GH Promo: Brenda Was Preggers and She Doesn’t Want Sonny to Know!

Brenda’s (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo) secrets are finally spilling and the latest is as juicy as it can get! Ms. Barrett was knocked up during her time with Dante (Dominic Zamprogna). This promo is so good, I think it’s best to let it speak for itself. Catch it after the jump!

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    I like it! I like that they’re not being as predictable as I previously thought with Brenda’s return. To my surprise…I think this is something I could actually get interested in…

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    This is just….Really GH???????? REALLY?????????????????
    There are no words…..It really isn’t a coincidence that GH just hit an all time low in their ratings….the show makes NO sense….I can’t believe this is their sweeps storyline…..

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    Really they made this twit a mom. Dante is the biggest hypocrite covering for this trick but sends his brother to jail for the same thing!!! sorry she has done it twice. Go get them Carly!!

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    OK so Brenda says she doesn’t want Sonny to ever find out, was the baby his??? Cause even if she and Dante slept together (she was only in town for a few weeks) I can’t picture the baby being his. There wouldn’t be enough time. Unless the promo is showing flash backs from after Dante was guarding her and she came back to town to tell him but i doubt it.

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    I’m confused. Guza stated in one of his articles that Brenda did not need the baggage of a baby. I thought I read in Perkie’s recaps, that Brenda fainted while being guarded by Dante three years ago? Is the baby the Balkan’s or his son? Maybe Ric is the Balkan?

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    Liason I totally agree – I think the baby will be the balkans grandson and thats why they kept asking her where and why the dont just kill her. She killed the baby’s father and then dante fell in love with her but she had to go off to have the baby in secret.

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    To be honest, I’m not the least bit shocked by this storyline. What I don’t understand is everything else. If she was carrying Dante’s baby, I thought it interesting if only because it would make Sonny look foolish and prove even more that Dante is indeed a hypocrite and his character was ruined for this storyline, not that I was much a fan of his ayway. But if she was carrying the Balkan’s grandson, then wow, I could care even less and completely understand the ratings tumble. I guess I’ll just have to see how it all plays out, if I can take it. Anything remotely intriguing is always either ruined or played out for much too long.

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    On its own merits, this does not look like a bad story as far as soaps are concerned. Like Carly said a long lost son having a past relationship with the love of his new found father’s life could be good drama. If they had focused on this and NOT all the Rome for a month and silly Balkan crap, and not made Brenda so stupid and annoying, I could enjoy this story. BUT, since I and a lot of other loyal and long time viewers have been so beaten down by the crappy writing, the character assassinations, and just overall terribleness of this show over the past 8+ months I just can’t get into it. I am not willing to give it the benefit of a doubt, or the slight suspension of logic, morality, and reality that sometimes accompanies enjoying soaps.

    So Dante was “in love’ with Brenda and covered up a justifiable homicide for her-well that sucks if you are a Dante fan. Or are like me a former huge fan, who’s love for the character is suffering death by a thousand little cuts EVERYDAY. Everytime he lies for Sonny, gives him the benefit of a doubt, does/says something unnecessarily holier than thou or otherwise does something to compromise being the charismatic upstanding good guy that he was before his paternity was revealed as well as the fact of his gross overexposure and the way Lulu is written to look like an idiot drone with no life outside of him; I lose a little more respect for the character. With this, he becomes a liar-he has told Lulu she is the 2st and only girl he ever loved, so that is pretty effed up. And as far as the Michael coverrup, I never blamed him much because I thought he was an honest cop trying to do the right thing for his “brother” and the law; but now, since he has been willing to coverup NON-crimes in the past, then he looks like one of the worst hypocrites since Carly Corinthos Jacks! And I lessen my defense of him in regards to Michael going to jail, although is still blame Carly/Jason/Sonny 90% but that is down from 99%.

    Brenda has been the most annoying and simultaneously boring and infuriating characters in all of daytime since her return. This secret is big, but the way she has been acting, the risks shes been willing to take, not telling Jason the truth, the whining, the screaming, etc., it has mad me hate her. I don’t kow her from the 90’s, I just remember her 02 stint, and being a HUGE Skye fan, I have resented her since then, but I was willing to give her a chance for the sake of the show and not wanting to go against the alleged masses who think she is the best thing ever on daytime. Her being okay with Sonny trying to blow up Johnny was the final nail in the coffin for me liking this character. I know that she is being written horribly and is not a true representation of the Brenda from the 90’s, and I empathize with her fans, but what is on my screen now, is an awful character that I hate and feel no compassion for. Because of that, I have no real interest in her seemingly self induced problems.

