Did Y&R’s Sharon Case Skip Soap Star Spectacular Over First Class Ticket?

 According to North Carolina’s WRAL.com, The Young and the Restless star Sharon Case, who was slated to appear at the Soap Star Spectacular with several other soap stars this past weekend in the Carolinas, skipped the event over a lack of a first class ticket. The site claims Case and a few other stars all shot on Friday and wound up catching the Red Eye to attend the soap event on Saturday in South Carolina. Allegedly there were only three plane tickets left, which happened to be coach. According to the report, event organizers claimed Case declined to fly coach, which led to her missing the event.

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    I cannot believe Sharon is such a diva to do this — there must be something more to this story. We need to hear Sharon’s side of the story before the Phick people start their inevitable slaughter of Ms. Case’s character.

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    Restless Vixen

    Me neither, othell.

    I heard from a couple of people who attended that Jeanne Cooper was also supposed to attend but the event planner announced at the event they “just heard” JC was ill. But on her Twitter, JC said she told them a week or two in advance she was sick and might not be able to attend. Looks to me like someone wanted to sell more tickets without admitting some slated soap stars weren’t going to be there. I also heard that SC cancelled a few days before the scheduled flight to the Carolinas, and not the day of the flight. The event planner sounds a little suspect to me. Especially since he told the fans at the event the whole “story” and proclaimed Case to be a diva (unprofessional, in my opinion).

    I’m still trying to figure out why this made a local news website. This isn’t aimed at Jillian, as she’s only reporting on what was put out there. But seriously – a soap actor allegedly being a diva is somehow breaking news to a local mainstream outlet? They gets the screwface for that one (and the event planner probably knows someone at the local station). That seems a bit silly to me. Looks like this event planner is spinning a good story with fans and the press to throw shade at Sharon Case just because she was unable or just decided not to attend.

    But, for sake of argument, if it is true that she didnt’ go over a coach ticket, then she did show some divatude. But I don’t think that’s exactly newsworthy – lol!

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    I was at the event in Raleigh. This article puts it very diplomatically and mildly from how the event leader actually acted. He made sure EVERYONE knew that SC wasn’t there because she wouldn’t fly coach unlike Muhney & Stafford who had no problem with it. The story was told multiple times by the guy why SC wasn’t there. IMO he acted very unprofessionally with the situation. When I talked to Michelle (who was absolutely lovely, gorgeous & as sweet as can be) she said she has had to do a lot worse things in her life than fly coach and that we fans pay her mortgage & she wouldn’t have missed the event. I heard some people say that MM said there was more to the story than what the guy was saying. I guess we won’t know. The event was still amazing though! I would definitely recommend it to fans!

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    So what! In addition to working all day, there could be a million private/ personal reasons (that you wouldn’t want publicized) on why someone wouldn’t want to fly all night.

    These days flying coast to coast is like being locked in a car trunk for 6 hours. If you’re body isn’t up for it you could become quite sick. :Sp

    |( Sounds like the event organizers are vindictive jerks! |(

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    Hell, I don’t even like flyin coach & nobody even knows who my ass is!… I would be a little hesitant to fly coach if I was on tv everyday for like 15 years. That’s just me. People are crazy.

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    I was also at the one in Raleigh and thought the way Sharon’s absence was handled was unprofessional. Even if it’s true why she didn’t come, I don’t think it needed to be repeatedly broadcast at the event. But at least we got to see Daniel Goddard, who wasn’t originally supposed to be there. While I’m not a Cane fan personally, DG was nice and certainly easy on the eyes!

    As for this making our local news, I’m pretty sure it was just on the entertainment blog section of WRAL.com. Still, the post could have focused more on what actually happened at the event rather than who wasn’t there. At least they posted a bunch of pictures!

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    I was at the Raleigh event also. The event planner said Sharon threw him under the bus so he was doing her the same way. IF flying coach was the reason she didn’t show up, it just shows her lack of respect for the fans that pay her bills. I didn’t miss her at all.

    Even though I didn’t get to meet all the stars, I still had a great time! I got to meet Kim Zimmer, and my life is complete. LOL

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    Jorpa, I am officially JEALOUS!! Didn’t make it to the Raleigh event!!

    I also don’t want to believe that Sharon Case would be such a DIVA, but you must remember–we really don’t KNOW these people, all we know is what we see on our screens and what they present to us through their magazine interviews.

    What walks like a duck isn’t always a duck…………..

