Wishful Casting: Van Hansis as General Hospital’s Lucas, Paired With Dr. Matt Hunter

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know I started calling for As The World Turns‘ Van Hansis (ex-Luke) to join General Hospital as Carly’s (Laura Wright) gay, little brother Lucas since shortly before the World stopped turning. I planned to post it as part of a complete Wishful Casting for the cast of ATWT, however those enterprising ex-Oakdalers are finding jobs at a much faster rate than I can formulate ideas, and/or soaps to place them on, so I decided to divide them up and begin posting them starting today. I don’t know about you guys, but I  think Hansis would be a nice addition to GH’s younger cast as Lucas Stansbury Jones, the adopted son of Bobbie Spencer (Jackie Zeman) and the late Dr. Tony Jones (Brad Maule).  

I know what you’re thinking. "Jamey’s just typecasting Van as gay since he played another gay Luke on CBS." Okay, I won’t lie, I do think it could be good for GH to capitalize on the actor’s legion of fans from the defunct CBS soap where he cut his cliffhanger teeth, however that isn’t the only reason I think GH needs to bring Lucas back with Hansis in the role.

GH is probably the only soap on the dial that could do a gay love story without it being a "gay love story" because let’s face it, GH lacks sentimentality and heart. There won’t be any impassioned declarations about gay marriage on GH anytime soon, therefore "Mainstream America" could relax, keep their angry letter writing pencils down and continue watching good, clean "family friendly" shows Dancing With The Stars, and/or Sarah Palin’s Alaska. I see Russians and homos from my backyard!

 The last time GH attempted to tell a story involving Lucas (then-Ben Hogestyn), they of course went the violent route by having him gay bashed. Hopefully, if the character is revisited, that particular chapter can be "been there/done that" in exchange for Lucas simply being allowed to be who he is, while exploring his various relationships on the GH canvas.

I’m particularly interested in how a now-adult Lucas would relate to Carly, the sister who destroyed his parents’ marriage. There has to be some resentment there. What if, upon returning to Port Charles, Lucas decides to do to Carly precisely what she did to Bobbie, and seduces Jax (Ingo Radamacher)? I know, I know. It will never happen, but I’m just throwing it out there.

Another way to go would be to have Lucas decide to become a doctor to honor his late father, who lost his life a few years back following a valiant struggle with Monkey Flu (RIP, Tony). Maybe Lucas butts heads with Matt (Jason Cook), when he’s assigned to shadow the cocky, seemingly-hetero doctor on his rounds? Oh come on, there has to be a reason why Dr. Hunter hasn’t had a relationship with a woman of any merit since arriving in PC, bring on Latt! I know, it’s not exactly a great squish name, but the only alternative I could come up with is Mucas. 

What if Matt is so freaked out by his attraction to his new pupil he starts to pursue Lucas’s cousin Maxie (Kristen Storms) even more vigorously? Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) could be the first to pick up on the sexual tension between Lucas and Matt. Would he run straight to Maxie with the info, or ask Brenda (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo) to put the moves on the young doc first to prove his theory? Spin’s logic would be, If Matt can resist the charms of The Divine One, he’s definitely gay!

Throw in Lucas’s other cousins, Lulu (Julie Marie Berman) and Michael (Chad Duell) as confidants, mix in reactions from Patrick and Robin (Jason Thompson and Kimberly McCullough) and I think GH would have a winner! What do you guys think? Share your thoughts on my latest Wishful Casting in the comments!

Photo of Jason Cook courtesy of ABC 

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  1. Profile photo of Jon

    Brilliant idea, Jamey! With the losses of Luke/Reid/Noah and Oliver/Kyle, I need me some more man to man action on my soaps!
    My best hope was for Will & Chad, but I guess Ken Corday will never allow Gay Days!

  2. Profile photo of josser


    Good idea! I think bringing back an adult Lucas would be good. Matt Hunter as bisexual would be interesting. Matt/Lucas/Maxie could be a fun triangle. Could you imagine Matt having to juggle two lovers?