    As far as Sonny is concerned, I HATE him, so any story involving him starts with two strikes. Especially if it is made to make him look like a victim or the “betrayed” party. As weird and awkward as it may be, his ex dating a son he never knew about is no offense to him, and not such a big deal that they would need to be so unwilling to tell the truth about it. His reaction to all of this is probably what I look forward to the least!

    As far as Carly goes, As down on Dante as I am, I am still not rooting for her. her vendetta against Lante is still fundamentally flawed in my view, and it is her not taking responsibility for the life she exposed Michael to. I have a soft spot for her ONLY because I love LW and SJB (TB was okay). I hate or disagree with 95% of what she does and says, so her running around town “exposing” other people who have done no where near the damage that she has, is a bit hard to take sometimes. But, her part in this is the least week of the story.

    I sort of feel bad for Lulu, but because of the way the character has been written while in the pairing (post shooting), it is more my love of JMB that makes me feel bad for her than what is actually happening on the screen. I hate that everything that Carly and the idiot Spinelli have been saying about Dante is being made true, when a few months ago it wasn’t, which makes her look like an fool.

    Jason I don’t hate, I’m just indifferent to. I think he treats Sam like crap, but since I don’t like her at all, then that doesn’t stir much emotion in me. His blind loyalty to Sonny is annoying but since I no longer hope for/care if he remembers being a Quartermaine and the fact that there are times when he puts others above Sonny, that also doesn’t stir too much in me. I don’t like him at all, but I don’t care enough to actively hate him.

    Having said all of that, a story with all those characters where I have NO ONW to root for, and the buildup to has been God awful, it is hard to even pretend to look forward to this story.

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    EET, I agree with you, this is not Dante’s baby this is probably the Balkan’s grandson … Too bad I would have loved Sonny being Brenda’s child grandpa.

    At least there is no doubt anymore that Dante was in love with Brenda … so in love that he was ready to raise another’s man child with her ? Are you kidding me ?

    However it shows what a jerk and a huge liar Dante is as I don’t remember Lulu forcing him and begging him to say that she was his first love and that he had never said ILY to any other woman before …
    Dante knows that he is not Lulu first love (but that Johnny is) so what was the point of lying to Lulu at the time ? Did he do that just because lying is like a second nature to him ?

    I so hope that Loo Loo is gonna get her brain back and send the bastard to hell. And this Lante nightmare will be O-VER ! At last !

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    arielade, Jerry Jacks has been as close to confirmed to not be the Balkan as they possibly can. He is reportedly going to be involved somehow in the Balkan story, but he himself is not the Balkan.

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    When is Vanessa Marcil leaving. i feel like she’s been on my screen for a decade and it only been about 3 months. Guza writes her as the “all mighty god”. When she is beyond annoying, She’s part of EVERY STORYLINE and she is ruining my Lante.

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    When is Vanessa Marcil leaving. i feel like she’s been on my screen for a decade and it only been about 3 months. Guza writes her as the “all mighty god”. When she is beyond annoying, She’s part of EVERY STORYLINE and she is ruining my Lante.

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    When is Vanessa Marcil leaving. i feel like she’s been on my screen for a decade and it only been about 3 months. Guza writes her as the “all mighty god”. When she is beyond annoying, She’s part of EVERY STORYLINE and she is ruining my Lante.

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    qeeerm, I sooooo hope that Vanessa Marcil is going to ruin Lante !
    That this horrible boring and forced couple will be over for good because if Loo Loo forgives that professional liar, she is really unredeemable …

    As much as Brenda is being ruined lately by condoning Sonny’s actions for example she still have more brain and spine than stupid Lulu and still is more enjoyable to watch than Mrs “Dante is perfect / Dante is great”.

