CBS Shakes Up The Early Show

CBS is cleaning house at The Early Show once again. According to the Associated Press, Harry Smith and Maggie Rodriguez are out as anchors and Dave Price is being replaced. Chris Wragge and Erica Hill, who currently anchor The Saturday Early Show, will take over as anchors. Marysol Castro replaces Price at the weather desk.

The new The Early Show team makes its debuts on January 3.

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    They can change the anchors all they want, they’ve been in 3rd for decades now. None of the changes they do ever work. The only way they’ll ever be 2nd or 1st is if TODAY & GMA start to free fall, and they can take advantage. But that Jeff Glor is a hottie though…

  2. Profile photo of pumpkin

    It is tough because Matt L is well liked. I never liked Meredith V so I switched after Katie left. I missed Katie. Anyway, I watched CBS and Morning Joe. Go figure. I really liked Maggie R so I do not understand their reasoning. Harry S is good also. I think it is just that people stick with Matt. I bet if he ever left ABC would become number 1 because people like George. …I still like Erica Hill.

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    Erica Hill has to be the luckiest woman in the news business. In the space of a year she’s gone from being newsreader on a poorly-rated cable show (AC360) to host of a network morning show.

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    I guest since Y&R and B&B got saved, guess someone had to get the ax for moonbeam to get his jolly’s. And Just before Christmas too. He would probably replace Rudolph with Charlie Sheen.

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    I watch The Early Show and Harry Smith and Maggie Rodriguez are my favorites. I could do without Dave Price and Erica Hill is okay. While I think Jeff Glor will be good, I don’t think the others will be good enough to keep me from switching to GMA.

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