Was Kanye West Inspired By Elizabeth Hendrickson’s Young and Restless Character?!

What do Kanye West and The Young and the Restless’ Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson) have in common? Try the Yeezy track "Blame Game". MTV.com dissected the cut from West’s highly-anticipated album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The site claims West’s "Blame Game" is the most personal tracks from the album and makes a few references to some of pop culture’s trend-setters. According to the site:

Just before Rock’s (Chris) cameo starts, West blurts out the name "Chloe Mitchell," which doesn’t rhyme with anything and doesn’t seem to have much context. A quick search shows that Mitchell is a character on the soap opera The Young and the Restless. According to Wikipedia, Chloe is said to have rejuvenated the dying breed of classic soap opera vixens."

Y&R’s snagged some free publicity without even trying to pull a stunt casting!

Kanye West photo by PR Photos.

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    Okay, that is awesome. Chloe truly is all kinds of kickass and definitely revived the ol’ fashioned vixen, and much has to do with the amazing EH.

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    In her first yr. I could see this b/c that was when the character was fresh and Liz Hendrickson shot a much needed energy into that set. Now not so much. While I am a champion of character evolution (and w/her it was becoming Ester’s daughter and her baby girl), I do now have to agree that a character should have their defining traits at their core.

    And since MAB is into that artsy farsty pretentious stuff like Kanye, maybe she and her team will go back to the drawing board w/this character b/c reducing her to being just Kevin’s talk to is unacceptable when this legacy character should be a force on the show.

    Oh and cheers for free press.

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    MTV is slacking. If you actually listen to the song (it’s one of the best on the album) it’s CLEAR that Kanye is reciting a line of poetry, then obviously attributes the quote to the poem’s author, the Chloe Mitchell that Luke linked to.

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