    However, I doubt Van Hansis would want to do another gay role on a soap so soon after ATWT because of fear of typecasting. Wasn’t that the reason that Ryan Carnes left GH? He had a gay role on Desperate Housewives and on GH.

  3. Profile photo of east.west

    No. I don’t want to be that guy, but we need to keep things in perspective. Unless Guza is interested and his autonomy ranks higher than the focus groups/network, this great idea will remain a great idea. And after all of the gay storylines that have happen in Daytime, we all know how it begins and ends. So sure fans and the press will eat something like this up, and I would enjoyed it too, but again perspective. Fool me once shame on me, fool me 12 (or how many gay stories have been told) I say what’s the point and no thanks. If you want gay stories watch elsewhere.

  4. Profile photo of ash113

    Yes, it does sound interesting, but what about Lucas and Micheal? They are not biologically related, and it would probably bring some of Micheal’s issues to light.

  5. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    East.West with that logic, daytime never would have made any strides or logic.  Once upon a time a black man couldn’t be in romantic storyline with a white woman on daytime or primetime. Now we’ve seen Madison lusting over Frankie on AMC, Neil in bed with Ashley on Y&R, etc.  I’ve been burned out by pressing for change at times too, but I think soap fans should continue to demand and expect change. It can happen gradually. Kish still broke all sorts of ground even though it was aborted. It’s no different than Ellen coming out and then getting cancelled. Without that, we probably never would have had Will & Grace or Scotty and Kevin on Brothers & Sisters.I know I never thought I’d see someone the particular shade of Taye Diggs sexing up a red-haired white woman on Must See TV night. Change takes time.

  6. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I don’t like cousins screwing, biological or not. Michael is his nephew in my eyes. Adoption is not meant to increase your Match.com options, contrary to how daytime (especially Days of Our Lives) portrays it.

  7. Profile photo of Parrothead

    as good as this sounds, i kind of hope Van holds out & tests the waters for primetime roles, because he’s that good & i’d hate for his talent to be wasted on another soap role. we know how they all go & if he’s cast as another gay, he could be seen as only being able to do these roles & never be seriously considered for any thing else.

  8. Profile photo of dkp

    While I’d still rather have my Kish back on OLTL or Kish transported to GH (being a Doctor & Cop it shouldn’t be too hard), I’ve also been thinking for a while GH should bring back Lucas & pair him up with Matt. I’d be for it.

  9. Profile photo of baycity

    I’m all for it. And if not that, then how about an older character that’s been around the block realizing that the reason he or she has been so unlucky in love over the years is his/her heretofore unexplored attraction to the same sex?

    Bobbie, Monica, Tracy (without being stereotypical, how can anyone not think lesbian when they look at Tracy?), even the untouchable Sonny?

    I’m strong enough to take the criticism I’m going to get for this post. Let me have it! :)

  10. Profile photo of east.west

    W/the ppl in the positions they are in now, I can no longer demand or expect change. That is good for you and others who do so (and I appreciate that b/c it provides for great dialogue), but for me it’s a moot especially w/the fact that these shows are living on borrowed time and the fact that I can get that kind of story and other good stories elsewhere and told better. All my favorite primetime shows on air now I consider “my stories”, when a few yrs. ago they were just my primetime shows if that makes sense. The genre will always have a place in my heart, but I can’t keep wanting them to do better if they aren’t taking the steps, or in some cases the steps are being c-blocked, to do better for themselves. All I expect from soaps now are moments and that is a sad thing when this medium gave me some of my favorite stories that I would rank on par w/books, films, and television.

    Like I said, if ppl want gay storylines (compelling or passable), don’t expect it in daytime in its current form. Defeatist yeah, true unfortunately.

