Whoopi Goldberg Visits Oprah For 25th Anniversary of The Color Purple


Get ready for Celie and Sofia to reunite, Oprah-style! The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg will make an apperance on The Mighty O’s couch to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Color Purple being released in theaters. Both Goldberg and Winfrey nabbed their first Academy-Award nominations for the film (neither won). Goldberg will make her way to Winfrey’s show on Nov. 15.

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    “The Color Purple” is my favorite movie of ALL time, and both Whoopi and Oprah were ROBBED that year of the Academy Awards that they so RICHLY deserved!!! I will NEVER understand why the Motion Picture Academy shut out this magnificent movie when it came time for handing out trophies.

    They both gave some of the BEST performances of the 1980s. Oprah is actually a WONDERFUL actress, and I will definitely be watching this episode–or TIVOing it!!!

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    The Color Purple is also my favorite movie of all time. I have never understood it’s neglect by the academy. The talk back then was it’s misogynistic view of men……. one that men of that time actually was deserved. Besides not all the men in the Color Purple were misogynists. Harpo and Shugs husband and Shug’s father were all decent men.
    My my 25 years! “Miss Sophia’s back!”

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    My favorite line is “It gonna rain on yo head,” as Harpo falls through the ceiling to the floor making a larger hole than when he started.It’s a line that comes in handy alot in life lol.

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