Betty White Makes One Bold and Beautiful Forest Ranger

I don't know what kind of energy drink Betty White endorses, but dammit I want a case! As if playing practically every randy, big screen grandmother over the past few years, appearing on the CBS soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful—helping it snag Daytime Emmy gold— hosting SNL and starring in her bazillionth hit sitcom (Hot In Cleveland) wasn't enough, White, 88,  has now found time to achieve another of her life's goals — becoming a Forest Ranger!

The avid animal lover was named an honorary ranger Tuesday by the U.S. Forest Service, with Smokey The Bear himself on hand to help commemorate the occasion. God I love this woman!

Photo by PR Photos


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I love Betty, she should endorses energy drink, sales would go through the roof, anything she touches turns to gold, she's a Golden Girl, what else. She is like the Energizer Bunny, keeps going and going. Before the commercial, she was doing skits on Tonight Show, does this make Betty White flinch? I bet B&B sorry that they killed her off.

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Love Betty White! She should bottle up her energy and sell it! Boy she owuld be billionaire.