Y&R’s Michelle Stafford: “Phyllis Has Never Stopped Being Phyllis”

Don’t tell The Young and the Restless’ Michelle Stafford her alter ego’s bitchy streak has been MIA. The actress spoke with TV Guide’s Michael Logan about critics stating firecracker, balls-to-the-walls Phyllis has returned.

TV Guide Magazine: Lately I’ve seen people on the fan boards and podcasts noting that this current Phyllis — the toxic blogger — is much more like the old Phyllis, the one who tried to run down Paul and Cricket with her car back in the ’90s. I’m guessing you’re going to disagree with that.

Stafford: To be honest, it kind of annoys me. Phyllis has never stopped being Phyllis. She’s been variations of Phyllis — she is broken, she does bad things, she is confidant, she is fiery and strong and then incredibly weak. That’s all her. You know what I’m saying?

Not for nothing with Ms. Stafford, but as one of the people who said "Kickass" Phyllis is back, I disagree.  Phyllis Summers Romalotti Abbott Newman did go into hibernation once she married Nick (Joshua Morrow). It is okay for a character to show her vulnerability at times, but 90’s-era Phyllis wouldn’t have let Sharon (Sharon Case) get away with stealing her man (even though Big Red stole him first!) and live to tell the tale. 

Remember what she did to Cricket (Lauralee Bell) when she thought she was sniffing around Danny (Michael Damian) while they were married?


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    The great thing about Phyllis is that she is multi demensional. I think it’s great that she is moving back into her uberbitch mode as long as she doesn’t forget her humanity. Phyllis is not the character you love to hate. She is the character that you love but hate some of the things she does…….

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    Absolutely adore Phyllis/Michelle, but detest the story line involving that stupid Daisy. If I was Nick, I would be telling Phyllis, if you try to move Daisy in, I am going for full custody of Summer, as my daughter is not going to be near that fruitcake Daisy.

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    She definitely has not changed. She is every bit as horrible as she was the day she flew into GC on her broom stick. I don’t get her hatred of Sharon. She is the one who messed around with Nick while he was married to Sharon yet she has the audacity to get mad at Sharon?? Nick is just going back where he belongs. He should have never left his true love for that bitch in the first place.

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    Michelle Stafford is definitely a very good actress.

    Phyllis however is giving much more to dislike and be annoyed about these days and much more for a descent into that much needed downfall catalyst.

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