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    I believe that the only reason she missed the event is because she couldn’t fly first class about as much as I believe Chris Engen quit for the sole reason that he didn’t want to kiss a guy; which is to say, I do not buy it at all. So the story is they were at the studio, only had the coach seats and when she refused DG just happened to be there to take her place? This man with a wife and young kids could just up and fly across the country at a moments notice? There were no other flights that she could have taken and maybe arrived late, or missed the Myrtle Beach event and gone straight to Raleigh? That makes no sense. It seems like there would have to have been some level of prior planning for her to not only cancel, but be replaced. Thats sort of like how Engen allegedly quit one day, and they just happened to have a replacement for him the next day. My guess is that there is more to the story, where she probably had a conflict with the promoters or whoever it was that would behave so unprofessional as to spread this accusation around, whether it be true or false. Thats kind of like it being said that Engen quit because he didn’t want to kiss a man, when he had been unhappy for a long time before that, to the point that they HAD a replacement for him. I will give her the benefit of a doubt because I would think that at the very least, she would jump at the chance to go around with Muhney and show tptb how popular Shadam is, since she has been so vocal about how she likes the pairing.

    Yes, the Engen stuff is more than a year old, but I thought it an apt analogy, and as much as I love Muhney and his Adam, I still think Engen got the raw end of that deal pr wise.

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    Very disappointed that it is not based on first hand information BUT second or even third hand information, not very professional BUT I will put this one in the gossip column.

    But then again I am still waiting about the dress down needed for the awful recast of NuHeather, which will never come because of….

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    I was at the Raleigh event yesterday and was most disappointed about not meeting Jeanne Cooper, who is a legend and who shares my birthday! But I had fun anyway meeting Kim Zimmer, Maura West and Michelle Stafford. Even though I never watched Guiding Light, my favorite was Zimmer: a complete class act! Of course, she won me over from the beginning because as soon as I walked up to her after waiting in line, she called me handsome! LOL I told her how she had a great energy and was definitely giving more “life” to OLTL! Maura West was very sweet and accomodating, and she said I was cute and funny…lol She is sooo tiny. You don’t get that from seeing her on TV. Michelle Stafford was, as expected, very assertive and projected a strong personality. She was cool. I got a great pic with her….

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    Mike Gold is the guy who runs this event. He cares nothing about the fans really but himself, company and making $$$$$$. I attended many of the So Long Springfield events and the cruise too. After all the little events during the cruise we all realized he wants to be a soap star himself, he talks so much at every event, he is very protective of the stars too when it’s not needed.

    He made a big deal out of Crystal Chappell not showing up to the night event in the So Long Springfield Vegas as they are signed in contract to attend both day and night. He made a big deal out of it, even writing a letter sent by e-mails and facebook to all their fan contacts who attends the events.

    On the cruise he thought our group who is well known to Kim Zimmer and was invited to hang out w/ her outside of the time of events that we were stalking her. Finally someone called him out on it and Zimmer even told him I want to be around these people they are my peeps.

    Yeah Mike Gold puts on very good events and the actors he gets are wonderful, BUT he is very me, me, me and if an actor doesn’t do what they should are called out publicly.

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    Agree 100% about Chris Engen. I dont believe for one second he quit because he refused to kiss a man, considering we didnt even get to see Adam kiss Rafe, so that makes no sense..

    and who knows about Sharon Case, She seems nice, but we dont know these people, she could be the biggest diva for all we know.

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    So what if that is the truth? That’s hardly diva behavior. That’s a darn long flight across three time zones and then back. Sounds like the organizer is just trying to create publicity and controversy for himself. Honestly, what’s the guy gonna do when there are only three or four soaps left? BTW — Have we ever heard DIVA stories about SC? I don’t ever recall one. The most telling statement about SC came from JC a few years ago where she noted that she was one of the true professional that has worked hard to develop her craft. (Let’s face it — the fact that she has been able to sell most of the crap she’s been given since the split with Nick proves that point.)

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    Excellent point with the Chris Engen analogy! I was all set to talk trash about Sharon (the actor and the character), but the CE analogy made me step back because it’s very true that there are always two sides to every story. I’d also say that one HAS to be at least a little suspect of a promoter who would go on and on about one of the soap stars in the way that he did to SC. (Side note: if the story about the coach thing is true, I’d say it was a big indicator of how much… or how little… a ‘star’ values her fans. But I digress.)

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    Sharon Case is one of the nicest daytime stars around! There are 3 members of my family that have her autograph and two of them have photos with her. That is how gracious she is. People need to stop dogging on her.

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    I cannot get over the judgemental attitude of some people, I would suggest you get of your freaking high horses, she did not make the event and people were upset, what should the man do, take responsibility for a talent that did not show up. People paid good money to see her, people flew hundred of miles, came from countries far and wide to see her. I would have tell it as it is. Why should she be spared criticism, I had no problems with the promoter, he was a likeable guy and ran a great event

    I think the promoter was right, to say what he did, he advised us immeadiately when we all arrived, so people were prepared, he handled the matter as diplomatic as he possible could. He realized that people were there to see her, and I think he was right to tell the truth, she should not have committed to something if she had all those requirements

    It is a free country and if other actors made it then she can get her ass to the event. I could give a rats ass how tired she is. It cost me over $600.00 dollars to fly to the event with my flight and hotel, and I expected her to be there. Jeannie was sick and I understand, after all that woman has attended a lot of events in the last few years, so I give her a free pass, I am not willing to give Sharon one since she is a young woman, and If the flight was the problem she should have tried and made at least one of them and offer her apologies.

