Will That Nosy A$$ Carly Spills Brenda’s Secrets on General Hospital?

Carly’s (Laura Wright) insecure behind just won’t leave poor Brenda (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo) alone on General Hospital! I mean, so what if Brenda might have gotten a few headboard bumps from Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) thrusting on top of her, as that charming gold necklace of his went back and forth against his tanned neck? Back and forth, back and forth, back and…Okay, where was I?  This week’s ABC Soaps In Depth has all the scoopage. Check out a teaser after the jump!

This week on GENERAL HOSPITAL, as Sonny pumps Jason for information about the secret Brenda’s been keeping, Carly can’t wait to share the news that her rival had an affair with Dante! Will her revelation tear Sonny and Brenda apart before they even get back together?

Only Soaps In Depth has the exclusive preview of what happens next! Plus, Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo (Brenda) and her sister share a very personal story of fighting cancer, we spend an afternoon with the hunks who play ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Ford brothers, and ALL MY CHILDREN’s Bobbie Eakes debates over which man could be the one for Krystal. It’s all in the new ABC issue of Soaps In Depth, so get your copy today!

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  1. Profile photo of luverica

    Excuse me but wouldn’t the Brenda, the REAL Brenda, we all know and love have kicked Carly’s ass by now. Seriously, why do people let this ghetto former mob moll-wife let her get away with so much crap? Can we have a storyline where Helena screws around with her just for fun? The character of Carly makes me ill, no matter who’s playing her.

  2. Profile photo of beans4metoo

    I LOVE LOVE Carly but she really needs to get over the insecurity where Brenda is concerned. Carly thinks she owns everyman in Port Charles. She is jealous and mad over Sonny’s and Jax’s past connections and friendship to Brenda yet she expects Jax to condone and accept her CURRENT connections, love, friendship and occasional sex with Sonny and Jason????

    And Jamey- where were you on the podcast this week? I missed your voice!

  3. Profile photo of Peaceole

    How can Carly not be upset about Brenda when it appears that every man in the city of Port Charles is madly in love, obsessed, or psycho over Brenda. It appears every writer has written stories around Brenda-Gate. Heck if there is an episode where Brenda is not on screen they have all the characters talk about her. Really it is getting kind of old.

  4. Profile photo of dreamejeanne12

    How come nobody commeted on how descriptive this little piece started;

    I mean, so what if Brenda might have gotten a few headboard bumps from Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) thrusting on top of her, as that charming gold necklace of his went back and forth against his tanned neck? Back and forth, back and forth, back and…Okay, where was I?

    Wow, quite the visual there don’t you think? LOL

  5. Profile photo of Liasonfan4ever

    You are not the only one rooting for Carly, i am too im so sick of all the Brenda mentions even when she is not on that day she is sleeping or she is doing yoga it is way too much plus she has been extra annoying since her return. I think Carly would snap Brenda’s skinny A$$ in half and i can not wait to see the look on Lulu’s face when she finds out Dante handed his brother over to the police but he covered for Brenda. I bet she regrets betraying Carly after that.

  6. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    I love VMG to bits, but if I had a nickel, dime, or hell, even a penny for every time she and GH combined made an ABC SIDs cover, I’d be sip, sip, sippin’ on some margarita’s everyday from noon till midnight from my beach house in Miami. They just need to call this magazine what it is, GH… and er’ybody else. That said, I want Carly to find a hobby that doesn’t include trying to destroy Brenda. Granted, Brenda’s twirked my nerves lately thanks to the writing, but Carly just needs to get a grip… or get some from Johnny, if only to get him away from PukeLivia. :sick:

  7. Profile photo of Dyllan

    I am so sick of Brenda. I hope Carly brings her down. I would pay to see that. I can’t see Brenda beatin’ anyone up …a big mac has more mass than Brenda.

  8. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I guess I am in the minority. I used to love Carly but she just boggles my mind at this point. I would root for Sam over Carly.

    I should add that I hope Brenda’s secrets coming out somehow bite Carly in the arse.

  9. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    GHvetfan why am I not surprised that we are on the same side with this. I just don’t get Carly when she gets like this, I mean Jax is being a good puppy dog why would it or should it matter if Brante had sex, its not like she knew Dante was Sonny’s kid or that Brenda is not allowed to have sex with whomever she pleased since she was not with Sonny.

  10. Profile photo of FaisonFanInTexas

    Team Carly!!!!

    I hate Brenda, Brenda, Brenda and not on this planet or any other could the anerexic freezing model beat Carly.

    It would make my DAY if Carly would beat Brenda down and then go after Booblivia.

  11. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    Suppose we look at this from a different point of view. Instead of Carly’s vendetta to destroy Dante and Lulu, what if Carly was trying to expose Brenda and Dante to protect her cousin Lulu? We know she’s not but what if? Would it be ok then?

    Team Carly all the way!!!

  12. Profile photo of maxsmom

    Sassy, for me yes if Carly were on a mission to protect Lulu it would make sense because as it stands she is trying to destroy a woman who is being hunted by a man who wants her dead and she is hunting that woman because she is jealous. I can’t even say it relates to Jax because if Carly wants to protect her marriage than why turn down a date with Jax to scheme with Spinelli and if it’s revenge for Michael’s pain why isn’t she spending time with Michael instead of Johnny and as Olivia said, everytime Carly works this way it blows up in her face. And what exactly does Carly gain?

  13. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    This is a tough one for me because I love Carly and I love Brenda. Maxsmom, what you said is totally on but at that same time dont you think that having such a DUMB revenge plot on Dante is lame and a bit OOC? On the Brenda side, on the one hand I think she is a total MORON for not telling the people guarding her the truth on the other hand its hard to evaluate a lot of her actions again because of the lame writing. I suppose we are going to find out that she is protecting the baby but I dont see how she feels dante can be trusted but not Lucky and Jason who she has known most of her life.

    So I guess color me TEAM BETTER WRITING.

  14. Profile photo of laduke19

    EET – ITA, I am totally on TEAM BETTER WRITING too! Right now both Carly and Brenda are annoying me. Carly’s really regressed maturity wise and become a total caricature and she really needs to tone down the screeching before she blows out one of my ear drums. And Brenda, besides the fact that it’s ridiculous that every man is now obsessed with her and every women is insecure about her, I still don’t understand why she can’t tell anyone her stupid secret.

    Under half decent writers, I might be able to understand where both these women are coming from, but right now I just want to FF both of them.

  15. Profile photo of maxsmom

    EET, my internet has been shaky for a couple of days so I missed this, but yes I agree that this is specifically OOC for Laura Wright’s Carly but maybe not Carly in general, and yes I wish the writing was better for every sl running right now.

  16. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    See I disagree, I cant even explain it but up until she found out that dante and brenda slept together the plan wasnt nearly as wide reaching or as bad ass as carly can be. Breaking up Dante and Lulu was sophmoric – the making him look like a mobster stuff made FAR more sense and to me was vastly more Carly-like. And if Carly hates Dante so much why havent we seen even one convo between Carly and Diane or Carly and Alexis discussing how to get dante removed as Michaels guardian. Carly running all over town begging, pleading, looking for dirt on the judge, crying, screaming – I love my girl, but again that would be far more Carly like. How I would love to have seen her go to Edward to try and get Carly as Michaels guardian only to have him double cross her and get himself named.

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