser blurb below!

After learning that Victor married Meggie, Nikki throws herself into Deacon’s arms this week on THE YOUNG& THE RESTLESS! Fortunately for Nikki, the marriage was a sham. Unfortunately for Nikki, Victor catches her and Deacon doing the deed!

Only Soaps In Depth has the exclusive story on what happens next for Genoa City’s supercouple. Will Victor be able to forgive her lack of faith in him… or is it really over for good between the pair? Plus, Thad Luckinbill (J.T.) takes a last look back on his Y&R days, and find out why THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Kim Matula (Hope) says her house could make for great reality TV. And get a jump-start on your shopping with our Holiday Gift Guide, featuring 8 pages of soap-themed gifts any daytime fan would love! All that — and more! — is in the new CBS issue of Soaps In Depth, so get your copy today!

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  1. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Wow….”Dikki” is an IRONIC nickname for this couple, especially considering that they are finally gonna get ‘busy’………LOL!!!

    I actually find myself chuckling every time I say it to myself.

  2. Profile photo of Goldgirl

    It is kind of catchy. LOL :) :-) :smile. Sooo glad she’s finally going to be leaving old mumbles behind. They just didn’t work together anymore. Hopefully now she’ll move toward someone who’ll be good to her, and for her!

  3. Profile photo of richalan67

    Alstonboy- I agree about laughing everytime I hear that nickname. It was my nickname in high school (Dickey). I couldn’t wait to get away to college and leave that one behind me!

  4. Profile photo of soapstalker

    I hope this means Y&R is making a long-term commitment to Sean Kanan. He’s one of the few actors who has chemistry with EVERYONE he comes into contact with — female and male — and I’d like to see him and Nikki (and Phyllis, Diane, and whoever) scorch up the screen indefinitely.

  5. Profile photo of

    I hope the Dikki nickname catches on. I wonder if they will progress as a couple or if Deacon’s headed off to B&B now that Meggie’s gone.

  6. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Does Nikki feel creepy for sleeping with a man her kids age? Oh well, someone has to take over for Mrs C….. I hope Deacon knows what he’s getting into. I don’t think Nikki will let him go that easily. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next!

  7. Profile photo of richalan67

    Alston- my father’s name is Richard but went by Dick and my neighbor called me “Little Dickey” when I was about 3. My mother told a friend of mine accidentally, and she simply shortened it to “Dickey”. Didn’t need “Little Dickey” to ruin my dating life :)

  8. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    Oh who cares? Now Victor will treat her like sh*t warmed over like he always has in the past, and she’ll kowtow to him like she did when David Chow supposedly was responsible for killing Sabrina, and we’ll have the same garbage over and over. They’ll get back together again because she’s too stupid to see he’s an emotional abuser. Business as usual.

  9. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    BTW, why should Nicki feel creepy for bedding someone younger? Certainly hasn’t bothered Victor….throughout his entire life! Don’t forget Sabrina and Victoria were friends.

  10. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    I didn’t realize sean kanan was that old. He holds up well! Plus he’s supposed to be alot younger than that as a character. He’s supposed to be Ambers age I think….
    Anyway I I guess the difference between Nikki feeling creepy and Victor is that Victor really is creepy….. he’s practically a child molester after that last marriage lol. To whats her name…. ya know the dead one?

  11. Profile photo of nancyvgf

    Tedew..I agree with you completely…I thought at first that Victor knew what Meggie was up too…after that phone call…then they were really making it seem like he didn’t know! I was worried for a minute! I just want to know how he faked taking the drinks without consuming the pills?

    It’s not Nikki’s fault about Deacon, she thought that Victor really married Meggie. Maybe someone should have filled her in? Now we will see Victor treat Nikkie like crap for a while, make her feel guilty..etc.

    I also thought that JT would change his mind and leave Reed with Victoria..who knows.. maybe Monday….someone will knock on Vicki’s door and little Reed will be standing there with this little suitcase.

    OR we will not see Reed for about 5 years, and when he returns he will be a troubled teen mad at the world because he didn’t have his Mom and blames it on her!


  12. Profile photo of tedew

    Not sure what his age is supposed to be as a character but Sean Kanan is only 10 years younger than Melody Thomas Scott so I guess she would be only about a half cougar. If Nikki does take up with Deacon it would serve Victor right. I do think that Decaon is developing deep feelings toward Nikki so I hope he can keep his liaison with Meggie hidden until it is too late for anyone to care.

    I guess I knew from when Victor took that phone call at home that he was playing along in the game. Even so, it was almost startling when he finally asked “what’s the hurry?”. I also did feel that Murphy was moved to keep him safe but I don’t quite get why Nikki was not informed or warned in advance considering what she could and did so easily learn from “Facepage”.

    I think I am more surprised this week that JT did actually leave with Reed. I actually thought (even though he is completely within his rights) that he would have softened and left Reed behind with Victoria.

    Of course (as we all so painfully know) the most annoying this week was Daisy and her impending spawn. The rehashing of her and that hoary plot is just so tiring. Hopefully we will be spared before too long.

  13. Profile photo of tedew

    Nancy … that is what I meant about Nikki. She should have been kept in the loop by Victor about Meggie’s game considering her current fragile state.

    And yes … maybe Reed will return quickly but the aging scenario seems a bit more likely.

  14. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    I’m surprised, too, that JT really left with Reed. Then again, it was an easy way to get rid of three actors. And really, what role does Reed have on the show, other than appearing onscreen for a few minutes then being sent to his room, like most child actors? I think Cassie was really the only child actor on this show–and Nate–who had a lot of screen time and I think it’s because those two were such good actors, even at that young age.

    What I did think was really funny was the day Victor listed all the men Nicki runs to when she’s having problems and then Nicki listed all the women Victor ran to when he had problems. It was a hoot! Those two put the “func” in dysfunctional.

  15. Profile photo of Smitty


    If my memory serves me correct Nikki slept with Cole before Victoria did. then I think Cole got involved with Victoria and so Nikki backed off from going after him.

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