Will Adam Kill Again on The Young and the Restless?

The Young and the Restless’ Sharon (Sharon Case) has left Genoa City and now Skye (Laura Stone) has disappeared. Will Adam (Michael Muhney) commit murder again and if so will he get away with it this time? Watch this week’s Y&R promo after the jump, and if that isn’t enough to whet your appetite, check out Jillian’s The Young and the Restless spoilers.

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    Michael Muhney stated at the Raleigh event that Adam didn’t kill Hightower and that Adam doesn’t know who did. Frankly I don’t think the writers know who did at this point, but MM said it will come out sometime.

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    So just what is the point of this promo anyway?

    Exactly AlistairCrane … Adam probably has not killed anyone in or around Genoa City or the continent or planet it is situated on. This whole new set up (whatever it is about) just annoys me even before it gets unleased.

    There might be one or two I’d like to see him kill and get away with it though.

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    I think Skye killed that Hightower guy. I always have. I don’t think she is a redeemable character although I do think she is very well played and hate it if shes off the show. She needs to stay around to counter Adam since noone else seems to be able to do that…… and considering who isn’t able to counteract his actions effectively thats saying alot (Victor, Jack, Phyllis). Maybe he should meet up with the towns newest pyro, Diane. They could burn up some sheets and make one dangerous duo.

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    They’ll probably make Skye the killer of Hightower, although I think it’s highly unoriginal of them. Make PHYLLIS the killer…to make her relevant again, she needs to go back her psychotic roots (like when she mowed down Paul and Cricket).

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    alstonboy, there hasn’t been much soap stuff to discuss lately! OLTL lost my viewership months ago and doesn’t seem to be taking steps to win me back, and Y&R is a snooze! The only highlight of November sweeps have been Nina’s handful of appearances. If Tricia Cast weren’t on Y&R, I would have tuned out ages ago!

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    Y&R has been a snooze fest lately Alistaircrane. They need something to perk it up and Daisy obviously isn’t it. I say a good serial killer story line. I know that isn’t very Bill Bell, however it could get rid of some of this bloated cast, make it lean and give the seasoned cast some scenery to chew on.
    I agree with you though, the show needs to retool and revolve around Tricia Cast. She brings it. Nina is what Jill used to be except she is a real human being. All she needs is a good enemy and some story. Obviously the writers don’t care for her and Paul together. So an explosive love story might be nice. Nina was always known for her complex love stories.
    Throw her in with a younger man. How about Devon….. It is a Bell soap so how about a Devon/Nina/Neil triangle? Their call names DIVA and Nsquare.

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    Y&R missed a good opportunity to break up JT and Victoria by having Nina come between them. Victoria’s first two husbands dumped her for Nina, so it would have been awesome if the younger JT had left her for Nina as well!

    I say keep Paul and Nina together (love ‘em), but bring on Ronan’s father and spark a love triangle. And I know this is a long shot, but bring back Nina’s mother Flo! Nina never knew her father, so perhaps they could have her investigate that.

    Y&R was at its best this September when the action revolved around Nina, Phillip, Cricket and Paul. I know some people hate on Thom Bierdz but he works really well with Tricia Cast and Lauralee Bell. More please!

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    Y&R should’ve been retooled years ago to center around the iconic Dru/Phyllis rivalry. Too bad they ruined that. They deserve lackluster writing since they refuse to put TC or BM, two of Y&R’s heavy hitters, on contract.

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    predictable….sharon will fall for adam……nick chasing after her…they will fight….she can’t stop her feelings for the person who admitted he stole her baby, killed ashley’s baby, then told her that her baby died. yep..we are suppose to believe that…

    we all know that skye isn’t dead…probably working with victor…that’s why he pulled his funds..needed the money to pay off skye for one last stunt over adam.

    i thought this was sweeps month….nothing at all to keep me interested. i have to record the show and watch it when i get home later in the evening..but i essentially watch about 3min of it b/c i can FF through the rest of the nonsense..LOL

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