Sean Young on Dancing Competition: “If I Were Them, I’d Be Intimidated by Me”

Gotta love this promo for ABC’s upcoming Skating With The Stars. My favorite line comes from The Young and the Restless’ Sean Young who tells the camera “If I were them, I’d be intimidated by me.” (Editor’s Note: Jesus take the Wheel.) Isn’t that a line that the great Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) should be delivering? Watch the Skating With The Stars promo after the jump!

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    In Canada, we have a skating show called Battle of the Blades where figure skating pros are paired with professional hockey players with the winners getting money for their favorite charities.

    Sean Young skating….wow, who knew. :)

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    “Movie Icon Sean Young”? That’s using the term movie icon EXTREMELY loosely isn’t it? I know of one movie she was in that made her famous,No Way Out with Kevin Costner. That was in 1987. So what has she been doing for the past 23 years?????

    Katherine Hepburn is a movie icon. Jack Nicholson is a movie icon. Sean Young? Not so much!

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    I thought she’s (Sean) just having fun with it…I like her I mean she’s working it. She was young made a boo-boo not uncommon she’s not the first and won’t be the last.

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