Will Damon Get Ticked About Colby and Asher Swappin’ Spit on All My Children?

We’ve been watching for week’s as All My Children’s Asher (Trent Garrett) made sure he stayed on Colby’s (Natalie Hall) radar, but after Damon (Finn Wittrock) finds out he kissed Colby what will Damon do? This week Ryan (Cameron Mathison) and Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) reunite as Zach (Thorsten Kay) and Kendall (Alicia Minshew) reconnect. Watch the AMC promo after the jump!

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    I hope Damon is ticked enough to give that whining, lispy, sow the boot! I love Damon, and I don’t really like that they saddled him with Colby. I fear though, that if the show decides to break up Damon and Colby, that Finn Wittrock may be fired, and Damon written off in favor of the underwear model (Asher).

    Since women are so taken by an underwear model (Trent Garrett), somehow I think Judy Blye and Frons will come to the conclusion that Asher is more valuable as a character than Damon. As you guys mentioned in the podcast, we are about to get inundated with pretty throwaway characters from David Kreizman. I know Damon is a Pratt construct, but Lorraine Broderick managed to really flesh out the character.

    If Brian Frons and Julie Craputhers are really SMART, they will try to make Ryan and Greenlee a more fun couple like OLTL’s Cain and Tina Rogan. All this faux heavy/heady crap with them is just so tiresome and boring.

    I want to see Ryan as a con man, side by side, with his scheming lady love, a manipulative, slightly bitchy Greenlee. Ryan is most likable when he is funny, and Greenlee is most likable when she is a bitch. This is the only thing that MAY make people swallow that Rylee is a valid pairing.

    I was never invested in Kendall and Zach, because I always got a real “ick” factor from seeing them. TK just seemed soooo much older than Alicia Minshew…he was more like her Dad than her “daddy”. lol! Now, I am really not invested, knowing what’s in store for Zach, and knowing that before the news of his demise can hit the intruder, they will ave Kendall in bed with some new guy…Dr. Griff…played by the handsome, but underwhelming Jordi Vilasuso. He looks like Vincent Irrizarry, but he ain’t no David Hayward. I think this character will be epic fail.

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    I like Damon but I like him now because the current HW sorted his sh*t out. Damon was acting like a psycho before then and I’m glad the ADHD angle has been dropped since it was pretty much offensive. “I’m a screw up because I have ADHD” please….

    I still prefer Colby and Asher because I just see more storyline potential and I don’t want to see Colby as a honorary Martin *yuck*

    The Daddy-Daughter relationship with Zendall kinda freak me out as well.

    I think Jordi is awesome, I watched him on GL and yes, he’s handsome but he’s got charisma and talent in spades. I personally want him with Amanda and not Kendall.

    Rylee zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    I agree that Rylee is a snorefest, but I love my Zendall. I hope Zachs “death” is done in a way that he can come back. I already dislike the idea of Griffin and Kendall getting romantic.

    I hope tad gets all sanctimous on Liza after GreenME is exhonerated so that a broken hearted Damon and a crushed Liza can do the mattress mambo. (by the way, when is someone going to explain to tad and ryan that Liza’s job is to prosecute the cases she is brought. JESSE is the one who was responsible for arresting GreenME and GreenMe is the one that lied about where the digitalis came from. )

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    Glad to see a promo that doesn’t just focus on Ryan and Greenlee!

    I loove Damon, I really like the way the show crafted this character (starting in Feb). I really hope AMC doesn’t fire Finn Wittrock. If Colby and Damon do break up (:(), I hope they can figure out something else to do with Damon. I love him and Liza’s relationship

    It’s hard to watch Zach/Kendall these days, knowing whats to come for them.

    Really could care less about RyLee, totally NOT looking forward to their reunion.

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    I TOOTALLLY agree about Damon deserving better than Colby. And I have seriously TRIED to like Natalie Hall’s Colby, but I just find her to be annoying (both the actress and the character!)

    Finn Wittrock deserves better!!!

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    About Liza — will someone please tell her that she’s been a lawyer for about 10 minutes and she doesn’t KNOW IT ALL? When she first appeared on AMC as Liza, she was not even a lawyer and now she’s the D.A.??????? Please! She pretends to have all this experience, but she doesn’t.

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    The promo is missing the money couple of the show, JR and Annie. I guess I can settle for Colby and Asher cause I do like them and think they have way more chemistry together than her and Damon. Plus I hate all Martins so Damon is definitely out of the question when it comes to Colby for me. Brian Frons needs to get his head out of his ass and realize the only person that likes Ryan & Greenlee is him! They continue to kill this show. Cant wait for Zach to “die” so Kendull can stop being so dull.

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    RoMo I dont see Liza as claiming to have all this experience. In fact, we clearly saw how nervous she was to the point that she was staying up all hours wired on caffeine til she dropped because her job was on the line. I cant imagine any lawyer, particularly one that serves at the Mayor’s whim, not wanting to win every case she is given. I love Jessie, but Jessie is the one who arrested Greens and even then that only happened because my girl Kendall and her two idiot besties obstructed the investigation. I guess I just cant stand Tad’s sanctimonious rants esp. when he hasnt done the same with the others involved – I just think he holds Liza to a different standard and its hard to swallow given what he did to Greg Madden.

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    *sigh* There goes my Damon/Colby pairing. I’d better get Liza/Damon out of this or heads will roll, AMC!
    Isn’t kind of weird of TPTB to showcase Zendall since later this month, they won’t even be a couple?
    Angerierblackerman, I love ideas for Ryan and Greenlee. If the show would only do something like this with them, Rylee’d be my pairing again!

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    [quote=EricasEvilTwin]I agree that Rylee is a snorefest, but I love my Zendall. I hope Zachs “death” is done in a way that he can come back. I already dislike the idea of Griffin and Kendall getting romantic.[/quote]


    Well, after all, Kendall needs to have her semi-annual bout of Grief Sex.


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