Slater Slaughtered: Is All My Children Killing Off Another Popular Lead?!

It’s been a little over a year since All My Children killed off David Canary’s Stuart Chandler, the grave of Vincent Irizarry’s David Hayward isn’t even cold and now we find out—thanks to Soap Opera Digest—the show plans to kill off Thorsten Kaye’s Zach Slater.

Now I’ve never been a big fan of Zach, but in light of this latest news I would be more than a little worried if I were an AMC leading man. What will these people think up of next, killing off Tad (Michael E. Knight), Jackson (Walt Willey), JR (Jacob Young), Jesse (Darnell Williams) or Ryan Lavery (Cameron Mathison)? Beef up those life insurance policies guys, three to six months from now you could be next!

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    Except David isn’t dead! He’ll be back Nov 22, when David’s “killer” confesses all in court after the verdict comes in! I can’t wait. AMC has been a cold, dead place since VI’s been gone. Welcome home, Dr. Delicious! :)

    TK wouldn’t return on contract, so TPTB had little choice IMO.

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    I’m sorry but WHAT! I refuse to watch an AMC were Ryan Lavery walks around alive and well but Zach Slater is dead. They better make it an ambiguous death. None of this showing him dead at the morgue crap that they have done to David.

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    Thank God and Good riddance and I pray he doesn’t show up on OLTL. I cannot stand this character and never could.

    And Leothecat I hope you are right.

    We all know David is alive and I hope its him on Nov 22.

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    Hey Leothecat- where did you hear about Vincent returning – that is music to my ears. BUT you see what I mean, Killing off another loved character. I know Thorsten was on the fence about moving, but why kill him. Thats where soaps get into serious problems.

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    I hope VI is returning but another murder?? UGGH. I love my Zendall but I dont think the could continue to write him in and out with any logic. I was hoping they would fire SH from OLTL and that would free them both to move to LA. OLTL doesnt need Marty, but AMC sure needs Zach.

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    “Hey Leothecat- where did you hear about Vincent returning – that is music to my ears. BUT you see what I mean, Killing off another loved character. I know Thorsten was on the fence about moving, but why kill him. Thats where soaps get into serious problems.”

    SOD scoops a “major character” will walk into the courtroom Nov 19 after the verdict is read to give a real confession to the murder, a huge sweeps story that will be exciting and startling and have ongoing repercussions. With the prez preemption, that brings us to Nov 22. After seeing David set up Ryan so neatly for his murder–vial, paid-off witness, cellphone search–and the autopsy that took place off screen that disappeared the body within minutes, and after seeing DK recently tease in mag interviews that things may not be what they seem re David’s death and that there will be many twists and turns, not to mention the off-screen controversy about David being dead-dead, I think his return is all but scooped by name.

    There were a few ways to remove TK from the canvas and allow Kendall to move on. A presumed death was one. Personally, I think a noble divorce would’ve worked better, Zach leaving under duress to protect his family from the bad guys and going under cover. IA death has been used so often it means little now, basically just another plot point.

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    David better be alive. I’ve been counting on it. Idk, this SL has been fishy from the beginning imo for him to truly be gone.

    As for Zach, unfortunately considering DK is one of the head writers I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if he killed Zach off. DK’s typically pretty clueless about writing characters out w/o killing them off or faking their death. I pray he doesn’t lead to AMC being cancelled like he & EW did over at GL.

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    Well they might as well slaughter me as well, because killing Zach will absolutely destroy me. I’m heartbroken. No reason on earth for me to watch this hot mess after he leaves- what a dirty trick.

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    TK is not going to move to LA and he’s not willing to go on contract with AMC anymore. It’s hard to watch him on AMC these days because you just know it won’t be for long. I’m glad Zach is getting killed off because this means Kendall can finally move on and stop waiting around for him. It would be a miracle if TK stayed on the show with a contract, but it’s just not happening so I’m glad AMC made this decision.

    Kendall should grieve over this for a long time and then the show should just go on from there….I am really fearing what Kreizman and Swajeski might do though, because they are already pimping to SOD about Kendall and Jordi Vilasuso’s new character, Griffin, being a couple in the future. I’m looking forward to them but I really hope the writers don’t rush this.

    I have no doubt David will be back in a few weeks. No doubt about it…I think it’s painfully obvious whats to come next!!

    We do need more leading men. I wish they’d bring back Leo, and cast Greg Vaughan in the role. Bring back Sam Page as Trey Kenyon. Bring Aiden Turner back as Aidan Devane…

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    Soaps constantly rush new couples. There is no “mourning process”. It creeps me out how a character will lose their spouse/lover and only weeks later will be with an entirely new partner. So unrealistic!

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    Soap writers have become soooo lazy. They seem to think that the quickest and easiest way to get people to watch their shows is to start killing off core characters. There are soooooooooooooooo many other ways to make an audience want to watch your show.

