Who’s Zoomin’ Who on Episode Two of Empire?

Talk about having more drama for your mama! Empire is back with a brand, spanking new episode. What is going on between that no good Theodora (Tina Sloan) and Cubby Haven (Rich Flight)? Thomas (Chris Douros) is back but just won’t take Marin’s (Kate Forsatz) hint that they have arrived in splitsville and Jake (Toby Levin) and Lucy (Afton Boggiano) have more than a one-night stand to deal with. Watch the latest installment after the jump!

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    Warning: SPOILERS

    Other than the het kissing (ewwwwww), I really enjoyed this episode. I liked that Colleen reminded Lucy she has options regarding the pregnancy, and that she should keep quiet about the pregnancy until she’s made her choice (keep it, adopt etc) otherwise she’ll wind up pressured into something she isn’t ready for. Sure, Colleen’s motives were self serving, but she could have handled the situation far worse.

    Theodora is up to something, and I’m dying to know what. Oh, and that was a stellar pink dress Tina was wearing. I approve. Cubby finding that secret place Sandra locked his daughter in was great. :)

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