  11. Profile photo of Parrothead

    so true east.west. ATWT had a chance to do right with a gay storyline & have Luke & Reid together & happy. Luke running his foundation & Grimaldi shipping & Reid with his neuro wing & being co COS & being a functioning couple in society, but they gave every straight couple (even forced a few) happy endings & the gay couple they killed the doctor & made the core character miserable & left alone to try to cope. if the show wasn’t going off the air i could probably see this storyline making sense because you’d see how Luke deals with this, but you’re left wondering what happens to him, does he find someone else or remain alone the rest of his life, or go back to the dysfunctional relationship he had before because that’s his only option, where he’ll be miserable the rest of his life.

  12. Profile photo of Luke

    Jamey I compltely agree….if this were a regime that were willing to admit their way isn’t always the right way.

    And primetime has been way ahead of the curve in groundbreaking storylines. While I am sure there are politics involved behind the scenes on those shows, I get the feeling they are more adept in taking some risk and actually (once in awhile) seriously listening to fans. Nothing and I mean nothing has indicated ABCD is willing to take the chance on any kind of storylines or to look outside what they would like to see. I’m not suggesting to give up on change from daytime soaps. But it truly feels like one ear and out the other, especially with Frons and Cronies. Its like asking a spouse to change and they just won’t. While there is precedence for having a spouse to grow up or change their behavior, doesn’t mean THIS one will. They have their agenda and program set up. I feel like we are either supposed to be on board or just be extremely frustrated and disappointed

  13. Profile photo of HopeFloats

    I LOVE this idea. I love the Jones family and Lucas is one member that we have heard very little about. I love anything that brings core families back. Matt goes on about being such a player and to have him be gay would be a great character study. I love how you have woven other cast members into the story in a way that would challenge and strengthen their individual bonds as well.

  14. Profile photo of jlafferty23

    I think this is a great idea! I will actually admit, that i was quite ignorant when I first heard about Kish getting together on OLTL, I made comments saying “I didn’t want to see two men kissing”, which I now realize was so ignorant to say, Kish surprised me and fastly became one of my favorite couples on OLTL…

    Jason Cook is talented and he needs a story, I adore Matt/Maxie together but bringing Lucas back as maybe a secret lover that Matt had back in college would be soo soapy and great!

  15. Profile photo of Mardou

    I adore this idea, Jamey! It would give JC something of substance to do, and I think PC is LONG overdue for a gay relationship. (well, an official one, not the usual Sason or Jucky ones).

    Let’s hope Guza is trolling the net for some new ideas. :)

  16. Profile photo of Daniel Pearce
    Daniel Pearce

    I’m all for it, but unfortunately, GH’s cast keeps blowing up like crazy, so they would have to get rid of a few of their 33 RECURRING ACTORS AND ACTRESSES or maybe one or two of the 29 CONTRACT ACTORS AND ACTRESSES to pull this off. Van Hansis would totally be an upgrade over Ben Hogestyn, since Ryan Carnes was the best of the Lucases, seducing my Brookey and then havin her stomp on his heart for Diego. The gay bashing storyline was never fleshed out, and it’s about time that he returned. However, making his love interest, Matt Hunter, makes me feel like this storyline is just Kish 2.0, with one man out and the other one sleeping with hot women to hide his sexuality… not that I’m saying its a bad storyline because Ron penned it amazingly… but Guza? Trusting Guza with this? Someone’s gunna get shot during this courtship… I guarentee it!

  17. Profile photo of 6-soaps

    [quote=baycity]I’m all for it. And if not that, then how about an older character that’s been around the block …….Bobbie, Monica, Tracy (without being stereotypical, how can anyone not think lesbian when they look at Tracy?), even the untouchable Sonny?uote]

    No criticism here. And after the way Guza has neglected or outright disrespected GH history, I’m not sure how many people who were fans of GH in its glory days are still around to protest. I also have to agree about Tracy Q. :)

  18. Profile photo of NLGFan

    I don’t trust Guza to do any story right that doesn’t involve Jason and Sonny. I’d rather have Hansis on OLTL as Viki’s nephew C.J. and Jake Silbermann as Dorian’s grandson River. The two could hook up, Viki would be perfectly fine with it and Dorian would see red. After all the years of trying to keep Viki’s sons away from her girls, now Viki’s nephew “turned” her grandson. That could turn Dorian against Viki again and reignite the feud. And I think the “Nuke” fanbase was so strong that they would actually follow them to a different show.