    And you don’t seem to like that Brenda is “part of every storyline” but Dante has been part of every storyline possible for MONTHS !!! he is the airhog, and even since VM came back, DZ is still ahead of anybody else at GH.
    14MONTHS IN A ROW THAT DZ HAS BEEN NUMBER 1 IN EPISODE COUNTS ! For a “newbie”. Unbelievable. No wonder so many people can’t stand the guy anymore …

    And BTW, Vanessa has signed a 2 year contract …

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    I’m sorry, but when Dante told Brenda he loved her, I just burst out laughing if only because it just goes to show why I never liked his character in the first place, and how for those who DID like/love him, he was just ruined even further with those three little words. He sent his own brother to jail for murdering a woman who organized a hit that would get his father killed, which ini turn put him in a coma for a year, but he covers up a crime for a woman he had only known for A FEW WEEKS then hit the sheets with her!!!!???? What the flippin eff is that shiz? It makes NO SENSE! Not to mention, did he or did he not claim that LuLu was the love of his life or whatever, now, he was so in wuv wif Brenda and was ready to raise SOMEBODY’s child with her? Gag.

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    aramis270 I agree with you, i hope Brenda ruins Lante. Lulu use to be one of my favorite female characters (on any soap) but since she and Dante got really close she has been so boring. And I loved Dante when he first came to town and even when he and Lulu first got together but then it just started getting painful to watch. I’m just recently starting to like him more and that’s mainly because he is finally having (most) scenes with other people.

    I hope Lante break up. I don’t no who I think they should each be with next but I wouldn’t mind seeing Lulu and Johnny have something again. As long as she doesn’t start pulling the whole “you need to leave the mob now” stuff. It would be funny to see Lulu do a complete 180 and switch (back) to a guy on the other side of the law.

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    Just wondering who do you actually like/watch on the show????

    You seem to dislike (somewhat) Carly, Brenda, Sam, Jason, Sonny, Dante, Lulu, and Spinelli. I can’t figure out how someone can watch GH everyday and not like any of these people. Esp now since at least one of them is in like every other scene. lol

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    Just wondering who do you actually like/watch on the show????

    You seem to dislike (somewhat) Carly, Brenda, Sam, Jason, Sonny, Dante, Lulu, and Spinelli. I can’t figure out how someone can watch GH everyday and not like any of these people. Esp now since at least one of them is in like every other scene. lol

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    lttlangel420, :beer:

    Regarding Johnny and Lulu, I loved JoLu at the beginning (before she killed Logan then it soon became a nightmare) because at that time Lulu was arguing with Johnny, was not supporting everything he said and did and had some backbone. She was feisty and fun at the time (loved the rum scene when she was drunk in the catacombs).

    Now I can’t stand the girl. I can’t stand that even though she always came crying to Carly who has always behaved like a second mother to Lulu, she betrayed her without blinking one sec, same with Jason who saved her life at least three times, same with Sonny who was there for her so many times when Luke was nowhere to be found (and I hate Sonny …).

    I can’t stand that she never has an opinion anymore except “Dante is perfect”, “Dante is great” and “I love Dante” … that she has become so patronizing and obnoxious like her beloved one.
    And I have always found Lante so forced and never natural on screen (especially during their tacky love scenes which seemed so rehearsed and choreographied).

    JoLu revisited ? I have seen a lot of posts lately asking for it on several boards …
    I want Jolivia to end and FOR GOOD this time. I don’t think Lisa/Johnny has a lot of potential considering how crazy in love with Patrick the chick is.
    JoMax was always too self destructive to me but I love their friendship….
    My first choice would be Brook/Johnny or Carly/Johnny (because they are smoking hot each time they share a scene) but JoLu ? why not as long as Lulu stops pretending to be this perfect girl and as you said don’t start trying to change Johnny.
    If we get the Old Lulu back who had no problem with the mob and was a kind of bad girl why not … But she is so far away from that right now … so boring, so “not Spencer” …
    At least JoLu had some very good chemistry and at a time Lulu was wearing the ugliest outfits ever so it should even be better with her new wardrobe.
    So why not ? As long as it means the end of Lante and Jolivia … ;)

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    More stuff to fast forward through. Brenda’s return has been a complete and utter bomb, with the exception of throwing the Q family a bone for two seconds…

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    lttlangel420, I think you have highlighted a large part of my problem with the show right now. I don’t like those characters you named and they are 90% of the show. I like Helena, Tracy, Luke, Alexis, Johnny, Ethan, Edward, Monica, Jax, Lucky, Morgan, Molly, Dianne, Kate, Matt, Maxie, Patrick, Steven(when he is not being an idiot about Lisa), Crazy Lisa, and Lulu(when she is with her family). All of these characters are either never on, there just to prop up one of the characters I don’t like, or their stories are given throwaway scenes.

