DC #589: Drinking Games

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke, Regan and Melodie discuss the latest in All My Children, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital, One Life to Live and The Young and the Restless storylines and news. Also, due to popular request we’ve included a Performer of the Week segment in this week’s podcast.

All My Children plans to kill off Thorsten Kaye’s popular character Zach Slater. What will Kendall do without the love of her life? Should AMC bring in someone new for her, find someone for her already on canvas or let her become a strong independent woman?

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Thomas kisses Brooke. It may have been a stunt, but Luke looks forward to the drama it stirs up. Heather Tom lands a guest spot on The Mentalist.

Days of our Lives’ Victor, Kate, Nicole, Philip and Brady toast Vivian’s captivity, but will someone free her while they’re celebrating? DAYS casts Blue Mountain State’s Ed Marinaro as Bo and Hope’s merchant marine friend.

Did General Hospital’s Brenda get pregnant with Dante or another man’s baby? If so, what would it mean for her character? Robin vs. Lisa continues to heat up.

One Life to Live’s Tuc Watkins has started taping episodes again. The Clint/Echo/Rex storyline has us tuning in. How much has Clint known about Rex and for how long? Todd and Tea’s reunion is oh so sweet, but where does that leave Blair?

The Young and the Restless’ Victor scares the crap out of Luke. What will he do to Meggie? Deacon and Nikki are oh so hot, but where will they end up once they’re discovered? Daisy returns to Genoa City, claiming to be pregnant with Daniel’s baby.

This week we also bring back our Performer of the Week segment, just in time for Luke and Melodie to hand out a SURPRISING honorable mention.

All this and much more on today’s show so stay tuned!

NOTE: This podcast was recorded before the news of Day of our Lives being renewed broke.

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16 Responses

  1. Profile photo of DavidsMuse

    Kreizman has already anointed the new character Griffin to be Kendall’s new love interest, supposedly with all of Zach’s good qualities minus the brooding. All I’m waiting for is The Return Of David on the 22nd! :)

  2. Profile photo of Dueler312

    I’m actually glad that Starr and Cole got a love scene. They actually needed that scene! I still don’t like Langston and Ford. It will always be Langston and Markko for me. Don’t even like the Starr and James pairing that they are doing. Starr and Cole & Langston and Markko are the two young pairings for me. And why did you guys give Krsiten Alderson a dishonorable mention? If anything, she deserve a performer of the week with her last few scenes with Brandon.

  3. Profile photo of stefanstavros

    Totally disagree with Melodie’s comment suggesting Marty doesn’t have any purpose without Cole. Ummm Susan Haskell won the Emmy two years ago and is a force to be reckoned with. She is PLENTY talented and enough to be a compelling presence all by herself. Now, the lack of storyline she has is the writers’ fault. We all saw how AMAZING she was during the storyline when she was locked up in Todd’s bedroom, their unexpected romance and the fallout after John found her….

  4. Profile photo of maven

    I agree with Luke in that Kendall doesn’t need another love interest. What she needs is an enemy! Preferably Skye Chandler. AMC’s been in LA for a good year now so why haven’t they called Robin Christopher?

  5. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    I finally watched Y&R and omg that lil Daisy is AWFUL! You guys are soooo right I always wondered who she was and if she was “that” bad but well I checked her out and wow she’s just terrible.

  6. Profile photo of baycity

    Luke, I love your fantasy AMC world! :)

    I have a fantasy DOOL world in which Crystal Chapell acts more like the character she used to be on Days and not the one on Guiding Light. Caroline Brady doesn’t go around switching paternity test results for no good reason. And we actually get to see Adrienne/Justin and Jennifer/Jack as couples on our screen.

  7. Profile photo of ghaddict

    Regan THANK YOU for mentioning Sonny and Claire….they’re so boring…I don’t understand why the writers think we care about Claire…It’s even worse now that she’s basically throwing away her career for him….it’s just stupid!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Profile photo of elbugten

    Fun podcast. Welcome back, Melodie! I’ve missed you these past few weeks. Poor Regan being forgotten by Luke-make him let you go first next podcast so he doesn’t forget you again! And I don’t think you’re a show killer, but I hope you’re not watching Parenthood! ;)

    Claire and Sonny aren’t quite as yucky as Soily (Sonny and Emily) were, but almost. I love Dahlia Salem from her AW days and loved her character of Claire at first until she dropped her panties for Mr. Dimples. Why does EVERY character on GH have to be compromised for Sonny? And Brenda too, for that matter? If the characters don’t like Sonny/Brenda, they’re considered a bad guy (Ronnie) or bitch (Carly, Maxie). I’m hoping the Secret Baby doesn’t exist, or at least isn’t Dante’s, or preferably, both (was the Balkan’s son’s but died). I like Dante and Dante/Lulu, but again, since he’s found out he’s Sonny’s son, now he’s compromising his career as a cop for a father he supposedly can’t stand. And if he and Brenda had an affair, then he’s lied to Lulu or at least omitted a big part of his history. Not cool.

  9. Profile photo of stoney07

    Y&R and B&B are increddddible. So glad to see the Bell soaps back on top. They always had a special place in my heart.


  10. Profile photo of troymcclure

    Aww what a cute podcast.

    Even though I agree with Luke about soap kids (I pretty much want them all gone except for AJ on AMC), I can’t really say it applies to Kendall. She has two kids and she’s at least in her late thirties, I’d say that’s pretty normal so no need to ship them off just yet, it’s not like Liz or Sami.

    MCE totally deserved the honorable mention and thatnks for bringing back the POW segment. I was one of the people that missed it.

    Sonny and Claire are a freak show, I have never seen two people kiss so badly. I used to love Claire and now I want her 6 feet under. I also agree with Mel’s assesment of Brenda. Besides occasional Brenda clips on YT, this is the first time I see her “live” and she’s just boring, weak and lame.

    Is Mike Jubinville still watching soaps? I miss him on the podcasts.

  11. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Lovely to hear Regan and Melodie with Luke this time. :)
    I must live in Luke’s fantasy world too, because I totally think Gillian could be alive. I hated that recast of Laura Kirk too, so why not let her die? Lol!

  12. Profile photo of thecourt99

    Yay!!! Mel is back! I missed her!

    Thanks for doing the Performer of the Week! That was greatness.

    Mel..I know you are a TnT fan, but I think Sole needed that love scene. I mean really, TnT have been in bed ever since.

    I won’t even mention how pissed I am that Todd is more into his honeymoon than he is into seeing how his daughter is doing. Has he even seen her since her kidnapping in a scene that didn’t involve Tea? Todd is a real disappointment. I was expecting a bad azz when I started watching OLTL and all I see is a wuss.

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