Greenlee’s Verdict is in on All My Children, But Who Gives a Flyin’ Flip?!

The Neverending Trial may FINALLY be wrapping up as All My Children teases “the twist you just can’t miss.” That might be true if anyone gave a flyin’ flip! Hopefully the end of Greenlee’s (Rebecca Budig) trial ushers in better front burner storytelling. Watch this week’s AMC promo after the jump.

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    Why the hell is JR one of the suspects? he wasn’t even questioned by the cops. Oh well at least he was featured in the promo for like a nanosecond.

    Sigh, the trial sucked but I wouldn’t call it neverending, it lasted like two weeks.

    I’m just glad the Rylee lovemaking wasn’t the big moment being promoted.

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    Oh, this show. It is so bad, I don’t even know. Tried watching it the other day and it was unwatchable. Don’t care about any of the couples, well, JR and Annie were okay for about ten seconds, then I remembered what a immature brat he is. Junior is no Adam, and the show trying to make him the next Adam is laughable. All of it is just ugh.

    Might watch to see the verdict and tune back in when Lindsay Hartley starts. Big emphasis on might.

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    Ok so can someone answer me this question apparently Green-Me and Ryan went to “where ever I don’t care island” to get the evidence to save Green-Me (aka dufus who was paid tons of money. So all I see that they have accomplished is end up in a cave with props that looked like they came from my old high school storage room and they made love? Ok so when were they going to get this evidence? Why did they go there? And why the cave? And if Zach found them that quickly why can’t the cops find them? And does anyone really care what Green-Me and Ryan want to do?

    I was never an Annie and her pumped up lips fan but right now she is better then this “trial” and the Motel 6 Cave that is going on.

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    This promo makes it sound like I should care but I just don’t…
    The only thing I am enjoying on AMC, is the arrival of that hot new doctor, Griffin, I think his name is? Damnnn he is smoking!

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