Kardashian Update: Kourtney to Play “Saucy” Attorney

As expected, Kourtney Kardashian‘s casting on One LIfe to Live is getting attention outside of the soap arena. TMZ is reporting that the eldest Kardashian sister will play an attorney on the sudser when her episodes air in March of next year.

Kourtney Kardashian is becoming a lawyer — not in real life, because that would require school and studying and reading and stuff — but TMZ has learned she’ll soon portray one on television.

As previously reported, Kourtney’s character mixes it up with Cristian Vega (David Fumero). TMZ’s sources tell them the pair have a "love-hate relationship." Where does the "saucy" factor in?

We’re told the role will also require a bit of physical work — because on her eps, scheduled to air in March, she’s supposed to kiss AND punch one of the dudes. Saucy.

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    alston, i saw your quote in the recent comments and i had to add that Khloe is the only one i like, kim is too self centered and full of herself and kourt continues to hang with scott, actually wants to have another baby with that creep and yet she’s so hard on her sisters re dash that i just can’t stand her anyway once the hoopla dies down i will go see the store since i live in nyc

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    I was actually excited because I got these two mixed up. I thought last week that they were saying that KHLOE was going to be on OLTL. But I am still optimistic that she will be MODERATELY entertaining. I hope she doesn’t bomb. But I do wish they’d gotten Khloe instead.

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    Kourt’s personality is so naturally robotic, I wouldn’t expect much if I were a OLTL fan.

    Too bad it’s not Khloe, she’s by far the most likable.

    Kim’s needy, but tolerable too, I guess.

    I use to like Kourt, but I just can’t get past the manipulating & emotional abuse Kourt puts up with from Scott. She’s horrible & irrational to her family for little to no reason when she dislike the littlest thing her family does/says.

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    I love it … Courtney is the only REAL one of the bunch… Kim is just too plastic, Khloe is too dramatic, but Courtney is actually a real person… Im thinking she wants to seperate herself from the KKK that is her life…

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    Good publicity for the show. These girls get attention wherever they go. I prefer Khloe. She is the smartest of the three but she needs to tone it down a bit.

    I wonder what it will be like for Kourtney playing a lawyer when her dad was a lawyer.

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    Maybe her character will have something to do with Destiny divorcing her parents. Ether she’s going to be Destiny’s lawyer. Or maybe she will be Destiny’s “parents” lawyer. What ever the story line is I want Kourtney’s character to be in court with Tea! :D

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