BREAKING NEWS: Ted King IN at One Life to Live!

Shut yo mouth! Entertainment Weekly is reporting former General Hospital alum Ted King is heading to One Life To Live! King will play opposite Kassie DePaiva. Said King:
We’re creating this together,” King told EW exclusively. “It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up on. When I was originally hired (for GH), it was for a short period of time. I had every attention of going back to primetime. But during that time, I really enjoyed myself with the role – a lot more than I thought.”

King will head to Llanview on Jan. 21.

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    Guza and MAB are probably seeing red right now because this broke in the “mainstream” press. This makes me happy. Next to Billy Warlock and Ric Hearst, he is my favorite GH castoff. It looks like Ron C. and co. are planning to keep up the awesomeness into the new year. I eagerly await his arrival. This is a well deserved in your face to Guza, but I will not get into my anger over how Lorenzo and Ted King were treated there, and enjoy the good news.

  2. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    Thats It! OLTL is officially the best soap on TV! They have been on fire with some of the best casting lately and storylines.

    I hope they are teaching the other two ABC soaps that being the “black sheep” isnt so bad!

  3. Profile photo of gush900

    Im glad he’s back i was a fan of his since his loving days.I think frons should’ve offered him a role on amc.I would’ve loved him opposite Alicia Minshew

  4. Profile photo of crafty23

    I’m glad he’s coming back to daytime, and on one of the hottest shows to boot! GH wasted him and TK w/KD’s Blair? I’m all in! It’s the best news I’ve heard all day. :bigsmile:

  5. Profile photo of giogio

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – I LOVE HIM – Oh My Godness. That One Life to Live is battling it out – that is the best news I have heard since he was killed off GH – Welcome Ted – do your thing!!!!!

  6. Profile photo of mrsa1107

    This is awesome news for ABC & OLTL!!!
    I think its sad that AMC didnt grab him to fill th evoid left by TK.

    I think this is awesome for OLTL– I think Kassie & Ted would sizzle. Ted would even work well with Susan, Robin S, Gina T, Melissa A, Bree, Florenzia, and Terri C
    A leading man in this age group is something OLTL has been lacking— besides John & Todd– OLTL is lacking men in their lat 30s to late 40s. I would like to see Blair & Marty in a triangle with Ted Kings character- and NOT Todd

    Who will Ted be playing???????? A new role or a recast??
    Could he be playing one of his other ABC roles on OLTL– like Danny or Lorenzo?

  7. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    This is news has caused me to make a very important decision in my life…

    GH…the trial separation is over…I want a D-I-V-O-R-C-E.

    Ted King is BACK! They treated him like dog-doodie at GH…OLTL writers aren’t IDIOTS…I CANNOT WAIT to see what they have in store for this man. He and the OLTL writers will make the Sonny & Jason Happy Hour look like the whacked-out hack job it is. I’m too excited!!

    Yay!! Yay!! Yay!!

  8. Profile photo of WickedThoughts

    I hate Marty….She’s such an annoying and boring character. Now that her equally annoying son is off to sing sing she needs to go too…..But double YAY that Ted King will be gracing our screens….I hope they make him a good guy and not another psycho…I want someone hot for Blair but I really want to see her happy again.

  9. Profile photo of BizzieBee

    Oh lord in heaven, why do I feel all my CarLo naughty-hot chem in full effect all of a sudden? I miss Tamara Braun and Ted King’s inconvenient (for Maurice Benard, at least) chemstry. Those were some good times!!! Ah well, I wish him and OLTL the best.

  10. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    Excellent news!! Love Ted King and love Kassie (Blair) and this pairing should be HOT!!! Please let him not be a psycho. Blair needs a chance to be happy for a change!

    Stay away from Marty! She needs her medical license revoked and to be fired as soon as possible!!! Maybe she can move to whatever city her son’s prison is in so we don’t have to see her anymore!

  11. Profile photo of miamibeachguy

    This is AWESOME news! OLTL is such an excellent show now. I hope its ratings go up and up. I do hope they don’t make Ted King’s character into a psycho or something like they did with Matt Walton’s Eli. Blair deserves a good guy for a change and one who stays that way!

  12. Profile photo of keanna

    HA! HA! HA! :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

    I am sure Guza and GH are seeing red. Also the fact that EW broke the news love it.


    With Ted and Kassie, Blair and Luis will be the next OLTL supercouple!!!!

    Look’s like Frank and Ron C. are going for the gusto.

  13. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I don’t watch this show but Kim brought me in peeking in their door so I will definitely check out Ted. I liked him as Lorenzo Alcazar didn’t care for how he exited GH at the end of his run they wrote him out of character a.k.a trashed him.

    I agree that this is GH’s loss but I’m glad he’s not going back under the pen of Guza so this is great news for this fan. My Elizabeth / Lorenzo fantasy was long gone only to live forever in fan fiction.

  14. Profile photo of maven

    This is great news. I only caught Ted King on GH towards the end of his time there. I loved Alcazar and Diego’s strained father/son relationship and always wished GH would have explored it more.

  15. Profile photo of Maura227

    wow! Way to go OLTL!! OLTL is kicking a$$ and taking names.. seriously.. they may have a large cast but it is by FAR the best soap on tv right now. I was always a GH’er but I’m totally on the oltl ship at this point. Hmm maybe more shows should be filming in NYC… La La land isn’t working out so well for the others.

    I love Ted King.. can’t wait to see him opposite Trevor St.John.. hotness! go OLTL!

  16. Profile photo of Cory Martin
    Cory Martin

    While I worry about the size of OLTL’s cast, Ted King is fantastic and a huge casting coup.  Hopefully, his entrance will also mean some necessary shedding of dead weight.  That said, I’m thrilled that he’s targeted specifically for Blair; Blair/Kassie DePaiva deserves a hot, front-burner story.  I loved her with Eli, but the show saw fit to run him and Matt Walton so far off the rails, any hope of redemption was eviscerated.  I hope, however, that TK’s character has enough shadiness to be interesting enough for Blair; she’s far too dynamic for anything cookie-cutter.

  17. Profile photo of ABCJunky73

    OMG! This is to good to be true!! :love: I wonder what his character will be like? Will he be a good guy, bad guy or a recast of an old character? All I know is Ted King was hot on GH and OLTL scored big nabbing him! All I have to say to GH is: HA-HA!!!! >)

  18. Profile photo of aramis270

    Wow, they did it ? Really ? I am sooooo happy !

    Ted King has always been one of my top three favorite actors of GH and I was so mad when Guza’s pathetic writing forced him to leave (as well as Ric Hearst and Sarah Brown …). Loved him with Skye and I can’t wait to see him as Blair’s love interest.

    Kassie and Ted are going to be sparky together. I can’t wait to see that ! I just hope that Ted will not play a “villain” for a change (even if Lorenzo was such a sexy and lovable villain) so that we won’t have the feeling to see Luis or Lorenzo Take 2 but his new character.
    Considering how bright OLTL has been recently, I am not worried.

    Congrats OLTL you rock ! GH (alias the Sonny/Dante and Brenda show) you just … suck …

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