    I still watch, because I am stubborn and have simply not stopped watching. I inch closer to not watching everyday. I don’t like how I feel about this show, because it used to be my favorite. I would rush home in after high school so I would only miss the first 15 minutes. My senior year I was student body vice president, and I was in charge of running meetings of our school house of representatives, and we met once a week. I would always schedule them at 5 instead of right after school ended so I wouldn’t have to miss GH. In college, I scheduled my classes so I would not have one at 3 for 4 straight years! I did all this even though I had tivo and eventually Soapnet, but that is how much I loved this show. So that I am seriously considering not watching this show is a big deal, at least to me. I still watch because I want it to be good again, but it is not happening, and that makes me upset, so I come to DC to write long post about my displeasure with Guza and co.

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    Alstonboy, you can probably take some of us around the world the way they’ve been saying Brenda.

    As for the spoiler, oh boy, I read it on other soap sites and was hoping it wasn’t true, Sonny a grandfather, oh brother. I don’t think I can take this one.

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    Alstonboy, I’ve always wanted to go to London, Paris, Singapore, Bangkok, and Australia, among so many others, hey if it’s on Guza and Frons, let’s really go wild.

    :) :love: :love: :beer:

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    I know the timing is off, but is there anyway the baby could have been Jax’s. I remember he went to Paris to go see her a few years back. I had hoped that Brenda would have returned to town a strong confident 40year old woman, but this story is just to much to take and not doing anyone any favors. I heard it on the DC podcast for this week , but when Brenda left back in ’03 it was after Jax dumped her. The longing for Sonny is just to much and her ties to Dante (who now has ties to everyone who returns to the show, if Anna comes back I’m sure we will learn that they were on some secret mission together). I need the crying to stop though, because it is wasting the limited time that the show has with VM. Major fail on this story Guza, and sans the Franco mess, he had been on a roll since last years Carnival! Oh well!

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    So Dante lied to Lulu … What a shocker !

    This guy has been behaving with my girl Lulu like a total jerk since the beginning, never caring about what dragging her more and more into his web of lies would do to her, doing emotional blackmail so that she would keep his secret, making her believe he was that great guy who never loved any girl before and NEVER SAID ILY to another woman before!

    What a total moron! So now we discover he said ILY to Brenda and was ready to raise her baby with her ??? A baby who is logically not his ? Wow… If it wasn’t love, what was it ? And the guy was supposedly 27 years old at the time so he must have known what he was doing.

    I also find delight on another huge proof of what an hypocrite he is as he had to throw his brother under the bus for “ethical” reasons but didn’t do it for Brenda. He had no problem lecturing Sonny, Jason and Carly about how wrong it was to cover Claudia’s murder but at the same time he did it AS A COP for an almost total stranger when Michael is his own brother …

    I am starting to hope AT LAST.
    Hope that when Lulu will discover what a liar Dante is, she will send him to hell for good.
    Hope that she will get her inner Spencer back and will apologize to Carly for having betrayed her for somebody who was never worth it
    Hope that it will redeem her and that people will see what an amazing character Lulu is and the Lulu hate will stop now that she will have sent Dumbte the Liar to hell …

    As far as the posters saying that they would like to see JoLu get a second chance, I would have never thought I would jump one day on the JoLu train again but at least they had huge chemistry and at least Lulu had some personnality at the time, she wasn’t a Mrs Righteous just to please her man, she was challenging him, she was feisty!
    And Johnny kissed Maxie because he thought Lulu would dump him the moment she would learn that Claudia was behind Michael’s shooting and that he had known all along. He wanted to spare her the heartache. He was wrong to lie to her about that but as he said several times that was not his secret to tell …

    I have seen many posts on many different boards about JoLu lately and after this “new promo” count me now fully on board as Johnny would still be much better that Mr Obnoxious himself, professional liar and total moron.

    Since she has been paired with that jackass, Lulu has become a ghost and as a die hard Lulu fan I hate that she cannot have an opinion except that Dante is perfect and is always right and that she is going to look like a total fool.


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    I totally agree – I think the baby will be the balkan’s grandson and that she did not sleep with Dante.

    If Guza is not totally stupid, and this is a big IF, he will not have Brenda sleep with father and son. It is a big no no for a lot of people.

    This GH is so crappy, must be because I stop watching for 2 year and now I am not mesmerize and used to by all this crapola.

    As for Lulu, Dante’s past is his not hers. Either he wants to share it with her, either he does not, it is his!

    WTH is wrong with these people wanting to possess everything, even their past!

