The Big Sleazy: Why TPTB Are Gonna Have to Work Hard For Fans to Buy Shadam on The Young and the Restless

Adam (Michael Muhney) and Sharon’s (Sharon Case) New Orleans rendezvous has many fans up in arms and hotly protesting their possible reunion on The Young and the Restless. Bionic Adam has committed some truly reprehensible crimes, including tormenting Ashley (Eileen Davidson) to the point of a miscarriage and pushing her into a psychological meltdown; stealing Sharon and Nick’s (Joshua Morrow) newborn to pass it off as Ashley’s child and being an accessory, at the very least, in the murder of terminally ill, single father Richard Hightower.

Just as Shick fans were rejoicing over the righting of an egregious wrong (the Phick affair heard around the soap world), Junior tracked Sharon to the Big Easy and wielded his dark charms, sending the chronically-indecisive blonde into sex-induced tizzy. I have already expressed my lukewarm feelings toward Nick and Sharon: Part Deux, but my soapy soul wretches at the thought the former Mrs. Newman getting caught in Adam’s crosshairs. C’mon, son! This man wooed and wed a woman when she was suffering from the crippling "loss" of a second child—a loss inflicted by his hand— all the while knowing the baby she was mourning was very much alive. He befriended another fragile woman by day and gaslit her by night. He instigated a bloodthirsty competition between his father and siblings, then tried to take over the family empire. Nick is not a prince by far, but I can’t see how Sharon could feel anything but disgust for Adam Newman.

I cannot believe that after all Adam has done to her and her loved ones, Sharon let him go Mardi Gras in her French Quarter. Personally, I think if she does pursue a romance with Boy Kansas, it would only confirm New Orleans isn’t the only thing easy on our screens right now. Even though she’s my girl, I’ve grown weary of her windswept and confused routine. She stole, whined and damn near lost her mind for the love of Nick. Now that she has everything she prayed for, she is willing to throw all of it away for Adam. Can we say stuck on stupid? It would be a whopping slap in the face to Noah, Faith and Ashley if Sharon goes there, not to mention Cassie’s memory.

I'm not against MAB and Co. using this plot point to inject tension into the reconstruction of a beloved supercouple. They could puncture a hole in the douchebag that Nick resides in and make him earn her trust back. The brothers could battle it out and Adam could finally be developed as more than a one-note villain, Muhney definitely has the chops for it but, if The Powers That Be want fans to sign off on Shadam, they have their work cut out for them.


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Great article Nekeeta! I wholeheartedly agree with every word. Unfortunately the beauty of NOLA was lost on me because I wanted to gag every time I saw Shadam acting like two giggly teenagers whose biggest concern in the world was a math test the next day. So spending her first Thanksgiving with her miracle baby Faith apparently was less important to Sharon than sleeping with the man who made her think Faith was dead. I never bought these two as a couple before when they went from hanging out one night to marrying two months later in the blink of an eye and professing their grand love based how much it pissed off Nick, and I'm sure not buying them now that Sharon knows the horrible things this man did to others as well as herself.

Thank goodness for Billy and Victoria!!! They are the one thing Y&R has done very right this year, and if it wasn't for the greatness of Villy then I'd no longer have a reason to watch especially since it looks like Y&R is going to turn into The Shadam Show.

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I'm definitely for it, dqh257!

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All of the above posts both negative and possible are right on the marks.

I've said previously that Sharon needs to be reborn as an independent intelligent force to be reckoned with. We are all fed up with her back and forth confusion. If that ever does happen then she will probably be with neither Nick nor Adam. The thing about those two is that they are both exactly their father's sons. Nick has the dull predictably boring side and Adam has the villainous devious duplicitous side. If she is reborn then she'd realize that Nick will always leave every time another woman bats her eyes at him. It is also true that an intelligent woman would not allow someone like Adam to be anywhere near her. However, I think it is actually Nick who is irredeemable. Adam could be redeemed but in the embrace of another completely different woman.

Too bad though, because Sharon will probably soon be noticing bodily changes courtesy of New Orleans.

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I don't buy Adam and Sharon together and I wish they'd move Nick and Sharon on from each other.

New romances for all kids!

LOVED the New Orleans shoot this week. Thanks Maria and Paul!

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I know it might be all kinds of wrong.....but I LOVE Sharon & Adam together!

After all the shick/phick stuff, FINALLY a break-out from the over done triangle. JMHO

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I really love the thought that so many have put into their comments! Obviously Y&R has some long-time serious die-hard fans who really care bout the show and know their stuff! My personal peeve is the Heather character. The recast, like Tucker, seems to be about bringing in old friends of TPTB and giving them jobs no matter what. There is nothing for Tucker to do on this show - unless he's going to be a foil to Victor with just as much money and power. Heather is a whiny, needy sleeze who now goes after everyone who Chloe has slept with first. Even trying to imagine her as DA was unbelievable. She looks like a child playing dress up. Ugh! (Oh yeah, and nuNoah is a limp rag too.)

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Really, Sharon needs to go back to her maiden name, get Nick/Adam in a room, and have an "I Choose Me" moment a la Kelly Taylor on the original 90210.

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This article was pure soapy genius.

I'm so totally against a Shick redeux, but the Shadam pairing totally ruined the character of Sharon for me. She has got to be the dumbest character to ever walk across the Y&R screen.