Y&R’s Eden Riegel Gives a D### About Homeless LGBT Teens

The Young and the Restless’ Eden Riegel was one of several celebrities who filmed a PSA to help bring awareness to the plight of homeless teens, many of whom are LGBT. Former Ugly Betty star Rebecca Romijn, The Good Wife’s Alan Cumming, actress Susan Sarandon and singers Pete Wentz and Cyndi Lauper also appeared in the spot for We Give a Damn.org. Watch it after the jump!

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    Performance aside, it is always nice to see high profile celebs become involved in social issues. Sometimes it seems that they may be doing so because it is expected of them but when they seem committed to a cause, that is a very good thing.

    (RebeccaJ – just not quite sure your comment was appropriate for this topic.)

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    Obviously I was referring to her acting ability. And if I would have put the comment under an article that wasn’t about her, people would complain about hijacking threads.

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