  19. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    NLG as a huge Dorian fan I could never see her being narrowminded like that. She knows better than to think someone straight can be turned and that story would be OOC.

    I could see lucas and spin, but after matt chasing maxi around, I dont buy matt as gay.

    I wonder though why should gh bring on new people when they dont use the people they have. Matt hasnt had a notable relationship since he arrived becaust M&M have had almost zero in the way of air time. I was just bemoaning the lack of airtime for Alexis in Perkies Obs. I guess what I am saying is GH needs to straighten out the ship before they bring on new crewmembers otherwise they will just be rearranging chairs on the titanic.

  20. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    I love the idea of this. Not only would it give Matt something to do other than stand around or be wishy-washy about this whole Robin/Lisa mess, but it would do the one thing that made writers like the legendary Agnes Nixon a staple in daytime: create diversity. We all know it’s damn for sure lacking on daytime. Our world is not black and white as some so foolishly choose to believe, so why should these shows only portray that? Soap viewers are diverse. Hell, look at this board! lol

    It makes no sense that they wouldn’t, after all these years, have at least ONE gay character on this show, aside from Lucas, who you only remember when he is mentioned here. When is the last time Carly mentioned her brother? And what they did to his character was pure crap in a dog bowl. He told Tony he was gay BEFORE TONY DIED in that virus mess. Bull. Sh*t. That storyline should have been explored to the fullest extent, not to mention, as was said above, they made it all about gay bashing. Yes, it happens everyday, and it is terribly unfortunate with these sick ass people in this world who think it’s okay to beat the hell out of someone for being who they are. But why must they act like that is the only thing that occurs when we are involving gay characters? I don’t see a fictional member of the Klan going after Maya because of Ethan on this show, nor did I see it when Keesha was involved with Jason and A.J. So, why choose to discriminate against gay characters in such a fashion by making it all about gay bashings or having the character come out to friends, family, colleagues, etc, only to never mention it again or be written off altogether, ala Lucas? Gay people don’t date? Or have family/personal/friendship problems and struggles? Or hang out? Or have fun? Or have 9-5 jobs? These writers need to expand their horizons and this would be a great start.

    As a viewer who accepts all PEOPLE for who they are, regardless of race, creed, skin color, sexual orientation, etc. and as a straight black woman myself w/a gay black BFFL, I am insulted that this show I’ve loved for so many years has yet to do a gay story justice, and if they ever decide to do one, I DO NOT think that Guza should pen the story, period. Not because I think he is a horrible writer, which at this point, I have nothing positive to say about his writing as of late as you all well know, but because it would soon be swept under the rug like everything else, treated without any compassion whatsoever, and/or soon forgotten like the vets are now and Lucas was back then. We all loved the scrubs-Lisa storyline, even those who didn’t care for the couple loved it. Guza got wind of it, and now look what we have on our screens as of late. I. Rest. My. Case. And they STILL won’t address the Michael situation. Damn, I mean, the year’s almost over!

    I wish they would bring Lucas back, but since it would possibly also involve Bobbie, I have to wonder. Homegirl has yet to be removed from the dungeon of unused vets. And… I’m off the soapbox. :)

  21. Profile photo of keanna

    Great casting call Jamey, but I think there’s a reason why Lucas disappeared from the canvas, after coming out in the first place.

    Under the current regime, never going to happen.