    And even when they do “kill off” a core character, 99.9999999% of the time they end up bringing the character back six months later.

    Surprise, XYZ wasn’t dead in the first place. Aren’t you shocked by this plot twist??


    :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp

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    Kansas Bubbles

    David Canary retired. Hard to believe he’s in his 80’s! And since he played both Adam and Stuart, they both had to leave one way or another.

    I know that Vincent was up in the air about moving to the west coast since his kids were still in school on the east coast. I don’t think David’s really dead. I think he took a long vacation like Erica did. David couldn’t do a blog thing like Erica did.

    Thorston didn’t want to move to the west coast because his partner Susan’s on OLTL on the east coast and they both have kids. You can’t blame him for not wanting to do the bi-coastal thing. The deal with Zack living on a boat? What a stupid storyline…but they had to do something with Alicia being on maternity leave… so I take it that the “so called stalker” will take Zack out.

    The huge issue I have about actors leaving wanting to try “the big world” and the writers too eager to kill the character off…the actor comes back with their tail between their legs and then the writers have to come up with some cock-a-may-me stupid storyline as to how they really didn’t die. Half of the current characters have had this happen to them…Jesse, Tad, Ryan and Greenlee so far.

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    All I ask for is an ambiguous death. Not a Gillian death were they give away his heart and you actually see the character dead I hate when soaps decide to do that. It’s the main reason why they cant bring back any of the Q’s on GH Emily was dead for hours and Alan died naturally.

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    Quite literally the best news I have heard on the AMC front in years. I know Kaye’s not a player on the canvas any more, but I certainly wouldn’t mind some sort of insurance policy that would ensure he wouldn’t return to eat the show like he did when they filmed in New York.

    I know that it doesn’t mean much, since it’s a soap, but leave me my denial.

    What I want to know is… how’s Whoopi taking this?

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    Really AMC needs a leading man with a power. Who do you have JR really that little Adam want to be and crazy Annie yeah they’re a couple to root for. Here is my predication AJ turns into his father and becomes a drunk and Emma goes crazy and stalks Miranda

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    Well, this shouldn’t be surprise because TK has hesitated for months about moving to LA, yes he could’ve traveled back and forth, like some others have, but doing that especially for a long period of time can be stessful. Plus I think he has wanted to move on for a while anyway.

    AMC does need a new lead male character though. I wish TK the best and I would be all for him coming back to OLTL.

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    Please do not bring back David….. I will be glad when this trail is over so we all put David to rest!
    I just could not take another dose of evil David…enough already!
    For me the character was written into no return…what else could David possible do…please let him stay dead!

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    Thought I read somewhere that Zach is in a plane crash and…surprise!!!! There is no body found!!!! Dun dun dunnnnn!

    I really hope David comes back but I also hope they can write something worthy of the man’s talents.

    Rylee (again, show?? wtf?)will continue to be FF material for me.

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    I haven’t really been a fan of Zach for awhile, but considering the show’s lost so many people that are integral to the show lately, I don’t want Zach to die. I assumed that Zach was going to leave her and file for divorce. But no, he has to be killed off! Real creativity, writers!

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    Oh good, another great decision by TIIC @ AMC. Kill off David (or not), shove Rylee down our throats and now kill off the only other interesting character on the canvas in Zach. Lord knows we could use some more scenes of Kendall crying her eyes out. ;) There are only 2 possible bright lights to this travesty: 1, that TK be picked up by OLTL as either Patrick or one of the other Thornhart brothers (paging PC’s Dr. Ian to Llanview Hospital, Stat!) and 2, maybe this will FINALLY land AM that much-deserved Emmy.

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    Shocked .. not. I saw this coming as soon as he said he wasnt moving to LA .. and then there was the interview Lish gave where she talked about how Kendall could be on her own and it would be good … given Kendall proclivity for grief sex …

    And David coming back … what a bore …. hoping he goes to jail for wasting everyone’s time with this stupid trial… but he wont, he’ll buy the PV Justice System the way he bought the hospital and apparently another lab tech or two

    Kill off Zach w/o a body in the hope TK will eventually return or find someone to recast in the part

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    I only recently started watching around the Time David was killed.(I remember watching Him from before,and think He may be returning, maybe less sinister)?
    I use to watch it back in the Days Past,when there was plenty of colorful people.

    I never saw this Zach Character on the show, till recently (I understand He is Popular)
    I think because He was Popular and Didnt want to move with the Show to L.A.,That, they had little option but to kill Him off, But leave Hope to bring Him Back (In case The Actor might re-consider in the Future)Like Maybe they should have done with Jenny Gardner?

    If He does come back, Maybe they will use the Storyline that He had to fake His Death,Parachute to safety because someone was after Him. In order to not put His family at Risk, and as Much as it Hurt Him to Be away, He saw no other way to keep Her Safe?

    It would be nice to see some of the Past Courtlands return to challenge Caleb for control of Courtlandt Electronics- Could be Interesting?

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