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    I am sorry but I could ask you what is “wrong” with people finding it OK that their boy friend / husband is lying to them ? Because there is a difference between not saying anything about your past (anybody is entitled a secret garden !) and LYING about it when nobody forced you to do so.

    There are so many things wrong with Dante that I will not start listing them again (as I have already done that many times already on that board)but regarding Loo Loo (that I cannot stand), the problem is that he told her many times that he cannot hide anything from her (reason he used to rat out Lucky being undercover, because he could not hide anything from her), told her many times that she was the only woman that mattered to her and that he has never said ILY to anyone else.

    This isn’t “not wanting to share his past” with her. This is lying to her and this is having a double standard, that truth is good for Lulu to tell, for Sason to tell, to Michael to tell but NOT FOR HIM.

    Who forced him to say those words to Lulu ? Nobody. He could have said that he was in love with girls in his past (you would think so at 30 years old !). Lulu has a past with Johnny. Don’t think she would have blinked … But he LIED again and again and again …
    But he is Sonny’s son so why should I be surprised.

    And personnally I so hope that TPTB are going to a Sonny/Brenda/Dante triangle … Let’s have fun and let’s watch those two egomaniacs fight over the same woman … It is one of the rare things that I look forward to on this show (and I hope Sonny will lose and won’t get the girl for once) … And I am campiagning for it !

    You said Dante sleeping with Brenda is a “big no” for a lot of people ? If you visited this board as well as DD, SOC and SZ you will realize that it is a also “big yes” for a lot of people who don’t want Sonny to be cleared of everything and also get the girl in the end.

    Guza has ruined Sonny and made him a character that most viewers despise right now. He has to own it and understand that this is the reason people don’t want Sonny and Brenda to be reunited in the end. Bringing Dante in the equation is one of the only interesting use of having made Dante Sonny’s son …

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    Aramis and so many others :beer: :love:

    I am a die hard Lulu fan even if it is tougher and tougher to remain one as poor Lulu has been so ruined since she has been paired with Dumbte… So much hate for poor Lulu since then!

    I of course agree that Dante is a total lying jerk.
    He has NEVER put Lulu first, he has never wondered what he had to sacrifice in this relationship (let me think … NOTHING) and what Lulu had to sacrifice (her relationship with Carly, who had be like a second mother to her, to Jason, who saved her life so many times, to Sonny, who was there for her when she was wondering about having an abortion and Luke had vanished in the air, who was there for her when Scott Baldwin was bullying her at Shaddy Brook, her friendship with Spinelli …).
    She has lost all edge since she is with him and has become the perfect little wife and parrot repeating again and again how great Dante is and NEVER questioning any of his actions.

    She has NEVER asked from him any statement like she was the only one he ever loved. NEVER. He delivered it without her asking for such a statement.
    Lulu’s first love is Johnny (was so happy in the recent SOC poll, 85% of the voters said that Johnny was Lulu first love not Dante). Dante knows that. Dante is older than Lulu. So what was the point about being elliptic and not telling her the truth ? That he had been in love once ? I don’t think Lulu would have been shocked or jealous as she also had a past love and he still lives and PC and is Dante’s mother’s man !

    I don’t really care if Dante slept with Brenda or not. He was ready to raise a baby with her … A BABY ! Which is a long life commitment. For a woman he barely knew.
    And he let Lulu believe she was the first one for him ??? LIAR LIAR LIAR !!!

    So sorry Timepass, but we are not speaking of someone chosing to keep some things of his past hidden. We are speaking of someone who ON PURPOSE lied to Lulu when she was not asking anything of the sort from him.

    This guy is despicable and I so hope that he will be paired with Brenda (at least the dad and son fighting for the same woman would be really soapy especially considering the relationship between Sonny and his Mini-Me so I am all for a Sonny/Brenda and Dante triangle).
    Go for it Guza, at least that will make us something to watch instead of this lame and stupid Balkan thing (as if we needed a new big mobster in town !).

    FREE LULU from that obnoxious liar.

    And I will join the Lulu fans who are now asking for Johnny and Lulu to be given a second shot as (as Alexroche wrote it above, Alex and lttlangel PM me girls BTW ?) Johnny never thought himself good enough for Lulu when Dante always behaves as if he is better than her (and anybody else) and takes her for granted.
    Lulu deserves to get back her self confidence ! She has forgotten what being a Spencer means and it is so sad !


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