The View Hits Season High While The Talk Remains Steady

ABC’s The View had its best ratings of the season the week ending November 19, according to The Live Feed. The chatfest earned 3.7 million viewers and ranked No. 2 among women in the all important 18-49 demo, behind The Young and the Restless. Meanwhile, over at CBS, The Talk averaged 2.1 million viewers. The CBS show’s ratings may not measure up to The View, but The Live Feed is calling The Talk “a very steady performer.”

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    Good For The View

    Now For The Talk Its the snooze. If CBS Wants It to Be successful and not just steady it needs to change some folks

    Sharon is Good and Sara is a producer and Chen’s hubby is Boss But holly & Leah Can Go

    If The Talk Were smart They would Hire Kathy Griffin and maybe one more powerhouse but they are not

    And Poor Marissa. Whats Her Function?

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    TV Gord

    I can’t get over how obnoxious Leah Remini is! Also, Julie Chen is way too artificial (fake) to come across as a relatable person. I like Sara and Holly, but they are way too overshadowed by the others.

    What irks me about The Talk more than The View is that it always seems the co-hosts are trying to say the most politically correct things possible. They always seem to be going for the reactions that will get cheap applause from the audience. The ladies on The View seem more authentic to me.

  3. Profile photo of glowery

    I only watched this a couple of times. I don’t like Sara at all on this show. She has no personality what so ever. If I had to pick what to keep and what to discard, I would keep Holly, then try to draw to that hand.

    I don’t watch the View at all anymore and will not watch until they decide the country has had enough of Joy and her loud mouth.

  4. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Despite my somewhat pessimistic demeanor, I seriously did give this show a try. But as I have said before, these women have NO chemistry together whatsoever, and 99.99999% of the “humor” that I see seems forced and unnatural. Separately, they are all great actresses and performers, but when you put it together, it’s just an hour-long snoozefest!!!

    I realize that ATWT is gone and that I shouldn’t take my frustration/anger out on it’s replacement, but CBS seriously could have (and should have) done better than this GENERICALLY CHEAP show. Hell, I’d rather see another game show, or even an extra hour of “Cheaters” or “The Jerry Springer Show” than this. At least those shows don’t PRETEND to be something that they really aren’t!!!

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    Jamey Giddens

    Leah Remini is so obnoxious. Holly is playing the "I know that’s right" sistah friend (a role I never imagined her in), poor Sara Gilbert is like a lifeless slug (and she came up with the show!) which leaves Chen and Osborne as the best of a bad, bad, bunch. I don’t even count that other baby.

  6. Profile photo of Joan76

    It would be great revenge if the Talk got canceled but it won’t no mater how low the ratings are. I got into OLTL, enjoy seeing Jeffery Van Dorn and Kim Zimmer interact, the other GL actors and Hillary Smith. Still though miss ATWT & GL. Been contacting P&G show the classic episodes on TV or DVD.

  7. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Well Chen’s husband said on their first eppy even though he’s their boss he would cancel it because of ratings. I only saw that eppy I have to check it out again to see how its playing out.

  8. Profile photo of goyankees

    I wouldn’t support a show who’s ‘Creative Team’ is a bunch of Stealing Thieves, but I can’t help but catch Clips of the ‘Trainwr’- – err, ‘TALK’ on “The Soup” each week. Carrie Heffernan, why and when have you become such a obnoxious, loudmouth, windbag ASS?

    I like L. Remini, but she now seems to be the reason to TUNE OUT!? Ugh. I still can’t believe people are watching this. THE WHOLE PREMISE IS STOLEN FROM ANOTHER SHOW!!!!! Baffling.

  9. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    The Talk should have been cast with daytime great actresses that are not currently working. Where is Linda Dano, Deidre Hall, Victoria Rowell? Now that would be a show. Throw in a couple soap hunks and ya got something.

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    The Talk is bore-ing !

    I have seen more spirited and lively conversation at my local Starbucks couch here in Los Angeles.

    Hey, maybe I can pitch that idea to CBS?

    Take two homeless folks, one Sassy Barrista, and one of the Starbucks regulars (you know the type – retiree) and have it hosted by ChenBot.

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    TV Gord

    [quote=californiaguy888]The Talk is bore-ing !Take two homeless folks, one Sassy Barrista, and one of the Starbucks regulars (you know the type – retiree) and have it hosted by ChenBot.[/quote]

    Replace Chenbot with Lilith and it sounds as though you’re describing Frasier! ;-)

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