Passions’ McKenzie Westmore to Host Syfy Reality Series

According to TV By The Numbers, former All My Children and Passions star McKenzie Westmore has been tapped to host  Face Off, a Syfy reality show where 12 contestants will compete for a crack at being the next, hot special effects make-up atist. Westmore is no stranger to the world of theatrical make-up; her father is Academy Award-winning make-up artist Michael Westmore,  who has won the Oscar for his work on the Cher movie Mask. Face Off will air in Jan. 2011.

Photo by PR Photos.

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    I hope I get the chance to see this show. Mac is great and I loved when Sheridan was buried alive. I’m still disappointed that Sheridan and Luis didn’t end up together.

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    This series sounds fun but I want her on a soap. Sadly there just aren’t enough shows left for all the talent.
    I wish B&B had room. I think she’d be the best Kristin Forrester.

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    Agreed! If ever there was a couple on that show who DESERVED to end up together it was the two of them!! I hated how they didn’t put them together, & I actually had to make up an alternate ending in my mind where they DID! ;D
    I mean I know for a lot of ppl it was Teresa & Ethan, but it wasn’t for me, LoL, I actually really liked Gwen, esp. after she lost their baby from fighting with Teresa (& I never forgave T for her role in that). However, I know of very few ppl who didn’t want L&S to be together (they liked him with Fancy, but that was only b/c they turned Sheridan into a nut-job– hello, just give her a tumor & it could have been Luis helping her with that & that be their way back to each other– oops, now you know my ending! hehe)… I mean, geesh, 8 damn years of being star-crossed & no pay-off? No thanks!

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