The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Will Brooke and Thomas Cause Ridge to Go Back to Taylor?

Ridge/Taylor: Doc is in for a surprise when her ex reveals if Thomas and Brooke get busy, they are done. Ridge tells Taylor he will come back to her if Logan sleeps with Thomas. Taylor is shocked by Ridge’s words. Meanwhile, Whip eavesdrops on the duo’s conversation.

Taylor/Stephanie: Taylor is royally pissed when Stephanie states she can’t ban her grown son Thomas from interacting with Brooke. Later, Taylor freaks when she spots Thomas kissing a blond not knowing it is a friend of his.

Stephen: He offers some sage advice to his girls. Stephen lets Donna know she will find love again.

Amber/Oliver/Aggie: The Jones siblings have a heated argument over Ms. Moore, clueless Amber’s listening in on their conversation. Aggie is stunned when Oliver tells her he and Amber are living together.

The boys fight over which man is best for Hope. Meanwhile, Amber starts to make Hope doubt Liam is the man for the job.

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    Ugh! Why would Taylor want to be Ridge’s Plan B? That would make her truly pathetic if she dumped Whip for another chance at being Ridge’s second choice.

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    The only way this works is if Thomas’ plan to seduce Brooke was really an attempt to get Ridge and Taylor together. Otherwise, it’s just pathetic for a man to say that to another woman, especially the mother of three of his children! Disgusting. (Not to mention are they really going to have Brooke, not only sleep with her husband’s son, but also in the year he slept with her daughter’s boyfriend?)

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    How nice that Ridge is willing to COME BACK to Taylor if his better option turns out not to be better. He doesnt seem to care at all how many times he has hurt Taylor or that Taylor is happy with her HUSBAND.

    I loathe Brooke but more and more I loathe Ridge too – maybe they should stay together forever just so I can FF them both. BOOO

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