Skating With the Stars Boots Sean Young; Can Budig Win it All?

Going into Skating With The Stars Sean Young thought her opponents should be intimidated by her. Unfortunately, the show’s judges were not. The film actress and former The Young and the Restless star got the boot after falling twice during her second week performance. After getting iced, Young told Zap2it backstage "Mostly I’m disappointed because I felt like maybe I disappointed my partner because he worked really hard with me."

Meanwhile, All My Children’s Rebecca Budig continues to impress the judges. Budig’s performance with partner Fred Palascak earned a score of 44 out of 60, tying them at second place. Her out of the gate success and continued strong performances has ABC Soaps in Depth wondering Can Budig Win Skating With The Stars?

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    I love Bethenny, and tuned into this CRAPFEST just to see her.

    Week 1, I thought “What in gods name is this…?”

    Tuned in last night (fell asleep for a good 25 minutes five minutes in)…. tuned back in ….BORED OFF MY TOOSHIE.

    So many things bad about this show. 1) The Carrie Ann wannabe at the judges table. Never heard of her, don’t like her, she doesn’t even skate, go away. Johnny and Dick, of COURSE should be there, and are fine. But…

    That Host. I knew the minute the show aired and he was supposed to walk over the stage and say “This… is skating with the Stars!” but pulled the Mike away to extend his arms after the word “With”? This was going to be ugly.

    I’m not a Rebecca Fan (AT ALL) the Girl who swallowed up a show I used to love in one gulp. I’m a RHONY fan, so Bethenny gets my hope to win. I didn’t say ‘vote’. Cuz I’m not watching this anymore.

    It could be SO MUCH better. The ‘stars’ are a decent bunch. It’s the hosts, judges and just the ‘weirdness’ of it all. We stole this horrid show from the Brits, just like DWTS. Let’s just return it and forget we ever had it.

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    I love Rebecca Budig, and I am rooting for her. Betheny (and her frozen, Botoxed face!) do NOT deserve another reason to smile, or at least TRY to smile!! (It’s funny how you lose the usage of your facial muscles when they get filled with botulism, isn’t it???? :Sp :Sp )

    I personally am tired of the Bethenny Frankel’s of the world: Desperate hags who are famous for doing nothing and contributing NOTHING to society other than their “personalities”………..and I use that term VERY loosely!!!

    Rebecca is the ONLY person that I am rooting for, but I will NOT be watching because I find the show to be mind-numbingly boring, and there are at least a MILLION things I’d rather be doing than watching people skate.

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    And Luke – if she does are you going to bag on her for being Frons pet and all the shes so pimped rhetoric that went with KeMo’s stint on/victory on DWTS?? LOL I called out you and Jamey on this one before and he told me that this one is all on you as a budig FF >)

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    TVGORD I just went over to youtube and watched budig’s first two performances and she didnt fall in either. I actually thought she was pretty amazing.

    You know first season of DWTS when John O lost and the did the revote so he would stop yamnmering he wanted all these lifts and you could see his partner was nervous that he wasnt physically capable of doing those given his age and physical conditioning. He knew he got beat in the judges scores because Kellys routine was so much more difficult and had all the lifts to give it flair. After that and his partners concerns they banned the lifts til the end so that the dancers wouldnt get hurt (or at least that seemed to be the reason) now we see the skating with all the lifts right from jump street. Wonder if DWTS will reconsider their policy.

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    TV Gord

    Thanks, EET. I recall now that it was the cohosts of Broadminded on XM Radio who said everybody fell. Before their show, Rosie O’Donnell talked about SWTS, but she never said anything about Rebecca, which I thought was strange, since I thought she was a big AMC fan. I guess she’s not watching as much TV now that her kids are older. (Sorry…I’m rambling.)

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    Was actually looking forward to this show and was surprised how poorly it is produced. If it was on NBC, I would have thought it was a SNL skit.

    Felt sorry for Sean when I first heard she was off the show but after watching it, I think they did her a favor.

    Rebecca might want to figure out a way to get off this show and fast…

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