  22. Profile photo of east.west

    Let’s say for shits and giggles that this happens, like the rest of them, the initial will be promising and celebrated, but it will be a big to do about nothing in the grand scheme. Lucas story will slowly fade into the background after the fans are hooked lined and sinker. And despite us all saying there’s a goldmine there w/his ties and how both Lucas and Matt are legacy characters (if they were to pair them up), and he’ll become a talk to to Carly and Lulu since they are on the part of the show that matters.

    His sexuality will be like Robin’s HIV, an afterthought. But unlike Robin, I think that will play better b/c he shouldn’t be the gay character, but a character that happens to be gay.

  23. Profile photo of curacaoman

    Jamey, AWESOME idea!
    However, this will never happen, because:
    1. The Luza is writing the show
    2. They would actually have to show Bobbie
    3. The Liza is writing the show
    4. They would have to showcase people other than Sonny, Brenda and Dante
    5. The Luza is writing the show
    6. Right now the story would be Lucas is conflicted by his feelings for Dante AND Brenda……………

  24. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I apologize for being a Debby Downer but Guza would “never” write this…I’ve watched his formula for too long…This is an arrogant writer under a rigid regime of his best bud with a sick obsession of showcasing his pets…if it isn’t about Jason, (now Lucky) Sonny, Dante and their appendages he won’t write for them. It’ll be a flash in the pan. The actor’s talent would be totally wasted on some poorly written storyline that wouldn’t make a lick of sense.

    This is an extremely testosterone driven show so this would never happen on a GH that totally dropped the Lucas storyline with little fanfare he just sort of disappeared in the night never to be even mentioned again another dropped storyline. I remember because I really liked that storyline it was one of the two over the past decade that took me by surprise and Lucas was a cutey…

    I just don’t think a misogynistic show such as this would do a storyline like this any kind of justice or give it ample airtime. GH does a horrible job of telling story now with so many characters.

  25. Profile photo of Miry

    Bring on Latte!!

    Also, like Daniel Pearce’s idea, but agree that Dorian wouldn’t be close-minded, hell didn’t she just marry a woman to win an election? I don’t see that kind of ignorance or hate in her. BUT I could see her trying to keep her boy (heh, instead of her girls for once) away from Viki’s family b/c of all the grief that Kelli went through with Kevin (I’m thinking of when Heather Tom played Kelli & they had Kevin being a dick– I just remember Kelli was always crying, lol).

  26. Profile photo of NLGFan

    It doesn’t even have to be a homophobia thing; Dorian could be perfectly fine with her grandson having a boyfriend, just not one that’s related to Viki.

  27. Profile photo of DynamiteKiddo

    I’ve always wanted Lucas with a recast Milo. And recently, I’ve been thinking about how creepily great it’d be for Michael to very misguidedly develop a big crush on Lucas born out of some kind of identification/admiration. Michael being gay possesses SO much potential, but I just don’t see Guza going there with one of the show’s most important, central characters. :(

  28. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Michael being gay would be epic as well. It could be like Gino’s relationship with his son Dario in Jackie Collins’ novel Chances. I am so buying that book for Guza for Christmas!

  29. Profile photo of Clancy

    I’d love to see Van on my tv again, but not on a soap. His movie seems like fun and no doubt he’ll find something in LA very soon, and I’m so happy for all the success Jake Silbermann is finding post ATWT. First the film he wrote and produced won an award, and now he has one of the lead roles among a pretty impressive cast in Dracula Off-Broadway. It’s good to see my two favorite guys from ATWT doing so well.

  30. Profile photo of rolsfan

    I agree with the other posters who said if he’s not Sonny, Jason, Dante or Lucky, he’d never have any airtime on GH. I’d like to see him on OLTL or Y&R where he might actually have a chance to do something meaningful. My ultimate dream would be for him to be a gay character and for Eric Sheffer Stevens to also get hired on the same soap as another gay character. They had such amazing chemistry together I would just love to see them together again.

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