    I thought it was very nice of the promoter to do a card for Jeannie asking all the fans to wish her well (great job). The promoter said his peace and you know what no one missed Sharon Case after that. If the Local news decide to lead with that, then it is up to them, and not the promoter.

    Thank god for actors like Michael, Kim, Michelle, Daniel, Christian, Brandon, Billy and Maura and the gorgeous Don D who made it a fantastic experience.

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    Very well said delta24. If an actor makes the commitment then he/she should do what they can to get there unless there’s sickness or family emergency. I spent over $400 for the event and I drove over 8 hours round trip.

    It didn’t bother me that Sharon didn’t make it cos she wasn’t my main purpose for being there. As I said before if she can’t fly coach, then she has no respect for the paying fans. I got to meet the ones I intended to meet with the exception of Jeanne Cooper, but she had a valid excuse. I wish I could’ve gotten to meet the ones I didn’t, but there wasn’t enough time.

    I have no complaints about this event and can say I had a better time in Raleigh than I did in Atlanta at the So Long Springfield event with the exception that I got to meet Robert Newman. I can now say I’ve met “Josh and Reva” and my life is complete. LOL

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    ^^^give it a break already! why must you bring up over exposed “spitting” crap?? oh I know, to deflect the shit SC is getting on all the MB’s??

    The Event organizer SOLD tickets to her FANS some up to $146.00 each so they can SEE her! if they drove there is gas costs, if they flew, there was hotel rooms and airline tickets. Who is going to reimburse them for not getting what they paid for?

    someone is just smelling themselves too much!

    kudos to others that took the coach redeye, and did not disappoint their fans.

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    I know this isn’t all that relative, but I keep remembering SC’s scandal years ago when she was on ATWT. She was interviewed in SOD and quoted about often buying dresses/clothes, wearing them and then returning them for a refund. I believe that a lot of people wrote in to the magazine and were pissed. I can’t remember if she apologized, but I seem to think she did. Does anyone remember the details?

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    There are always two sides to a story and most celebs don’t fly coach for good reason, be it security or from being tired from work. We just do not know that whole story yet. Anyway, even if it is true, at least she doesn’t run around literally and figuratively spitting on her co-stars.

    Anyway … I don’t feel negative or positive about Sharon Case but she is certainly not a personality or character from Y&R I’d be all that interested in investing a trip on.

    Sounds to me from the above posts that the event organizer was simply just a bitchy old queen.

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    [quote=pennywise555]So what! In addition to working all day, there could be a million private/ personal reasons (that you wouldn’t want publicized) on why someone wouldn’t want to fly all night.

    These days flying coast to coast is like being locked in a car trunk for 6 hours. If you’re body isn’t up for it you could become quite sick. :Sp

    |( Sounds like the event organizers are vindictive jerks! |([/quote]

    He did not come off as a jerk at all, but how would you feel to have people coming up to you and telling you that that was the reason they came and they wanted Money back, because a star did not show up, I would be pissed and not giving her a break at all. He certainly was not a diva, he and his wife were a lovely couple. I had no problems with the organization and would go again. I think that sometimes people mix up the characters personality with their real life personality. sometimes the illusion is just an illusion. I did not go for Sharon Case I went to see all the actors, so I did not feel slighted, but I did hear quite a few people uttering how they came for her. And i am sorry if you love first class so much buy your own damn plane.

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    I remember, decades ago, spending a lot of money for a concert ticket to see Janet Jackson. I was young and really didn’t have money for that kind of thing, so it was a big deal to me.

    The night of the concert came. Our seats were awful. Janet didn’t have an opening act (instead they showed one of her videos). She came out and cried, saying she was so sick and exhausted. She put on a really half-hearted show for about an hour. I was really disappointed, and felt let down. I knew that she didn’t give a bad performance on purpose, but her crying and complaining really left a bad taste in my mouth.

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    Here’s the followup to that report by the news. SC is something else!!!

    CBS soap star diva follow-up
    By Kathy Hanrahan

    Posted: 9:48 a.m. yesterday

    My blogpost about “Young and the Restless” star Sharon Case not attending a Raleigh fan event on Sunday has been making the rounds on the web.

    Event organizers said Sunday that Sharon told them she would only fly first class and therefore would not be attending the event because only coach tickets were available for the trip.

    A few people wrote in to say that they believed there was more to the story than what the event organizer told us.

    I contacted Sharon’s publicist, Charles Sherman, for a comment on Wednesday. Turns out, Sharon will not be issuing any comments concerning the Raleigh event.

    I tried, folks!

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